Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If you make me wait too long I go elsewhere.

If you make me wait too long , I go elsewhere, although here in Evanston Wyoming, there isn't much choice, but when there is, if I have to sit and be dangled like a work on a string I go elsewhere. When it comes to communications there's two choices , AllWest and CenturyLink, yes there's NGL, but they are pissed at the club and me so that's not an option. Something to the degree that I was kind and all , that they took to being more than what it was. Go figure. 
Anymile, so there's AllWest or CenturyLink. Both are not served well here, mostly due to population and being very blind to the light at the end of the cave. Dig this nearby Park City Utah, is going to be the center focus city to have a major TV series filmed in it. Oil And Money to be on NBC. This will bring in thousands of new jobs. These firms that will support that production will spill over residency and business wise into Evanston. This will create new clients, that quite frankly will not be served well as the salespeople that try to serve it, stay in their cubical, in Las Vegas and Kamas Utah. To which they are going to miss this. HazzardAyre Radio, and the rest of our media arm are not waiting. We are already gassing up the rotorcraft to serve this new entrant into our midst. Kinda like when Utah in 2002 hosted the winter Olympics. Many thought that those games or at least the viewers and all would remain in Utah, those with some vision knew that those same visitors , many with big companies and deep wallets would not just remain in Metro Utah, but would spill over into southern Idaho and western Wyoming. As such our club's enterprising firms, were there to accept that business and as such did well. Those with limited vision, suffered. Likewise when CBS ran Touched by an Angel, which also was filmed in Utah, we were there to restore and lend vehicles, do overhead flying filming and so on. As such we made money, those again with limited brain, didn't. It's easy to sit in ones cubical, and only see the rest of the area that they serve from very narrow viewfinders. What they need to do, is get out in the area and look. Guess that might be why the Knytes, HCC and other subsidiaries of the Knytes are still around, weathered the rough seas of Obamanomics and are still thriving. While others are not so much.
Any mile, more L8R after the show.

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