Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you ready for July 29th? Windows 10 breaks

Make a run to your local software store and get your CDR's as Windows 10 is about to roll out and to make sure ALL of your stuff is safe, better start loading cd's with your pics , tunes and generic and purchased software. Even though Microsoft says everything will v=be compatable, I'd be doing some back drafting just to make sure. First there's going to be a rush on the upgrade and that as its predicted will no doubt crash Microsoft's data center, so expect it to need to be redone at least 5 times before you get it where you need it. Next even though Microsoft's experts say everything will go smoothly, expect to speak with someone in India at least 12 times, and even those idiots wont have all the answers. There is no option from what I hear. Even those that don't want to upgrade will be forced to. We're going to do ours early so we can report to you, how it goes. But it also means the full roll out of DixieAyre Radio and all will be at least two months from now, as we need to get our equipment and OUR data center in line to go online with everything.
You best be ready, cause the 29th is a week from Wednesday.

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