Wednesday, July 15, 2015

18 year olds in cross country trucking

I had another topic I was going to address before I tuned into Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio. Mostly talking on the ability if passed by Congress to fund transportation infrastructure, which conceiled therein is a measure that will allow young people to get a CDL(Commercial , Drivers, License) and be able to haul freight as well as heavy haul across state lines in interstate commerce. This is a thing that goes to the core of what the Rode Knytes have been barking at since we created at our infancy as an organization as the TeenAge Truckers Association in 1974-1/2. Why not let young people to get in and be over the road truckers? True, nothing gains experience behind the wheel, like driving a truck. You can't get one without the other. We need more youth to get into trucking, and that includes toewing. There are young people that can in fact drive a rig, whether it be from being on the farm growing up, or at least with the desire to succeed at a vocation, that is a real vocation that while not getting rich or living a life of Donald Trump, but at least putting food on the table and a roof over thy head. Albeit a very inexpensive roof. Years back there were programs like TruckerBuddy that was swallowed up by OOIDA and a few other well meaning, but not completeing organizations. TruckerBuddy was created through a very small but good grant of Chevron Oil. The idea was to educate young people in middle or Junior High Schools of the realities of trucking. Teaching youth in drivers education class's how to drive safely around trucks on the open road, more over getting youth to want to consider if not enter in the idea of trucking as a career. What was Long Haul Radio, that evolved into Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio, that became HazzardAyre Radio, was in fact to be the young adult choice for over the road long haul trucker overnight radio. That was back when there was so many trucker radio shows on big wattage stations, but failed as XM Satellite and others moved those shows into the clouds, still HazzardAyre stays in both syndication, online and within a few weeks now over the air. HazzardAyre/Maximum-Overdrive Radio is in fact trucker radio done Hazzard County style. 
But then I heard Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio show that we carry here on KNAK AM 1240. As well as on our online network shows, and . Beth Ann was talking about abortion . While I will be the first one to say I'm a genuine adult male corpuscle who loves the steamy, creamy, smells, feelings and body heat of outright pure root around sexual activities. I also know there are responsibilities involved. My sexual education was acquired through tuning into such renowned experts as Dr.Ruth and Sue Rogers. Knowing that unprotected sexual activities can create a life. If your a real caring adult or even young adult male, if you get a gal PG, for Heavens sake stand up, and at least be a father. Bringing life into this troubled world just for fun is not really fun, its idiotic, and is not something that one who trusts and loves God. God didn't and does not condone getting a girl pregnant and then killing that body, and taking away a soul that God was intending for a suitable purpose. This is why so much of this world is being punished and tragic things happening. God has said enough. Now I'm not a Satan worshiper or anything, nor do I say that God goofed up, but I do think, that had Satan been given Jesus' job and we not have a choice or as the Bible says it Free Agency, maybe we'd have been better off. After all Free Agency has run corrupt, and all we do is tempt forces and do things that really piss God off. This is not just on us guys. Women have a responsibility as well. Wearing these yoga pants in public with no covering of their private areas, where you see every curve, crease, and wet spot. Young girls going to Church in mini skirts so short that if they pass gas you can see their private parts. Especially in teens , men have bubbling juices just hungry for exploration. If your a young female adult or teen, flapping your vulva in front of a teen boy is just going to create a bad and very tragic situation. I see it in several of the gals who attend church at our ward here in Evanston, especially one who I will refrain from naming. If your advertising, don't be surprised if someone wants to by what your showing off. I always have said that public brothels is a way to stop much of this, and while young people really ought to wait until marriage and I say that's a girl to a boy or man to a woman, but waiting is the best choice. After all and many don't think of this, when you penetrate that girl or woman, especially if she's not too choosy who she messes with, when you play with her, your playing with every guy she has ever slept with. I mean every one of them. This could be your best friend. I have never wanted to be with my best friend, however she most likely was and in so having sex with her, your having sex with your best friend. Brothels however do gain a bit of protection, however I'd say wait until there's a ring on thy finger. So listening to Beth Ann, and this struck a chord, she called it harvesting baby parts. Harvesting? It's destroying life. We tragicly will cringe at someone putting a firecracker in a cats jaw and lighting it, we put people in prison for abusing pets and taking deer and other game out of season to feed our families, yet we do very little about places that kill unborn babies inside the mother and throw the body parts in a disposal. Something is wrong with our moral compass's when we do that. 
In closing here, to support Beth Ann and CSC Talk Radio, the Rode Knytes Association, and the AyreWolvez, will be doing several benefits to raise money to help support CsC TalkRadio. Maybe we can get Beth Ann to come out to attend a few of these. However , CsC Talk Radio is speaking the kinds of things that we here at HazzardAyre Radio have been saying for 40 years. More on the reorganization of the organization in another blog entry, but I'll leave you with this; The Knytes-of-Anarchy, will be renaming and changing its name and structure to be the Rode Knytes Association. An organization of independent truckers and towing professionals, preserving the old skool ways of trucking and towing.

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