Monday, July 13, 2015

What would it be like if AllWest didn't freeze

What would it be like if AllWest Cable didn't freeze in the middle of a show, or a sporting event? More over what would it be like if AllWest could maintain a steady full throttle signal? The clock is ticking for most cable companies. Most are wondering if their business' will even be around 5 to 10 years in the future , and there's even more looking at staying royalty and never selling. The thing is this, back when there were two cable companies here in Evanston Wyoming the two worked hard at being competitive. One had the advantage of being tied to Time Warner Cable. The other AllWest, had its limitations but being second really worked hard. Of course when WyndJammer sold out, AllWest became king, and thought its us or nothing. Most with no choice had to put up with it or go satellite. Quite frankly I would. But that said, is there not a better way to treat your customers? More over to be competitive as well as innovative? If not, has AllWest Considered the idea of selling its western Wyoming system to a company or group that could do this better? I know the media arm of the Knytes , Southern Steele Media has thrown out the discussion card several times, but as of yet no takers on AllWest' side. Example ; at 15:00 hours this Monday was watching the rerun of the NASCAR race of Saturday. Guess what ? Yep it froze. The excuse on AllWest' side is old TV, etc. That may be true, but this happening on three TV's swapped in and out. Two digital converters, naw there's a system problem, and it needs repaired. 
Overall AllWest Cable has a 95% on signal rating, its local people are okay, but if you need real help, you call, you get a call center in Metro Utah, who then asks questions based on a script board. Anything not on the script board they transfer you to Kamas Utah, to the companies HQ. Who then in a few days might send out a tech, who will fart around with the equipment, but at the end you'll have the same issue. 
There needs to be a REAL fix here at Southern Steele Media is working on it.

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