Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Before I go in for my nap

Tonight is going to be one helluva night for TV, on LMN. It might not make much of an Impression on many but I'm digging on what LifeTime, and LMN is putting out there. Granted the network is geared towards women, but there's some damn good movies and specials on there. Tonight they are going to run two films, one on Warren Jeffs, and the other on women in Utah trying to escape group wives things. Why does this matter to me? Simple, back a few years ago, at the dawn of what we created in 2002-1/2 as AyreWolfFM, in Layton Utah, the club sent out notices, to all the modeling, talent agencies in metro Utah for visual enhancement models to pose with aircraft for publicity of the new streaming radio website for those into vintage military aircraft, likewise a online on air radio thing for pilots, this was long before anything called warbirdradio ever was in the seed of anyone. So we got this phone call from this outfit in Orem Utah, called Lasting Impressions, of which I call them Lasting Unimpressions as they simply went out of business. Knew that would happen. BTW we're still looking for female model talent for the site. Any flyte, so I got this reply from Lasting Unimpressions, saying they had talent. So I took the time(and money) to haul to Orem for a look see. So I get on the elevator, with one , super hot blonde with killer legs and a firm six, that just wore her nylons purrfectly that was for me to interview. The thing was, this gal was a sister wife of one of those multiple wives things in Utah, mainly Lehi Utah. What the hay? I did not know how to process this in my mind as I'd never ran into it before. I don't know if the hot blonde was looking for an escape route , but if she was or is, hey my door is really open. Likewise for any of those gals looking to make a new life.
Any mile, I'm headed to bed, for a few hours nap, see ya'll on the radio tonight.

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