Friday, July 10, 2015

Like Columbo said it, Just one More Thing or two

Before someone says that I'm pegging their BS meter here, I want to make something clear. No I did NOT drive the truck hauling the big CAT to Boise, nor the mini crane to SLC from Boise, but I did do the pilot truck as it was right in back. Where I get to keep people from driving into Brad as he piloted the rig hauling that big yellow piece. I should have taken a pic or two of the event, but it was wet, cold, messy and a long 12 hours or better on the road. I pulled into this bullheaded village just after a full meal in Layton as Rick and Brad took off back to Tweaker Flatts.(Twin falls) Idaho. This must be said here too, I'm not thinking of an immediate return back to Twin just yet, there's bridges to mend there first, but that said, I'm looking at very Eastern Idaho near where my kin folk live in Grace and/or Soda Springs, or western Utah. Many people say why don't you just kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of the tax payer? I say that's fine for 80% of Evanston residents, but I'm busting my nuts to get off the government payroll, into a decent place to live and revive the company that I put my Mom & Dad through to get back in 1980. All too many people have held the purse strings, first it was Skipper, when he passed, Cousin Bud took over, invested all but $600k of the Montgomery Foundation's money into an annuity that went belly up, that we rather I might see the remains which wont be much after attorneys fees and all, then it was SSI, fine PTSD, and Social Security. Yippee, barely enough to gag a fly. It took from 1990 to just last May 2014 to finally get the funds in my control. Which I blew moving here to Evanston. It was a un investigated poor move on my part, but hey you hope that a place has moved ahead a bit rather than slid back down the greasy slope. But that's what's happened. Sure I could have chosen better, and yes perhaps I could have asked for my money back at the middle of December. But I thought the money that big gal at Yellow Creek Estates had already sent it to the owners of that shack I slept and froze in out there where I nearly froze LiL Wolf . But hey had LiL Wolf been able to be healed , I'd have moved then back to Utah. At least I'd have better health care, I'd still have my meds to where I don't do stupid shit, but hey for another two months or so , I'm stuck, as the Dixie Deere needs a gasket so it wont keep burning oil and a few other minor things, once that's done I'm outta here, like a speeding shell headed at Superman. 
Just watched a great movie on LMN and its time for bed, and bed. 
It's time.

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