Sunday, July 5, 2015

Going to Church and not going to Church

Last week sitting at the shop, I got a call from Bishop Hiatt. Which was a surprise. Considering that it was party central at the shop the previous night. Now that said, I love my Heavenly Father more than anything in the universe. I know without a slightest doubt that his son gave his life for mine, and I know there is grace and love in him. That said the beginning of June and all there was a Sunday morning service, that within, had us singing all kinds of patriotic hymns. The one that I cannot stand for as opposed to remaining sitting, is the Star Spangled Banner. The fact that I wear a globe eagle anchor and would not stand nor sing that song, preterbed the congregational hymn leader. In as much I could not go to Sunday school class nor Priesthood. But this goes further. There was a mess up on my church records. Progression through Priesthood, status level and all was never properly written down, in our Hazzard Ward of Hazzard Idaho. Nor was it recorded that I elevated from Deacon to Teacher. I know with 18 million people in the Church there's to be a slip through the cracks occassionally . but how can you not record this? Rather than make me sit in with the youth the various church wards that I have attended has allowed me to sit with Elders and High Priests. Yet there has been little effort to help me move up that ladder to attain that level. Okay attendance is manditory, however when you get arms put around you for several months then absolutely no one comes from the Church to see or visit, you tend to be in a state of mind, that you just don't have no real serious ambition to get all fluffed up, even if you could, to go to church. All too many shake your hand, and coddle you at the meeting house, are all kinds of friendly at church, but see these people in the community during the week, no body says anything, in fact one lady from church even put her nose in the air and did not even say hello. Is this the kind of false kindness hiding the , I think your white trash , attitude the rest of the week. It's just not right. That's just not my way. So rather than go and huddle around a bunch of pretenders, I just stay at home, read my scriptures and pray, amongst myself. Of course there's the other half, and much of it too much way too late. After just a few months finally got section 8 housing, which means I pay only a third of my domestic housing rent. This is good, that gave me a bit more money in the cash stash. Thinking that a person who was willing to go in half on the shop, was a good thing, except that other person has little to no money of his own, which means I'm going to have to default on the shop. I just can't go $800.00 a month plus utilities. There's just not enough money. Add to that the ability, to generate any, here for at least a year and a few people that love to spread false rumors, means I'm now in the mindset of finishing up as much as I can, defaulting on going to Sturgis this year, so that come September if not before , exit Wyoming, hello to Idaho. Not that Idaho is anything great understand, but outside of the fact its warmer over yonder there, when I get in a bad money spot, I can at least go do farm work at a local dairy farm, or drive spud/beet truck for a few weeks to get out of a rut. Can't do that here, there is no farm work here.
As for going towing in Wyoming, there's no market here for that right now. Considering that just in Evanston itself there are 10 different towing services here competing for tow calls, most with carriers and newer equipment than mine, its just not worth it. What I have heard and gathered, there is no need for another towing service here, most here don't need a Harley shop here, but most do say they need a radio station here, which is what I treked up here last November 2014 to do, and what I have went through earthly hell to accomplish. But even with that, listeners get tired of just hearing me. Good yes, but even I get bored of just hearing me. There's few if anyone that wants to step up to be a radio person here. The few that think they can, especially women, think there's a evil undercurrent to violate their virtue that was violated a long time ago, but not by me. That I get to the point of do I and or the AyreWolvez or the Knytes even need to be here? I'm not saying Idaho and points Twin Falls and Burley were not points of frustration on that point, but at least one could out of many applicants, but you could at least find 2 out of 20 that would come in to do voiceovers and voice tracking. If not complete shows. You could get at least a few to albeit we never completed this, but we had people for cover models for the website, but not here in Evanston. Guess there's just too many who are too stuck up to put on a form fitting flight suit and or do a 20's style flapper skirt to stand by a vintage aircraft. Nope you can't find that here. But its like many other things, there's certain places to do certain things and places where that's just not possible. Example; If you want to be a kountry music star , you go to Nashville. If you want to be on TV you go to Hollywierd, or New York City, if you want to drive NASCAR you move to South Carolina, likewise if you want to raise taters , you live in Idaho. And lastly if you want to retire, freeze your butt off and watch the cars rust, you move to Evanston Wyoming. 
Later Wolvez

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