Friday, July 10, 2015

Our areas attitude has changed and there's really no fixing it.

The move here to Evanston Wyoming, I have determined was totally stupid and not well thought out. Mom used to say you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, in other words there are places where such productions as HazzardAyre or at least our style of radio would flourish beyond comprehension, then there are places like here in Evanston that its like trying to put a square peg in a very round hole. A very small round hole that has no room to be modified to allow the square peg to fit. When I went into a place just before I took off for the heavy haul to Boise, I went in a place to get some money back for a deposit, on a facility here in this tiny town that I thought could at least be a place to plant the seeds of at least the radio station. After the last day and a half, seeing what's going on in Idaho, mainly Boise and Twin Falls, I have absolutely determined, its best to just clean a few things up and get out of here before this village swallows me up. The club lost much of its interest in this place with the collapse of the Reaper Club, so that killed major interest in Etown for the club, but I kept pushing on the radio station, it'd be better planted in either Garden City or Randolph Utah, than here in Etown. No their not bigger towns, nor will there be any more ability to generate help there, but it'd be much more successful. But the aim is more western Idaho. Not saying Idaho is much better than Wyoming, and yes we as a club had our recruiting problems there, BUT, we'd gain at least 2 out of 20 applicants, that btw are still working for us. From Charlie to Ricky, Rob, Jared everyone said don't move to Utah, I did, and its been a living hell. However had I gave up some creature comforts in Utah and went on the move to just a over done motel room in Tooele and commuted to Woods Cross, Utah to where we had things starting to move in the right direction I'd be willing to say we'd be light years ahead. But hey can't bark over spilled milk, but you can change what's coming next, you can change your future, and sometimes that means saying I've had enough , get the wolf pack out of here and never look at coming back unless its a piss stop on the way to an event somewhere in Rock Springs and all. As far as the shop, that only was done when the husband of the lady I rent this place through, that I hang my hat, said, " Sure I know someone that'd go in with you etc, etc, etc. " So I met this Delbert, at McDonalds, he said he was willing, but at the last moment felt it was not for him. Another Etown screwing. The list goes on and on, but what Nate said when I first got here, holds true. The only smart people in Evanston are the ones who figure out, how to get out of it. Nate would do it in heartsecond, if he could, and even he's been talking on it. So I fix, the car, LiL Wolf, and the JaxSon, and then search for a place and get moved. Yes getting section 8 housing was nice, but its a bit too much way too late. 
No you can't get volunteer help here to help build something great, and few want to do unpaid internships, so as I did months ago, the club hires within the club, anyone else ? Forget it.
It's just not worth it. What I saw on our run to Boise and back was amazing in both Idaho and western Wyoming. I saw and smelled progress, and I saw something else. Me in that progress. More on the show Friday Afternoon.

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