Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Escaping polygamy I think I know some of those people

Ever watch a TV show and think my, I done seen that place before? Or I think I picked up a toew there or near there before? I just got done watching the season premier of Escaping Polygamy, and while I'd hitch up to one of those sweet darlings in a second, i got to thinking on the many times I have most probably been right on top of the very neighborhoods these people live in or at. It's amazing what things you remember about places when you toew most of it, responding to impounds, wrecks and so on. Of course I looked up the shows official site left a comment, on there with the invite to any of those gals on there, that if they're looking for a rescue I'm ready and willing, and of course as usual, some butt wipe with nothing else to do just had to heckle me about it. Why not go after a gal looking for a straight laced guy that'd be willing to take them in? After all I can remember back a few years ago, when the AyreWolvez were looking for poster girls for then AyreWolfFM, the Ayre part of HazzardAyre Radio. I made a call to Lasting Impressions agency out of Provo, they sent a few out, and one happened to be one of Kingston's brides I think it was Kingston's. Then I also remember an agency ran out of Idaho Falls Idaho, that was owned by the wife of the Kingston tribe. Don't know if the two are related, but I'd bet my next tank of diesel that they are. Aside from that if you were looking for a loyal wife, who better than one that was at least basically trained to be loyal? Could be something cool. I thought this was a TV movie, but turns out, Escaping Polygamy is a series, I'm going to watch a lot.
Decided not to do a show overnight, as I'm trying to make sense out of a few things, but dig this, if one of those Polygamist wives wanted to make a great escape and find a hubby, I'd be open to it. 
Last here, HazzardAyre Radio will be airing at 18:00 this evening, Highway Hooker Radio at 13:00 hours and Dixie Diesel Radio overnights starting August 1st, so we are tweaking the gear here for that. See you on the radio at 18:00 hours.

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