Monday, July 6, 2015

Be careful of those saying I really want this job

If your in a business and you get one of those phone calls on a job opening that you've had posted for months that you can't fill, and they say I really want this job, back away very rapidly. A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a very nice lady inquiring about our on air opening at HazzardAyre Radio. She seemed interested and all , but the floating rumor mill here in Evanston bungled that up. There are more personal problems tied to drug and alcohol abuse than just about any place I have resided. Maybe and I say, don't push the maybe baby, the person applying is on target, but the personal baggage that is brought on with hiring that person, might just be more of a problem than you small or medium sized business can handle or would want to deal with. Big corporate firms weed this out pretty rapidly, if in fact they let some in the front door, and behind the desk. In a business such as ours, unless someone walks in with a portfolio , an air check, or demo reel, and no photos , it's a pretty good idea to just let that person go bye bye. You don't hire just because YOU need the employee. Hire smart, the long drive here is that if you bring in the baggage you'll deal more with the baggage than your company. That makes generating business and income really difficult, in reality it'll cost you. 
While Employment contracts are banned in three of the Mountain West states, especially Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, having a proposal with what is expected, signed by the intern trainee, is a good idea. If the prospect employee wont sign that, its best to discharge that prospect immediately. Remember your not in the human counseling business, your in a small business doing a service. You don't have huge budget for BS. So don't hire BS. Being friendly and degrading your place in the business is also bad. If you get someone that says, your being top bossy then maybe you need to remind them that You ARE the boss. Just like a line from an old Waylon Jennings song, be careful of something that's just what you want them to be. 

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