Friday, July 10, 2015

Survey says, less LDS in Woodruff than Evanston

So took a run back yonder to Woodruff Utah a sleeping community if one needs any place that's more asleep than Evanston. What I gather from the people of both Randolph and Woodruff is there's less of the restrictive LDS attitude that plagues Evanston and most communities . There's while not that big a place , more of a sense of community in WoodRuff than there is in Evanston. I'm not saying all of Wyoming is bad, evil or just plain all out unfriendly, and I'm not even saying that all of Evanston is in a condition of being to stuck up for itself, that it gives the thumbs up to anyone that reaches out and looks to do anything that might seem out of the realm of usual, and looks to do something radical, like a drama club, shoot movies or produce them, and my, my don't think of doing up a radio station. Has Evanston became its own worse enemy? Is there a solution? Yes, but its beyond my ability and desire to repair the place, there's no family back ground in Evanston, however the Sant side of my family tree has a tremendous history in the migration and establishment of both the towns of Woodruff, Randolph and Garden City Utah. 
So I went down to Elder Packer's funeral. Talk about standing room only, I managed to get a seat in the middle rows, but that was just because I went in with an old friend from Deseret Transportation. The talks were well done, the salutations and all were well given. Dallin Oaks I love to listen to. I don't know why but he is the one that ought to be the President, Prophet and Seeer of the Church. Not who we have in there now. I belive him to be a lightning rod of God, but I think his health is so bad that he's going to be the next death in the Church. I said it about Elder Perry, I said it about Packer and I see it for the Church's President. Which brings up the question, who is being both groomed and is in line to take over the steering wheel, much less the stick of the church? If Presiden Monson dies, whose next in the hiarchy of the church to be the main Honcho? 
Any mile I'm a bit too pooped to do a show overnight, but plan on being on air at noon Saturday.

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