Monday, July 6, 2015

If your going to get screwed up your six, it'd be nice to enjoy it

If your going to get screwed up the six you ought to at least enjoy it. So Joey and his band of associates exited the shop and HCC. Do I care? Not really, except that A they cost me $280.00 in revenue, from me not being able to respond on a out of gas call, Saturday, second, they stole my scanner, even tore down one of my posters off the wall at the shop. Kinda piddley don't ya'll think? The list goes on , but the situation is I'm even more adamant about seeing Idaho next month. At least there when the business was slow, I could go drive tater truck, or work at one of the dairy farms there to pick up some cash. Life's looking bleak here. I should have just told that Becky gal, that without serious experience she could not work here. Or at least not until we move the radio werx up town. 
Guess I should have gotten a spit and handshake rather than just a handshake on Joey going halves on the shop. I think, and I could be wrong he didn't have any money and wanted the club to cover it all. That's why from here on out all things regarding club business outreaches and dealings will be done via paper and contract. You can't trust anybody anymore. As for me I only trust my Bishop, and club members. Past that no body. It just sucks the money out of my butt, and as I said, if your going to get screwed , just once it ought to be by a lady that truly put out. Lord knows I surly paid for it. 
Joey was upset the other night after I paid Victoria, $30.00. The only reason I paid her was simply because when I called, she showed up. When there was a need for cleaning supplies, she went out and bought them, and cleaned my home latrine. Sure Joey went out to Nate's and we changed a tire, and I'd have been happy to make that right with him, past that, what else did any of them do? We had a beef bar-b-que drank a bunch of money, had two teen drama's , and one stole a battery from another's vehicle parked over at Jim Cooks. Past that, it was all for Joey, and no rent to boot. Hong Kong Phooey, this ain't right. With all the frustration and stress, Evanston Wyoming just is not worth it. No wonder Ruth Peavy left to go trucking with her husband instead of staying with the local cable-tv/Internet provider, no wonder many companies have just thrown their hands in the air and said, this place is not for me. No wonder, why most of the area population walks around pissed off most of the time. But I'll be damned if I'm going to spend a below zero winter here again.

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