Friday, July 24, 2015

Did someone forget I'm a genuine USDA Male?

Did someone forget to tell the internet trollers that I'm a genuine, not queer, not faggot Male? Guess not since I keep getting invites from guys. I'm sorry , well I'm not sorry, I was raised southern Kountry, and that means, I'm a guy, like being one, and long for the pleasure treasures of a real to goodness woman. This Bruce Jenner thing and all just makes me sick to my stomach. It'd be as bad if Dorothy Hammel, Champion figure skater from the era when old Brucey, was doing the Olympics, any flyte, if someone were to tell me Dorothy was queer, it'd break my heart. I acctually skated with Dorothy, in Sun Valley Idaho one training period. I never was ever on ice skates, before, but Dad arranged with her trainer for Dorothy to give me some lessons and we skated together under this canopy skating rink, there. I can still  remember the music, and the albeit very short, but the memories of that week, as well as that weekend. Dorothy signed a poster of her and I, which was in the Trunk of ye old General Lee, that got trashed due to some asshole in Pocatello. I'm working with a few folks to go find the idiots who did that, and demonstrate to the guy what happens when you mess with a Knyte and what happens when you trash the General. Can you say Magpie food?
But do you ever wonder of these folks who troll the Internet who either call you asking you if you are interested in something of their product or services. It's like this one outfit out of southern California. They keep requesting information to offer me a cash advance on my current billings. Trouble is I seldom bill anyone for towing or flying services. Its cash or impound. No inbetween, depending on of course who it is, and I best damn well know who they is or no tow if they ain't got dough. Same thing with the farmers I fly the field enhancement for. Unless its an established customer of mine, I'm not lifting off the tarmac unless unless I have credit card number or certified bank check from them. 
Finally, Memories are always memories and should be kept that way. Just because something was a certain way 10,15,or 20 years or more ago, don't mean that the same people or attitude is the same way today. People move, people change. Even Knyte's members change. Once we all got in van or Suburban and cruised Overland in Burley or Addison to Blue Lakes BLvd in Tweaker Flatts, grab grub at the A&W at Kimberly and Blue Lakes in Tweaker Flatts, then cruise again. We chased women and partied. Today most have wives and childrens to tend too. Most don't have the liberty to go goof off the way we used to. These days its earn a living. So why am I considering moving back to Tweaker Flatts? Warmer weather, and at least albeit by not much, but better earning potential. Just yesterday, was sitting in the office here at the Wentworth, and I get a tow call from Allstate Motor Club. Don't ask me why, but I did, guess Allstate and others think I'm the only aggressive tow service in Evanston. So I get a call, trouble is A it was for a Rollback, and two Lexi is 300 miles away. Even a rollback tow can be done with a sling or wheel-lift, and a set of tow dollies. It's not that the business is not here, but I'm stretched tighter than a turtles pecker here. can't do it all, and until Obama quits pickin fights with Sirians and others, the people I need to help will remain deployed. Yes our squadron is that good. Any mile, got the landlord on the shop breathing down my neck, can't generate money without the truck and since it's so much of a trouble for me to get someone with a heavy trailer and a ton truck to go fetch Lexi how am I to make money. Sure I can drive Lexi from Tweaker Flatts, but that'd mean registering the truck twice, and insuring twice, once in Tweaker Flatts, then relicensing and all her in Wyoming. Too much bullshit, so it'd be easier to just go over and haul Lexi here, if I had a mind to stay here. Which I'm thinking not, but I may, if the right things were to fall in place. But I wont extend myself on a cash advance to do that, and then too, is freezing my gonands off this winter for the small tomatos I'd earn in doing so,.
Any mile, it could go, finish up the radio werx here, then move come spring, in either case next week, going over to Tweaker Flatts, get Lexi out of bondage, store her. Take the car over to Danny at Magic Valley Transmissions, have him fix the leak, take a bus back here, drive LiL Wolf for a few weeks, then take it over store it at the same place I store LexiBelle, then move over there come April next year. Just depends on what shakes here. In the meanwhile, Fly my ass off. And do radio.
L8R Aviators

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