Friday, July 31, 2015

Thoughts of the day

Here's an idea, want to be making more money, be at the office and/or the shop. Example, Friday got money from SSI, most do when the first of the month, comes on a weekend. So got most of my bills paid except for the rent on apartment at Wentworth. Only reason that ain't paid yet, no one in the office. Its a bit of frustration, to say the least. What many that are just employed don't understand, is , its the customer and/or client that PAYS you, not just what the boss . If the boss don't get income he and or she has no money to pay you. Thus if you have to, kiss the customers behind. It's just that simple. The harder you make it for the customer/client, the more likely that customer/client is to go elsewhere if they have a choice. Guess some people need to take a page out of the toewers book, always be available. That's how you make money and stay in business. Guess that's why Highway Hooker Toewing has stayed in operation for 30 plus years. 
Of course there's those times that no body wants is delays on paying bills. Since many figure out their budget for the month, and the delay means they have to sit on pins and needles, until all checks etc clear. But at least AllWest and Verizon is paid, so life moves on. So in closing, want to make more money and retain your job, be at the office and/or shop, then you can service your customers and clients, as a happy customer/client is a repeat customer/client.

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