Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Would you know that an applicant is a polygamist?

If someone approached you for a job, and you eventually found out that person practiced polygamy, would you terminate her employment if even that were legal to do so under the none descrimination laws, or what would your reaction be. Don't think that it may be such a distant happening. It happened to me as well as the club, and we rather I had no idea. In fact I was rather smitten of the gal. It went like this. There was an ad that we ran for female talent for the website that would usher in AyreWolfFM. An agency from Orem Utah, by the name of Lasting Impressions. So I called arranged for a in their office audition interview. As I entered the multi floored office structure this long legged hot blonde in stocking, hot pant shorts and all entered. I pretty much figured she's gotta be one of the candidates. After the audition, it was signed and agree'd that this one gal would be one of the finalists and as such a working session in Layton where our studios were at the time, was in order.
So she showed up must have been at least 5 sessions, and this one session she brought another not so hot looking gal, that she said was her sister. Okay, no big. So eventually we went to do some clothes shopping for the first ad video session. During which she introduced this Sister as her sister wife. Sister Wife, never had heard the term before. By now you gather she was one of the Kingston tribe, but how the hell was I to know? There is no outward signs, no mention, and would or could a gal being a polygamist be cause for discharge? More over from a personal point, should have I pursued this model candidate. As I look back I think that had I understood it all better, I really could have. But ignorance and all, had no guidelines as how to proceed. But with all the sisters and sisterwives out here from the Order and all, if you found out how would YOU handle it? As I close and I hope I can get another show in, in the morning, but we got one show up, on Livestream earlier today. The trouble we kept having was Livestream was shutting us off multiple times. There must be a time limit on how long you can be on air. Which is a pain, since I'd like to be able to run all the time. Not just three hours but 24/7/365. So going to call me contact there and see if that's possible or if there's an extra fee to be able to do that. We are also looking for another low cost streaming source. 
Hope the WIN10 Conversion goes smoothly, catch ya'll if I can Wednesday night.
L8R Aviators

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