Tuesday, July 14, 2015

what I am is what you get

It could work, but I'm not yet sure. Here's what happened. Was sound asleep dreaming of Selena Gomez and I in a remote cabin near Sun Valley Idaho somewhere when I get a phone call. Always sleep with the phone next to me, since that's a habit of a toewman. So it was from this lady in Burley Idaho with a place. Great thing except, at $525.00 a month its kinda restrictive. Not sent the idea to the outhouse yet, but when you have a nice place at $200.00 a month, why upset the hay wagon? So then see Tommy in Utah, sent an email saying get in touch ASAP, So i call the number I have for him, some skanky sounding woman answers the phone saying nobody there named Tommy. So sent him an email , if he wants to get in touch , he knows my number.
Okay thing is I do 3 things very well, I can fix aircraft, I can fix motorcycles and I toew. Past that I have a working knowledge of broadcasting and do a part podcast, part LIVE radio show. Past that what ya'll get is a southern rebel kountry male that is a REAL male not some queer gay vegitarian goof ball. Maybe that's why I'm alone in the world at least when it comes to having a worthwhile lady beside me. Many women are so programmed to being with some mammoth male with no brains that when a real male with a set of morals and honesty comes around that will treat them with respect, and kindness, that they have no idea how to process that so they bail. 
Many women in business , can't get out of their brain bucket the difference between somebody being patient and accepting as well as being kind, and always have to think that because someone acts in the friendly manner that that male corpuscle wants in their panties. To me, I have one thing on earth that I love, LexiBelle my toew truck. Past that when it comes to a lady pal, somewhere, the person I need , no longer is on this planet. I had 2 shots of marital happiness, I blew off one due to career paths, the other due to absolute stupidity, even I have those times when mind overloads six. That said been trying to get the CenturyLink gal to return a phone call. I need albeit limited, but need service at the shop. Yet she has had me dangling on the hook, for a month and a half. AllWest for a reasonable amount of cost can't service the shop. Says it'd take to much to string a run of coax, from Bear River Drive, 8 blocks to the shop/. Says it'd take $10,000.00 to do that. Never knew coax cost so much, (it doesn't) Hell I could crawl up on the side of a phone pole, and string the coax from Bear River Drive here in Evanston and connect the shop. But that's just me, guess it depends on how much one wants business, and who just wants to fart around. Again AllWest ought to sell out to someone who could really service this town. My opinion. Guess I'm too straight forward and way too honest, but I call it like I see it. It's just like I said on the air early this morning. People can't always accept what I'm telling them, but I get and I never know why, but I get thoughts of what will occur if other events or things happen. I said it with Bush when he became President, that he was going to hunt down Sadam Insane, in Iraq, finish what his Dad started and be a lame duck President. That's what he did. I said the economy and honesty would go into the toilet when Obama became President, it did, and is.  It's just good old southern breeding of front porch sitting thought , But I get it. So when I go on air and this is very rare, but its only when my back is against the wall, or the club's is , that I ask for crowd or other funding from the public. Such as funds to escalate HazzardAyre or a organization project. Many are all to happy to gripe in a Facebook group or page, about issues. It's another for someone to sacrifice a beer night out and send to the club that same amount of money they'd spend on going out to a bar on Saturday, and send it to the club to protect southern liberty. If we loose Southern Liberty, we'll loose American freedom. 
What people see with me is just the raw basics. No fluff, no pretense . 
The bottom line, is this ; I'm a discharged Marine pilot, that knows how to fix helicopters, Harley' s and toew. I also can run albeit an old one, but can run a old skool toew truck. Past that I'm limited , but I keep working towards greener fields.

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