Saturday, July 25, 2015

Few dared do radio like we did, and still do, albeit online radio

Back in the day as kids now say it today, radio in southern Idaho was , much more conservative than it is now, although not that much more rebellious. Back when our original station signed on with the call letters KDSL (Kay-Diesel) FM 89.1 and Long Haul Radio, few saw us as a threat, but we introduced many programs and features that no radio station in Idaho dared do. It was only after we did and gained some kudos that others said hey lets us do it. KBOI 670, Boise would have never taken on Midnight Trucker Radio, had Dixie Diesel Radio taken on as it did. Dixie Diesel Radio was the after discovery of Hazzard gig we made out of Long Haul Radio. We introduced, Dr.Ruth, TalkNet, the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown, and Overdrive Truckers News. We introduced and pioneered the idea of live flag to flag NASCAR major race coverage. We took on a satellite feed from Motor Racing News, from all the tracks. Back before NASCAR became a yuppie sport, back when racing slightly modified STOCK CARS. Of course as time went on, we introduced Highway Hooker Radio, the only show on radio on any station in the nation for us trying to make a buck driving a tow truck. Nobody had went there before and has never went there since and still doesn't. Long before there was a Howard Stern, or at least much knowledge of him, and his on air hijinx of course there was the Crazy Cooter(me) show, that evolved into AyreWolfFM. Many stations in Idaho and even northern Utah and western Wyoming fear one force in making decisions on who to hire for either radio and some times TV, its called the LDS Church. The fear is sponsors being boycotted by LDS consumers. So best not bring on the rebel anti-establishment aimed programming, and assimilate into the groove of being safe rather than escalate such programming that might elevate ratings or at least listeners, and/or viewers. 
KDSL, became KTOW by being squeeled on by a program director at then KLIX AM1310 out of Twin Falls Idaho. The reason he squeeled was KTOW and our programming was making more money from advertisers than they were. So pirate KDSL , became legal KTOW in May 1984, and resold to a party in Colorado to fund the buy of KBAR which never happened, but that's a story for another time. A new station is being built in Buhl, based on our old tower site and frequency there to go on air in mid 2016, likewise based in Arco Idaho, a signal was found, on FM there so that both ends of Idaho will be covered. 
SouthernSteele Media/Dixie-Diesel revolutionized radio in Idaho, we leed where no one dares to go until we do. In the meanwhile, KNAK AM is still on track for western Wyoming/North East Utah based in Randolph Utah, with studios to be in Evanston Wyoming. For the present time, ya'll can tune into what we do on as well as 

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