Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are people that unintelligent?

First I did something today, I threw caution to the wind and with a full tank of fuel trucked over to the Sage Junction crossroads just outside Randolph. Mostly to test the car to see if things will run okay for the end of the month migration prequel to Idaho. So I just set on my tunes, HazzardAyre of course, and set on the cruise control at 60, and just kept time with the highway and the slight rumble of my engine. A slight moist road surface, and I discovered a small house in Woodruff, Utah. Pending investigation. Why there? No other tow service there, Utah regs hey that could work, plus there's a small work shop there. Could be an answer. Also noticed the Gator in Randolph is up for sale, can you say GearHeads? An old style malt shop, built on the concepts of Maxi's in Grace Idaho. Trust me there are few better places to eat better than Maxi's. Her corn chowder is the epitome of corn chowder. Must have a southern streak in her. But while short it gave me a hour or so of a no computer, no radio day. I needed that. So I got home and read Beaver Duck's post, damn I wish he'd go elsewhere. I'd rather have no one hear the show, than have him ribbing and heckling the ideas and such we express there. I chuckled when he suggested the idea that even though I have no CDL(under 25,000 GVW towing is permitted with just a class D license) how could I be the head of the Knytes? I am not nor could I ever be the leader or head of the Knytes. That place in the chain of command is not one that I have the ability , nor real desire to occupy. Rick is doing a fine job there. My duty in the club is to be its mouthpiece and operations exec officer, but head of the Knytes, are people that completely stupid, oh sorry unintelligent, mentally challenged. I'm beginning to think that the single parent ungluing of the nuclear family unit, and children of the pre millineal, generation are so pickled that any amount of coherent, comprehension of anything beyond basic biological processes, are beyond the abilities of most after the double digit era, are completely unable to gather even the very basics of understanding. Now I'm not saying I'm any kind of super brain, hell I don't even know how to upload anything to YouTube or even make a pancake, but if I'm told something, showed something or as Ricky Ricardo of I love Lucy fame used to say it esplained something I remember it. Then there are the few that gathered that the Knytes are not a bikers club or MC. There is nothing wrong with an MC, and in a small way that's implied in our organization, but we never were nor are we now a MC , we are more on the idea of being a TC(Truck Club) or for that matter a TTC (tow-truck-Club) oh yes the Knytes have a subsidiary for that called the Toew Bro's Club. Did somebody miss the idea that albeit LexiBelle is 350 miles west of here, with no real want or desire at this time to bring her to dear sweet Evanston. That's not why I left Utah in late November. I came here on the commands of the club to build a 24/7/365 truckers mainly radio station, in the vision and style of such shows as the RoadGang, or the Dave Nemo show. Not to go tow or build bikes, but hey gotta eat and pay bills and I want to get off entitlement income to more normal income generation. So while determining where that may be created again, it is my duty to those individuals that once were only 10 in Hazzard Idaho that said lets start a truckers club, combined with a Dukes of Hazzard fan club that was called once the Hazzard Knytes(Knights) that is now 50,000 member strong 1000 members each in 50 states, called the Knytes-of-Anarchy, but I'm no where near nor able to be the head, President of the Knytes, nor or even in the immediate future.
Damn there are just too many people with minds harder to get into than a cricket inside a cement brick, or as mom used to say it, does it take a brick shithouse to fall on you to understand?
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