Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The requirements to work as an anchor at FoX News Channel

I am convinced that the only REAL qualifications to work as an anchor at FoX News Channel, is to be Female, Blonde, Big breasts, and have long lucious legs. Add to that, wear exotic dancer high heels, and you have a life long contract with FNC. You don't need any experience in journalism, you really don't need to know the news of really what's going on, all you need to be is a near Playboy model centerfold, that's blonde. Not saying blondes are stupid, or unintelligent. I have seen many and know many golden haired women that can out perform, both other women and men hands over fist. However the more that I watch FoX News, hey CNN is going belly up their coverage on most important things is dead or on life support. MSNBC is near that way, few good news people want to work there. The list goes on, but when we here at SouthernSteele Media get criticized that we are looking for hot bodies for our on air openings, that we place too much emphasis on the candidate be a hot blonde(or Red head) with excellent legs(its a Hazzard County thing) have some ample breasts, and be willing. Of course we desire some previous broadcast skills, but guess what ? In our area there are none. BTW on September 14th is when we start our basic broadcast skills course over at Wyoming Community College here in Evanston, hope ya'll signed up.
But I'm really convinced that the only real requirements to be an anchor on FoX News is to be a big breasted, super hot female, with long legs in porn star dancer heels, (many could use to wear nylons as their bare legs don't look that good) and be blonde. Of course it doesn't hurt that your the wife of a major NFL Player, or other sports figure. I'll bet the interview for those anchor jobs is a good one, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that room , wouldn't you? 
Are you ready for the change over Wednesday? Yes friends, Win10 hits and you'd better be ready for a day long download and reinstall, on Wednesday, as Microsoft rolls out their Windows 10 OS. According to our tech guru it's no big deal, but then I've been told that before.
As I leave this morning. I noticed something, and I'm probably one of if not the only one who noticed this, but it seems as though the Evanston 4th ward women are better looking than many of the Uinta View Ward. Not saying all of our wards women are fugdugly, but hey some eye candy would be nice, it's like and I made it a point of order at the High Priests session at church past Sunday, this old high octane canine is looking for a SheWolf. I didn't get very far, but the door was opened by the lesson being taught. The Church's higher ups are preaching family and marriage. I agree, however the question goes that if your prowling the forests of life solo, couldn't those in the church, from both the Priesthood, as well as Relief Society, at least do some introductories of us as singles to those of the appropriate age women and vice versa in the Ward. At least then if you wanted to hook up with a gal in the ward, you wouldn't be focusing your attention on those that are not of legal tender age, or even available. Should there not be more of an outreach of the Singles Wards, or at least adult social services? How about those in charge of such things that are not single being replaced by those that are. Just like bikers, truckers and Marine pilots, you have to be one to know one. In essence if someone is hitched and happy, how are they to know what's its like to be single and yearning for same, yet hurt every time the idea of a family or family-hood issue or topic is brought up. More over having to sit in Sacrament meeting, first having to try to filter the crying babies out and trying to tune in on the speakers, or for that matter some thinking , " Dang wish I had a wife and young'ns. " Last but not least. I am very appreciative of the financial help that HazzardAyre Radio, the club and myself have received from our ward, but I'm also wondering, why and maybe there is such a program, but how about a program, for members that for a short period say 6 months or so match or aid in the formation of a business in an area such as ours that has few if any jobs? How about helping pay rent on a shop or office for a period of time until that church member can get it making money. It goes to the bible, that says, " Give a person a fish, he eats for a day, teach that person how to fish, he eats for a lifetime" Immediate needs are good to help someone, but how about short term gifts or grants so that someone can get their feet under them. Especially if that enterprise is out of the box, that banks and traditional funding sources don't want to take on. Even going is as a cosigner to the bank so that a person can get a short term start up loan. 
So as I close, when it comes to Fox News, just be a hot blonde female, you'll get the job.
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