Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another show done and on the site

We got a new show out and on the site, I at first wasn't but decided instead of trying to sleep which I can't do before 05:00 anyway, I'd roll out a show. It's not that I don't love doing HazzardAyre Radio, I do, its the time I get in the zone, but there are amongst many , but two forces that prevent the delivery of the shows, we do and I will not attempt to do something that sounds like crap, or wont up load. The two forces that prevent a good upload are the upload speed I get from AllWest, although they keep saying they'll get me a consistent at best 5mbps up, I'm lucky if I get 3mbps up. I read on Yahoo, something about Comcast dealing out 2gbps internet. I would love even at $300.00 a month upload of 2gbps. I would be jumping up and down for that kind of oomph. Of course on the other end is Livestream. Without a second computer to monitor the stream, I have no way of knowing if it gets to you. Which is why I always ask for call ins from some of ya'll/. Plus I always save the thing or attempt to, if it saves and I can see it after the show, I know that YOU heard it. If It doesn't either it did not upload, or didn't save. As it is we as a organization are trying to find SOMEONE who for $1,000.00 or less to build a suitable streaming site where WE control it, but as of yet, no one from Infogenix out of Provo, Utah or anyone else returns a phone call, or email. So we keep searching.
Going to shoot out another show this afternoon for 4 hours to see if it bytes. If it does, maybe we can have longer program runs, but for now I limit the show to 3 hours, in hopes it'll get delivered through Livestream.com . 
Until then, truck em happy.

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