Monday, July 27, 2015

Making up for a lost Sunday

I'm making up for a full day of bullstuff after AllWest had a power failure. The excuse, power failure. I grant you that can happen at any time to anyone, but how about a back up generator? Most broadcast and media firms on the air, have such units to keep on the air even if the normal source of unready KiloWatt gives up. 
So thank goodness NBCSports is rerunning yesterday's NASCAR Race, and we're still picking up pieces here at SouthernSteele Media, to enable us to air HazzardAyre and DixieAyre Radio. Still aiming at the Magic Valley at the end of August, unless something really major happens that gives me a reason to remain, in Evanston. Let's face it there's not much if anything holding me here. But I'm keeping an open mind. 
I get two days out of the week to really pull the plug and rest, I take Monday as one of those, Saturday is the other one, so since Saturday I had to work, I'm taking today(Monday) and Tuesday as this weeks days off, and need to remind you, I'll be in the Burley area of Idaho looking at places to live and get in the move groove. 
I went to Church yesterday, and while my normal acquaintences there were warm and friendly, there are others there that treated me so cold, that you could hear ice cicles breaking. Bottom line, not a place for me.

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