Saturday, July 11, 2015

Deception is still a deception

So called the phone number on the place in Woodruff, guess what? Phone number is a no answer no longer active. Is someone playing a game, could the number be wrong? Investigation will be forthcoming. But I had a long conversation with a club member over the phone that I trust, and the thought is, if being back in Idaho, especially ground zero of where the tow service, the club and HazzardAyre was created, then would it not be a better plan to use the near inexpensive place I'm living, pay off the bills, I owe back in Idaho, then move directly there? So while I'm doing some snooping on the place in Woodruff, The end idea is, staying put forever how long here in Evanston, pay off the bills I owe in Idaho, then make the decision of where and when I should move. 
One sometimes needs to take in consideration the omens , given to us by Heavenly Father. These bits of divine inspiration, or at least promptings or warnings, are messages that , Heavenly Father has a plan, and is saying, "I brought you to Evanston, to do some task." Is that the radio station? Is that the shop, or is it both? Whatever it is, faith has the word TRUST in it. If you don't TRUST , Heavenly Father, do you really have faith in him? Or are you being a trophy Christian? Be it Mormon, or some denomination, if your not loving Jesus, and not trusting Heavenly Father, are you just posing? I remember a talk once by Cameron Arrington of the Farmington Utah Stake. It was just before General Conference during Priesthood Meeting. His talk was that too many members go to church on Sunday to be able to sell on Monday's. His talk was titled the Cultural Mormon. I think his talk was dead on.. And it's a talk that has stuck with me since 1998, when I lived there. Then as now my back was up against the wall, trying to make decisions about my future. I knew I wanted to stay in towing, but also loved radio. Utah then, although its a bit less now, but back then it was way to restrictive regulation wise, to tow, so LexiBelle was put in storage, and I devoted all my time to the club and radio. Of course later in 1998, I relocated to Rigby, Idaho. The facility was not that bad, but it truly was a mouse house. It was so bad that I couldn't hardly sleep. The little rodents were under my bed, in the latrine, in the studio, it was a nightmare. Sure I had a shop, living facility and studio, but when the chance came to move back to Hazzard, in the old homestead I jumped faster than those mice. My Cousin Bud did, screw the pooch, when out of idiocy he decided that paying rent on the old place was too much, here's where it got stupid. Instead of getting a mortgage and paying a monthly mortgage payment, where I could have remained there, he decides I had to go. So that was my first move to Glenns Ferry. Thing was I had a great woman, my place back and gaining clients. The rest of that picture you already know, but had I not got too froggy in Farmington and thought it through I could have fixed the Bud thing, and maybe have saved the Foundation. So in closing here, there are times its best to look at the whole picture, examine everything and gained some assemblence of order, rather than just jump because you THINK rather than know what's on the other side. It happened with Cokeville from Bountiful, it happened from Woods Cross to Evanston now. So before I up an uproot, I'm looking at things much more closely, and not let peers or perceptions of me and/or the club, make me move long before I'm ready. For me its time to let Heavenly Father decide and direct me.
Show tonight if I can get enough power to upload. 

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