Monday, July 20, 2015

Have you ever wondered, What would life be like If?

Have you ever sat in your cab and looked at people or your surroundings and wondered, What would life be like it?
Like if you call a telecom to set up and account, and they somehow screw the pooch, and flat just throw you away and never get back to you. Have you ever just wanted to fly, truck or ride to where they're at and just give em a Jap slap? Reason I say this is simple. Few months ago, I contacted CenturyLink to set us up on a system plan to enhance what will soon relaunch as DixieAyre Radio, here in Evanston. Of course, there was this not bad looking , but not overly so model type, there that SAID she would be my contact and be responsive to changes that would be coming up. Since we moved into the shop, I asked what could be done, even on the mere basics to get a landline and a internet connection there. After several calls, emails and so on, no response. Not a way to win clients. Course CenturyLink, or Qwest or whatever new handle they put on it, hasn't been right since the shake up of A.T.&.T and the break up of the baby Bells like Mountain Bell, years ago. Hell as Mountain Bell and for a time even Qwest had at least a local office, and a human you could at least go kick their butts if they kept ignoring phone calls, beit for installation, new service, or to fix a billing or system problem. There was at least someone there , that knew the area you were in, the restrictions and all that existed where you were and weather and connection challenges. Someone living and working at a call center in Las Vegas, where Daniella is our rep with CenturyLink is, has no real idea the differences in conditions between where they are in a major metro area, and the Rocky Mountain area like we are in, here in Evanston. But is that any reason to throw us under the bus? Okay so things did not go well at the office at the Wells Fargo building here in Evanston, but that should not mean working to get the shop connected as well as the new office/studio location next to the Post Office here. 
Of course going past that, how about those in Wyoming's administrative government centers? Even though I have Medicaid, can't use the dang thing, as not too many health providers accept it, you can't go to Utah as Utah wont accept Wyoming Medicaid nor will Wyoming accept Utah Medicaid. However Utah accepts Idaho's, and Idaho albeit limited will accept Utah's Medicaid, like when your getting a prescription filled. One would think that since its Medicaid a Federal program that if you have it, it should be like getting SSI, accepted anywhere in the USA. Right? Wrong. Don't ya'll think that needs changed a bit? Especially when rural areas don't have too many doctors that stick around long enough to maintain patients. 
Last and it hurts me bad, saw this African guy on a Facebook feed I get who went up and ripped off a rebel flag out of someone's truck. First, its good someone don't do that to me as they'd be running with rock salt peppering their butts, from my 12 shotgun, but can't we just get along? I watched this early movie and ain't their timing on the money? But watched this movie on the Disney Channel, called the Color of Friendship. It went over the period of time that South Africa was undergoing the events of civil unrest and all. My question is didn't we all learn something about racism the first time around? Shit can't we all just get along? Accept each other no matter the color of their skin or their ethnicity? I long for the period of time and its not long in coming, after all we have a probe going to the Epson star cluster now, past Pluto, but I think, if we're going out there looking for new life and civilazations like it is in Star Trek lore, shouldn't we try to get past the absurd notion that a being is evil or wrong, just because of the way they look, color of their flesh and superficial crap? Let's just get along, accept each other, put away petty things like how much money one has, where someone lives or is from, lets look to enrich our minds, explore science and technology, Just Love each other like Christ tells us to do. 
Finally on the political front. Over the weekend The Don(Donald Trump) said American military hero's are the ones who never got captured and held as POW's etc. This was directed at Senator John McCain of Arizona. Now one of the most legendary military combat aviators of all time was Greg(Pappy)Boyington, who founded the VMF214 BlackSheep Squadron. He too, in WWII was shot down and held captive as a POW, until the tail of the war. Is someone going to say Pappy wasn't a hero? Although Pappy always said, as his moto, Just Show me a hero, and I'll prove him to be a bumb, still Pappy was a hero in ways that I can't even begin to define. The sticking point is, Pappy's flying dogfight methods are still taught and practiced. The 214 still lives and is one of if not thee most awarded squadrons of military and Marine flight of the U.S. Military. What would it be Like, if we honored him? Maybe Daniella of CenturyLink will call today.

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