Monday, July 27, 2015

Some people are sooo touchy and must we repeat this again?

Some people are Sooo touchy. Some might even say it as body bullying or just being mean. Here's what happened, Nicole Vowell of KSL, who I follow since she does a dang great job of news reporting put up a clip, of some previous associates at a previous station she worked at. It had the reporters doing a jungle bunny dance to as Nicole put it, blowing off steam. I replied that if they're going to do that maybe they needed better bodies. I was just kidding, for heck sake. I was not meaning it to be vicious, or mean. Nor was it to make fun of those being a slight bit plump, hey I'm not exactly slim or trim, in fact I am battling with loosing 70 pounds so I can fly again. Guess what Nicole responded. At least she took notice, and B at least she did respond. Imagine if the response of some at KSL would have been that rapid when I needed the KSL Investigators on a couple of issues I had, or doing a bit on HazzardAyre Radio. They had within an hours drive someone that truly believes in flying and protecting the rebel Dixie flag. Did they even sit up and reach out to me or the Knytes? Answer ; no. This nation faces all too many issues than to squabble over such things as someone(me) making fun of the news crew at a TV station doing a tribal dance in fun, as I meant it in fun. But before they barked, did they even contact me? Did they ask if I was serious? No. No matter what anyone says about social media likewise, print of any kind, one can't express an idea or make up their minds without hearing the people or person's words, on say radio. It's only on radio that one can hear the tones and inflections, to conclude the true feelings behind a comment.
Now then moving off of that. I congradulate Patrick Goestch of RFD TV. He took an idea, built it from scratch without much outside if any outside support, a TV network, focused on one lifestyle, that being of rural living and agriculture. Although I could say we were already working on that in 1995 here in Evanston. However Patrick has advanced his channel and network. He started in Nebraska, and has become a leader of the voice of rural life. However that said and I send this to our detractors, we here at Hazzard and Dixie Ayre Radio, focus our attention on only 5 targets, over the road trucking, towing, military aviation and the preservation of southern heritage and history. Mostly on over the road trucking. Which by the way also is vital to production agriculture. If the cattle and other commodities can't make it to market, its not helping or feeding anyone. I have always looked at doing a half hour or a full hour TV show done similar to the farm show AG/Day only focusing on trucking rather than agriculture. Still looking to do that. But setting all that aside, I was amazed that RFDTV, reran, Rural Town Hall, Monday with the same topic and Presidential candidate the Governor of Louisiana . How about a new guest? Like say the front runner Donald Trump, who in my opinion would be the worst President, even worse that Obama for the leader of this Union. After the dibacle involving that guy in Louisiana that shot up that theater there, I would have never reran that interview.
On politics, I'm not in favor of Hilliary Clinton, I think she's a back stabber and a fame junkie. She's about to exit the race for President and into prison, her husband was a great President, but she ain't. But who the hell do we have in the Democratic party, to substitute her? Is anybody else in the Democratic party stepping up to run against her? I'm for one, ready to give the boot to Obama, and the DC Occupiers, but before we do we best have someone to step in and repair what's wrong there first. As far as Obama, hey I'd rather fight against a enemy we know rather than one we don't. So in closing here, Nicole Vowell of KSL, I apologize for my previous comment it was not meant the way ya'll took it, and two to Patrick of RFDTV, you need to get the rest of the contenders for President on that Rural Town Meeting.

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