Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Wolf is Howling, change in the Force

First the show will air at 03:00 hours in the morning, simply because I'm pooped, too pooped to pop. I was in Salt Lake City Utah most of the day since 08:00 hours until 18:00. The trip was to meet with the Knytes High Council. There is change in the force, and its a needed change. Although the Rode Knytes Association has been around since 2005, we went on a alternate route in 2008, without doing much to really see what the feedback as well as the outcome would be. Don't get me wrong, our structure has not really changed , much of the images and all that we gained as the Knytes-of-Anarchy will remain, but the KOA, has mired us to the point that many don't see beyond the biker/mc persona and think on only biker/mc. Rather than what we really are, truckers and towing professionals wanting to preserve the old skool ways and lifestyles of what trucking and towing was, not is. 
My entire life as a tween and teen revolved around or was very much mixed in , in trucking. Heck I even took baths with a half cup of number 2 diesel in the bath water. I'd stand outside at truck stops breathing in diesel fume vapors just because it smelled so good. I started drinking coffee at truck stops in Bliss Idaho, talking shop with the Interstate Cowboy types that would come in. I lived and loved going trucking. Put me in a rig, and I was in my zone. The idea of having my own Black/gold Peterbilt or Mack truck hauling across America was my deepest dream. Of course I was approaching 18, but who hires 18 year olds? But I went to AAA Truck Driver Training of Salt Lake City. Got my Chauffers license passed 100% first time out, was able to back a 50 foot trailer and snub nosed tractor up at 30mph straight as an arrow. Did that on my final exam at AAA. But then Mom took really sick, couldn't be out doing long haul, so was looking at other things. Of course in 1977-1/2 she came in my life. I have tried to find old photos of her as she was in 1975, but sadly the pics I had were lost in the back of MY General Lee that some asshole in Pocatello decided to crush for fun. I should have sued both the Bannock County Sheriffs Office, for giving a title, two Custom Towing for selling the car after refusing to release the car back to me even when I offered to pay the storage bill, but hindsight is 20/20, so I wont do that. But once she came into my life I was going towing and in many ways I have not looked back. Back then there was no academy for young adult toewers. There was no idea of anyone under 21 going toewing more over trucking. So it was in 1974-1/2 that my Dad and I , was at the Gooding County Courthouse , I met the extension office manager there, who allowed a experimental 4-H project to be constructed. Combining the 4-H Tractor Safety Program, the 4-H Wheels Program, and some additional teaching materials, and we started the TeenAge Truckers Association aka Teen Trucker 4-H Program. Long before TruckerBuddy or anything we were the first. A few years later a young teen based CB Radio club in Twin Falls combined our group, and through many sources, by 1979 the TeenAge Truckers Association had 1,000 members, 500 in Idaho, 500 in Utah. Of course a few years after that I discovered Hazzard County, that along with our opening the original off TV Hazzard County Garage, in Hagerman(Hazzard)Idaho, the TeenAge Truckers Association became the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) and the rest is of course history. By 2004 the feeling that what was Hazzard County had lost any octane, there was some need to rearrange a few things. So the High Council, met In Roy Utah at Warrens Burgers, then remet at my apartment in Bountiful Utah. The TV show Blue Collar Comedy tour was on TV , the on TV bar was called the Rode House, so the spelling was there, and in mid 2005 to create a old skool trucking/trucker/towing lifestyle preservation organization was born. We ran with that until I relocated to Idaho in mid 2006. So the club reverted back to the Hazzard County Knytes. In 2007 after a very long haul of tragic circumstances, a meeting was called at Shorty's Saloon in Garden City(Boise) Idaho. A decision of do we retire the organization or rework it? Later that night many of us stayed over at my place in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho due to a major snow storm. The Son's was on TV and so we renamed the organization the Knytes-of-Anarchy , with the focus on trucking rather than being an MC.  This we have been until today. While the concept needs to be ratified throughout the entire organization and voted on, by all of the organization, it is that the focus needs to be back on what we are, what we started as, and what our future needs to be. That of an old skool trucking/trucker/towing/toewer lifestyle preservation organization, and not be so much if any as an MC. 
Now onto me. I'll explore this further in another entry in the morning after the show, but I am leaning towards the idea, of doing something called Rode Wolf Toewing, and doing away with the Highway Hooker Toewing thing. Haven't decided yet, but I'm strongly leaning towards RWT as my company handle. 
Stay Tuned

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