Thursday, July 23, 2015

I was asked by a lady friend why I send her my blog postings

I was recently asked why I post these blogs to her Google + page. Well Denise here's why. As it is, what goes on my blogs is what is going on in my life. If one wants to get to know me, READ the BLOG. Same thing usually goes with new employees, as well as new club members. The Knytes-of-Dixie occupies 70% of my day. EVERY DAY, including holidays, and weekends including Sunday's. If its not doing programming for the clubs radio station, its doing engineering work for the station or the online radio station. If not that its planning events of the club, plus doing all the back behind the scenes duties of those events. It's a big job, and effort, but then as it is what else is there for me except the club? Of course there's running the tow truck business, finding time to stay current flying, and at the end , rescuing and serving our members from things, from arrests to medical problems. If I had a special lady in my life, of course that would change some as then I'd have something besides 4 walls and FoX 13 to come home to. Being in doing service to the club, and my customers to earn a living, is better than sitting at the Wolf's Den , pouting and feeling sorry for myself or at minimum of being lonely. The shake up of the club, took my breath away, but in the end its been mutually approved, by all 50K of the membership. It's basically just a slight change in the name of the club, but most if not all officers, supporters and all are kept intact. Outside of the audit of financial resources and a new treasurer everything else remains as its always been. Makes ya'll wonder why we didn't go this way in the first place. 
Much of the rename in 2008 was to move the club from so much rural into a more Urban environment. However as it went we were still rural, and even though Salt Lake City is seen as a big town or metro area, bottom line even Salt Lake City is rural. 
So Denise and others this is why I post things here and to your Google+ page.

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