Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Still feeling around the upgrade

As many of you that might have done this morning, I awoke having to upgrade our PC from Win7 to Win10. According to Microsoft it was seamless and overall it has been . Some of my older programs have been lost, but I still have most of them. Have not yet tried Livestream yet but that's in the plan later. Of course there's not much different between Win7 and Win10, but there are some that albeit is a bit troublesome since what I used to do effortlessly, I now need to scratch my head and attempt to figure out.
Okay last evening was a slight event. I'm sitting in front of my trusty PC, and a knock is on the door. I was researching the topic of polygamy as it was on LMN Escaping Polygamy, so I wanted to learn the origin. Of course in ancient times, it was not uncommon for rulers, kings and such to have multiple wives or concubines so should it be different in our time? Answer maybe, maybe not.  As far as the Church is concerned , it was President Joseph Smith that initiated the practice. Many church leaders in the beginning of the church had multiple wives. The practice I think although I'm mostly could be wrong was to replenish the earth. I think it was more to the degree , to give man a younger menu with much variety to choose from, so as not to cheat on their primary wives. And why not? Get several women in the house, that way when the primary wife gets old and smelly you can just call to your bedroom a younger more sweet smelling version. Kind of a Wives Upgrade. This makes sense sort of, and any man who can have several women in the house especially when that monthly visitor shows up, usually at about the same time, that man has more patience than JOB. So Bishop, shows up last night. No time to pick things up, move part 89, D&C items out of view. So I was busted. Sort of, but he did not mention it much, only making note of my Skoal, but then hey its a needed thing. So after all of that, I watched TV for a few, until 02:00 Weather channel , even though they cancelled the show, is rerunning the series Highway Thru Hell. If that Canadian highway is hell, then the big roads in Wyoming and Idaho must be the Abiss . Since getting stuck out in the middle of the north side of Henery's Fork Idaho can truly be a hell. Or up in Lost Trail Pass when it snows there it means business. Why not do a series here? 
As I close for now, I think can those making new things say for PC's just leave things alone for awhile? 

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