Friday, July 31, 2015

Thoughts of the day

Here's an idea, want to be making more money, be at the office and/or the shop. Example, Friday got money from SSI, most do when the first of the month, comes on a weekend. So got most of my bills paid except for the rent on apartment at Wentworth. Only reason that ain't paid yet, no one in the office. Its a bit of frustration, to say the least. What many that are just employed don't understand, is , its the customer and/or client that PAYS you, not just what the boss . If the boss don't get income he and or she has no money to pay you. Thus if you have to, kiss the customers behind. It's just that simple. The harder you make it for the customer/client, the more likely that customer/client is to go elsewhere if they have a choice. Guess some people need to take a page out of the toewers book, always be available. That's how you make money and stay in business. Guess that's why Highway Hooker Toewing has stayed in operation for 30 plus years. 
Of course there's those times that no body wants is delays on paying bills. Since many figure out their budget for the month, and the delay means they have to sit on pins and needles, until all checks etc clear. But at least AllWest and Verizon is paid, so life moves on. So in closing, want to make more money and retain your job, be at the office and/or shop, then you can service your customers and clients, as a happy customer/client is a repeat customer/client.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Still feeling around the upgrade

As many of you that might have done this morning, I awoke having to upgrade our PC from Win7 to Win10. According to Microsoft it was seamless and overall it has been . Some of my older programs have been lost, but I still have most of them. Have not yet tried Livestream yet but that's in the plan later. Of course there's not much different between Win7 and Win10, but there are some that albeit is a bit troublesome since what I used to do effortlessly, I now need to scratch my head and attempt to figure out.
Okay last evening was a slight event. I'm sitting in front of my trusty PC, and a knock is on the door. I was researching the topic of polygamy as it was on LMN Escaping Polygamy, so I wanted to learn the origin. Of course in ancient times, it was not uncommon for rulers, kings and such to have multiple wives or concubines so should it be different in our time? Answer maybe, maybe not.  As far as the Church is concerned , it was President Joseph Smith that initiated the practice. Many church leaders in the beginning of the church had multiple wives. The practice I think although I'm mostly could be wrong was to replenish the earth. I think it was more to the degree , to give man a younger menu with much variety to choose from, so as not to cheat on their primary wives. And why not? Get several women in the house, that way when the primary wife gets old and smelly you can just call to your bedroom a younger more sweet smelling version. Kind of a Wives Upgrade. This makes sense sort of, and any man who can have several women in the house especially when that monthly visitor shows up, usually at about the same time, that man has more patience than JOB. So Bishop, shows up last night. No time to pick things up, move part 89, D&C items out of view. So I was busted. Sort of, but he did not mention it much, only making note of my Skoal, but then hey its a needed thing. So after all of that, I watched TV for a few, until 02:00 Weather channel , even though they cancelled the show, is rerunning the series Highway Thru Hell. If that Canadian highway is hell, then the big roads in Wyoming and Idaho must be the Abiss . Since getting stuck out in the middle of the north side of Henery's Fork Idaho can truly be a hell. Or up in Lost Trail Pass when it snows there it means business. Why not do a series here? 
As I close for now, I think can those making new things say for PC's just leave things alone for awhile? 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Would you know that an applicant is a polygamist?

If someone approached you for a job, and you eventually found out that person practiced polygamy, would you terminate her employment if even that were legal to do so under the none descrimination laws, or what would your reaction be. Don't think that it may be such a distant happening. It happened to me as well as the club, and we rather I had no idea. In fact I was rather smitten of the gal. It went like this. There was an ad that we ran for female talent for the website that would usher in AyreWolfFM. An agency from Orem Utah, by the name of Lasting Impressions. So I called arranged for a in their office audition interview. As I entered the multi floored office structure this long legged hot blonde in stocking, hot pant shorts and all entered. I pretty much figured she's gotta be one of the candidates. After the audition, it was signed and agree'd that this one gal would be one of the finalists and as such a working session in Layton where our studios were at the time, was in order.
So she showed up must have been at least 5 sessions, and this one session she brought another not so hot looking gal, that she said was her sister. Okay, no big. So eventually we went to do some clothes shopping for the first ad video session. During which she introduced this Sister as her sister wife. Sister Wife, never had heard the term before. By now you gather she was one of the Kingston tribe, but how the hell was I to know? There is no outward signs, no mention, and would or could a gal being a polygamist be cause for discharge? More over from a personal point, should have I pursued this model candidate. As I look back I think that had I understood it all better, I really could have. But ignorance and all, had no guidelines as how to proceed. But with all the sisters and sisterwives out here from the Order and all, if you found out how would YOU handle it? As I close and I hope I can get another show in, in the morning, but we got one show up, on Livestream earlier today. The trouble we kept having was Livestream was shutting us off multiple times. There must be a time limit on how long you can be on air. Which is a pain, since I'd like to be able to run all the time. Not just three hours but 24/7/365. So going to call me contact there and see if that's possible or if there's an extra fee to be able to do that. We are also looking for another low cost streaming source. 
Hope the WIN10 Conversion goes smoothly, catch ya'll if I can Wednesday night.
L8R Aviators

The requirements to work as an anchor at FoX News Channel

I am convinced that the only REAL qualifications to work as an anchor at FoX News Channel, is to be Female, Blonde, Big breasts, and have long lucious legs. Add to that, wear exotic dancer high heels, and you have a life long contract with FNC. You don't need any experience in journalism, you really don't need to know the news of really what's going on, all you need to be is a near Playboy model centerfold, that's blonde. Not saying blondes are stupid, or unintelligent. I have seen many and know many golden haired women that can out perform, both other women and men hands over fist. However the more that I watch FoX News, hey CNN is going belly up their coverage on most important things is dead or on life support. MSNBC is near that way, few good news people want to work there. The list goes on, but when we here at SouthernSteele Media get criticized that we are looking for hot bodies for our on air openings, that we place too much emphasis on the candidate be a hot blonde(or Red head) with excellent legs(its a Hazzard County thing) have some ample breasts, and be willing. Of course we desire some previous broadcast skills, but guess what ? In our area there are none. BTW on September 14th is when we start our basic broadcast skills course over at Wyoming Community College here in Evanston, hope ya'll signed up.
But I'm really convinced that the only real requirements to be an anchor on FoX News is to be a big breasted, super hot female, with long legs in porn star dancer heels, (many could use to wear nylons as their bare legs don't look that good) and be blonde. Of course it doesn't hurt that your the wife of a major NFL Player, or other sports figure. I'll bet the interview for those anchor jobs is a good one, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that room , wouldn't you? 
Are you ready for the change over Wednesday? Yes friends, Win10 hits and you'd better be ready for a day long download and reinstall, on Wednesday, as Microsoft rolls out their Windows 10 OS. According to our tech guru it's no big deal, but then I've been told that before.
As I leave this morning. I noticed something, and I'm probably one of if not the only one who noticed this, but it seems as though the Evanston 4th ward women are better looking than many of the Uinta View Ward. Not saying all of our wards women are fugdugly, but hey some eye candy would be nice, it's like and I made it a point of order at the High Priests session at church past Sunday, this old high octane canine is looking for a SheWolf. I didn't get very far, but the door was opened by the lesson being taught. The Church's higher ups are preaching family and marriage. I agree, however the question goes that if your prowling the forests of life solo, couldn't those in the church, from both the Priesthood, as well as Relief Society, at least do some introductories of us as singles to those of the appropriate age women and vice versa in the Ward. At least then if you wanted to hook up with a gal in the ward, you wouldn't be focusing your attention on those that are not of legal tender age, or even available. Should there not be more of an outreach of the Singles Wards, or at least adult social services? How about those in charge of such things that are not single being replaced by those that are. Just like bikers, truckers and Marine pilots, you have to be one to know one. In essence if someone is hitched and happy, how are they to know what's its like to be single and yearning for same, yet hurt every time the idea of a family or family-hood issue or topic is brought up. More over having to sit in Sacrament meeting, first having to try to filter the crying babies out and trying to tune in on the speakers, or for that matter some thinking , " Dang wish I had a wife and young'ns. " Last but not least. I am very appreciative of the financial help that HazzardAyre Radio, the club and myself have received from our ward, but I'm also wondering, why and maybe there is such a program, but how about a program, for members that for a short period say 6 months or so match or aid in the formation of a business in an area such as ours that has few if any jobs? How about helping pay rent on a shop or office for a period of time until that church member can get it making money. It goes to the bible, that says, " Give a person a fish, he eats for a day, teach that person how to fish, he eats for a lifetime" Immediate needs are good to help someone, but how about short term gifts or grants so that someone can get their feet under them. Especially if that enterprise is out of the box, that banks and traditional funding sources don't want to take on. Even going is as a cosigner to the bank so that a person can get a short term start up loan. 
So as I close, when it comes to Fox News, just be a hot blonde female, you'll get the job.
L8R Aviators

Monday, July 27, 2015

Some people are sooo touchy and must we repeat this again?

Some people are Sooo touchy. Some might even say it as body bullying or just being mean. Here's what happened, Nicole Vowell of KSL, who I follow since she does a dang great job of news reporting put up a clip, of some previous associates at a previous station she worked at. It had the reporters doing a jungle bunny dance to as Nicole put it, blowing off steam. I replied that if they're going to do that maybe they needed better bodies. I was just kidding, for heck sake. I was not meaning it to be vicious, or mean. Nor was it to make fun of those being a slight bit plump, hey I'm not exactly slim or trim, in fact I am battling with loosing 70 pounds so I can fly again. Guess what Nicole responded. At least she took notice, and B at least she did respond. Imagine if the response of some at KSL would have been that rapid when I needed the KSL Investigators on a couple of issues I had, or doing a bit on HazzardAyre Radio. They had within an hours drive someone that truly believes in flying and protecting the rebel Dixie flag. Did they even sit up and reach out to me or the Knytes? Answer ; no. This nation faces all too many issues than to squabble over such things as someone(me) making fun of the news crew at a TV station doing a tribal dance in fun, as I meant it in fun. But before they barked, did they even contact me? Did they ask if I was serious? No. No matter what anyone says about social media likewise, print of any kind, one can't express an idea or make up their minds without hearing the people or person's words, on say radio. It's only on radio that one can hear the tones and inflections, to conclude the true feelings behind a comment.
Now then moving off of that. I congradulate Patrick Goestch of RFD TV. He took an idea, built it from scratch without much outside if any outside support, a TV network, focused on one lifestyle, that being of rural living and agriculture. Although I could say we were already working on that in 1995 here in Evanston. However Patrick has advanced his channel and network. He started in Nebraska, and has become a leader of the voice of rural life. However that said and I send this to our detractors, we here at Hazzard and Dixie Ayre Radio, focus our attention on only 5 targets, over the road trucking, towing, military aviation and the preservation of southern heritage and history. Mostly on over the road trucking. Which by the way also is vital to production agriculture. If the cattle and other commodities can't make it to market, its not helping or feeding anyone. I have always looked at doing a half hour or a full hour TV show done similar to the farm show AG/Day only focusing on trucking rather than agriculture. Still looking to do that. But setting all that aside, I was amazed that RFDTV, reran, Rural Town Hall, Monday with the same topic and Presidential candidate the Governor of Louisiana . How about a new guest? Like say the front runner Donald Trump, who in my opinion would be the worst President, even worse that Obama for the leader of this Union. After the dibacle involving that guy in Louisiana that shot up that theater there, I would have never reran that interview.
On politics, I'm not in favor of Hilliary Clinton, I think she's a back stabber and a fame junkie. She's about to exit the race for President and into prison, her husband was a great President, but she ain't. But who the hell do we have in the Democratic party, to substitute her? Is anybody else in the Democratic party stepping up to run against her? I'm for one, ready to give the boot to Obama, and the DC Occupiers, but before we do we best have someone to step in and repair what's wrong there first. As far as Obama, hey I'd rather fight against a enemy we know rather than one we don't. So in closing here, Nicole Vowell of KSL, I apologize for my previous comment it was not meant the way ya'll took it, and two to Patrick of RFDTV, you need to get the rest of the contenders for President on that Rural Town Meeting.

Making up for a lost Sunday

I'm making up for a full day of bullstuff after AllWest had a power failure. The excuse, power failure. I grant you that can happen at any time to anyone, but how about a back up generator? Most broadcast and media firms on the air, have such units to keep on the air even if the normal source of unready KiloWatt gives up. 
So thank goodness NBCSports is rerunning yesterday's NASCAR Race, and we're still picking up pieces here at SouthernSteele Media, to enable us to air HazzardAyre and DixieAyre Radio. Still aiming at the Magic Valley at the end of August, unless something really major happens that gives me a reason to remain, in Evanston. Let's face it there's not much if anything holding me here. But I'm keeping an open mind. 
I get two days out of the week to really pull the plug and rest, I take Monday as one of those, Saturday is the other one, so since Saturday I had to work, I'm taking today(Monday) and Tuesday as this weeks days off, and need to remind you, I'll be in the Burley area of Idaho looking at places to live and get in the move groove. 
I went to Church yesterday, and while my normal acquaintences there were warm and friendly, there are others there that treated me so cold, that you could hear ice cicles breaking. Bottom line, not a place for me.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Few dared do radio like we did, and still do, albeit online radio

Back in the day as kids now say it today, radio in southern Idaho was , much more conservative than it is now, although not that much more rebellious. Back when our original station signed on with the call letters KDSL (Kay-Diesel) FM 89.1 and Long Haul Radio, few saw us as a threat, but we introduced many programs and features that no radio station in Idaho dared do. It was only after we did and gained some kudos that others said hey lets us do it. KBOI 670, Boise would have never taken on Midnight Trucker Radio, had Dixie Diesel Radio taken on as it did. Dixie Diesel Radio was the after discovery of Hazzard gig we made out of Long Haul Radio. We introduced, Dr.Ruth, TalkNet, the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown, and Overdrive Truckers News. We introduced and pioneered the idea of live flag to flag NASCAR major race coverage. We took on a satellite feed from Motor Racing News, from all the tracks. Back before NASCAR became a yuppie sport, back when racing slightly modified STOCK CARS. Of course as time went on, we introduced Highway Hooker Radio, the only show on radio on any station in the nation for us trying to make a buck driving a tow truck. Nobody had went there before and has never went there since and still doesn't. Long before there was a Howard Stern, or at least much knowledge of him, and his on air hijinx of course there was the Crazy Cooter(me) show, that evolved into AyreWolfFM. Many stations in Idaho and even northern Utah and western Wyoming fear one force in making decisions on who to hire for either radio and some times TV, its called the LDS Church. The fear is sponsors being boycotted by LDS consumers. So best not bring on the rebel anti-establishment aimed programming, and assimilate into the groove of being safe rather than escalate such programming that might elevate ratings or at least listeners, and/or viewers. 
KDSL, became KTOW by being squeeled on by a program director at then KLIX AM1310 out of Twin Falls Idaho. The reason he squeeled was KTOW and our programming was making more money from advertisers than they were. So pirate KDSL , became legal KTOW in May 1984, and resold to a party in Colorado to fund the buy of KBAR which never happened, but that's a story for another time. A new station is being built in Buhl, based on our old tower site and frequency there to go on air in mid 2016, likewise based in Arco Idaho, a signal was found, on FM there so that both ends of Idaho will be covered. 
SouthernSteele Media/Dixie-Diesel revolutionized radio in Idaho, we leed where no one dares to go until we do. In the meanwhile, KNAK AM is still on track for western Wyoming/North East Utah based in Randolph Utah, with studios to be in Evanston Wyoming. For the present time, ya'll can tune into what we do on as well as 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Did someone forget I'm a genuine USDA Male?

Did someone forget to tell the internet trollers that I'm a genuine, not queer, not faggot Male? Guess not since I keep getting invites from guys. I'm sorry , well I'm not sorry, I was raised southern Kountry, and that means, I'm a guy, like being one, and long for the pleasure treasures of a real to goodness woman. This Bruce Jenner thing and all just makes me sick to my stomach. It'd be as bad if Dorothy Hammel, Champion figure skater from the era when old Brucey, was doing the Olympics, any flyte, if someone were to tell me Dorothy was queer, it'd break my heart. I acctually skated with Dorothy, in Sun Valley Idaho one training period. I never was ever on ice skates, before, but Dad arranged with her trainer for Dorothy to give me some lessons and we skated together under this canopy skating rink, there. I can still  remember the music, and the albeit very short, but the memories of that week, as well as that weekend. Dorothy signed a poster of her and I, which was in the Trunk of ye old General Lee, that got trashed due to some asshole in Pocatello. I'm working with a few folks to go find the idiots who did that, and demonstrate to the guy what happens when you mess with a Knyte and what happens when you trash the General. Can you say Magpie food?
But do you ever wonder of these folks who troll the Internet who either call you asking you if you are interested in something of their product or services. It's like this one outfit out of southern California. They keep requesting information to offer me a cash advance on my current billings. Trouble is I seldom bill anyone for towing or flying services. Its cash or impound. No inbetween, depending on of course who it is, and I best damn well know who they is or no tow if they ain't got dough. Same thing with the farmers I fly the field enhancement for. Unless its an established customer of mine, I'm not lifting off the tarmac unless unless I have credit card number or certified bank check from them. 
Finally, Memories are always memories and should be kept that way. Just because something was a certain way 10,15,or 20 years or more ago, don't mean that the same people or attitude is the same way today. People move, people change. Even Knyte's members change. Once we all got in van or Suburban and cruised Overland in Burley or Addison to Blue Lakes BLvd in Tweaker Flatts, grab grub at the A&W at Kimberly and Blue Lakes in Tweaker Flatts, then cruise again. We chased women and partied. Today most have wives and childrens to tend too. Most don't have the liberty to go goof off the way we used to. These days its earn a living. So why am I considering moving back to Tweaker Flatts? Warmer weather, and at least albeit by not much, but better earning potential. Just yesterday, was sitting in the office here at the Wentworth, and I get a tow call from Allstate Motor Club. Don't ask me why, but I did, guess Allstate and others think I'm the only aggressive tow service in Evanston. So I get a call, trouble is A it was for a Rollback, and two Lexi is 300 miles away. Even a rollback tow can be done with a sling or wheel-lift, and a set of tow dollies. It's not that the business is not here, but I'm stretched tighter than a turtles pecker here. can't do it all, and until Obama quits pickin fights with Sirians and others, the people I need to help will remain deployed. Yes our squadron is that good. Any mile, got the landlord on the shop breathing down my neck, can't generate money without the truck and since it's so much of a trouble for me to get someone with a heavy trailer and a ton truck to go fetch Lexi how am I to make money. Sure I can drive Lexi from Tweaker Flatts, but that'd mean registering the truck twice, and insuring twice, once in Tweaker Flatts, then relicensing and all her in Wyoming. Too much bullshit, so it'd be easier to just go over and haul Lexi here, if I had a mind to stay here. Which I'm thinking not, but I may, if the right things were to fall in place. But I wont extend myself on a cash advance to do that, and then too, is freezing my gonands off this winter for the small tomatos I'd earn in doing so,.
Any mile, it could go, finish up the radio werx here, then move come spring, in either case next week, going over to Tweaker Flatts, get Lexi out of bondage, store her. Take the car over to Danny at Magic Valley Transmissions, have him fix the leak, take a bus back here, drive LiL Wolf for a few weeks, then take it over store it at the same place I store LexiBelle, then move over there come April next year. Just depends on what shakes here. In the meanwhile, Fly my ass off. And do radio.
L8R Aviators

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I was asked by a lady friend why I send her my blog postings

I was recently asked why I post these blogs to her Google + page. Well Denise here's why. As it is, what goes on my blogs is what is going on in my life. If one wants to get to know me, READ the BLOG. Same thing usually goes with new employees, as well as new club members. The Knytes-of-Dixie occupies 70% of my day. EVERY DAY, including holidays, and weekends including Sunday's. If its not doing programming for the clubs radio station, its doing engineering work for the station or the online radio station. If not that its planning events of the club, plus doing all the back behind the scenes duties of those events. It's a big job, and effort, but then as it is what else is there for me except the club? Of course there's running the tow truck business, finding time to stay current flying, and at the end , rescuing and serving our members from things, from arrests to medical problems. If I had a special lady in my life, of course that would change some as then I'd have something besides 4 walls and FoX 13 to come home to. Being in doing service to the club, and my customers to earn a living, is better than sitting at the Wolf's Den , pouting and feeling sorry for myself or at minimum of being lonely. The shake up of the club, took my breath away, but in the end its been mutually approved, by all 50K of the membership. It's basically just a slight change in the name of the club, but most if not all officers, supporters and all are kept intact. Outside of the audit of financial resources and a new treasurer everything else remains as its always been. Makes ya'll wonder why we didn't go this way in the first place. 
Much of the rename in 2008 was to move the club from so much rural into a more Urban environment. However as it went we were still rural, and even though Salt Lake City is seen as a big town or metro area, bottom line even Salt Lake City is rural. 
So Denise and others this is why I post things here and to your Google+ page.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you ready for July 29th? Windows 10 breaks

Make a run to your local software store and get your CDR's as Windows 10 is about to roll out and to make sure ALL of your stuff is safe, better start loading cd's with your pics , tunes and generic and purchased software. Even though Microsoft says everything will v=be compatable, I'd be doing some back drafting just to make sure. First there's going to be a rush on the upgrade and that as its predicted will no doubt crash Microsoft's data center, so expect it to need to be redone at least 5 times before you get it where you need it. Next even though Microsoft's experts say everything will go smoothly, expect to speak with someone in India at least 12 times, and even those idiots wont have all the answers. There is no option from what I hear. Even those that don't want to upgrade will be forced to. We're going to do ours early so we can report to you, how it goes. But it also means the full roll out of DixieAyre Radio and all will be at least two months from now, as we need to get our equipment and OUR data center in line to go online with everything.
You best be ready, cause the 29th is a week from Wednesday.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Have you ever wondered, What would life be like If?

Have you ever sat in your cab and looked at people or your surroundings and wondered, What would life be like it?
Like if you call a telecom to set up and account, and they somehow screw the pooch, and flat just throw you away and never get back to you. Have you ever just wanted to fly, truck or ride to where they're at and just give em a Jap slap? Reason I say this is simple. Few months ago, I contacted CenturyLink to set us up on a system plan to enhance what will soon relaunch as DixieAyre Radio, here in Evanston. Of course, there was this not bad looking , but not overly so model type, there that SAID she would be my contact and be responsive to changes that would be coming up. Since we moved into the shop, I asked what could be done, even on the mere basics to get a landline and a internet connection there. After several calls, emails and so on, no response. Not a way to win clients. Course CenturyLink, or Qwest or whatever new handle they put on it, hasn't been right since the shake up of A.T.&.T and the break up of the baby Bells like Mountain Bell, years ago. Hell as Mountain Bell and for a time even Qwest had at least a local office, and a human you could at least go kick their butts if they kept ignoring phone calls, beit for installation, new service, or to fix a billing or system problem. There was at least someone there , that knew the area you were in, the restrictions and all that existed where you were and weather and connection challenges. Someone living and working at a call center in Las Vegas, where Daniella is our rep with CenturyLink is, has no real idea the differences in conditions between where they are in a major metro area, and the Rocky Mountain area like we are in, here in Evanston. But is that any reason to throw us under the bus? Okay so things did not go well at the office at the Wells Fargo building here in Evanston, but that should not mean working to get the shop connected as well as the new office/studio location next to the Post Office here. 
Of course going past that, how about those in Wyoming's administrative government centers? Even though I have Medicaid, can't use the dang thing, as not too many health providers accept it, you can't go to Utah as Utah wont accept Wyoming Medicaid nor will Wyoming accept Utah Medicaid. However Utah accepts Idaho's, and Idaho albeit limited will accept Utah's Medicaid, like when your getting a prescription filled. One would think that since its Medicaid a Federal program that if you have it, it should be like getting SSI, accepted anywhere in the USA. Right? Wrong. Don't ya'll think that needs changed a bit? Especially when rural areas don't have too many doctors that stick around long enough to maintain patients. 
Last and it hurts me bad, saw this African guy on a Facebook feed I get who went up and ripped off a rebel flag out of someone's truck. First, its good someone don't do that to me as they'd be running with rock salt peppering their butts, from my 12 shotgun, but can't we just get along? I watched this early movie and ain't their timing on the money? But watched this movie on the Disney Channel, called the Color of Friendship. It went over the period of time that South Africa was undergoing the events of civil unrest and all. My question is didn't we all learn something about racism the first time around? Shit can't we all just get along? Accept each other no matter the color of their skin or their ethnicity? I long for the period of time and its not long in coming, after all we have a probe going to the Epson star cluster now, past Pluto, but I think, if we're going out there looking for new life and civilazations like it is in Star Trek lore, shouldn't we try to get past the absurd notion that a being is evil or wrong, just because of the way they look, color of their flesh and superficial crap? Let's just get along, accept each other, put away petty things like how much money one has, where someone lives or is from, lets look to enrich our minds, explore science and technology, Just Love each other like Christ tells us to do. 
Finally on the political front. Over the weekend The Don(Donald Trump) said American military hero's are the ones who never got captured and held as POW's etc. This was directed at Senator John McCain of Arizona. Now one of the most legendary military combat aviators of all time was Greg(Pappy)Boyington, who founded the VMF214 BlackSheep Squadron. He too, in WWII was shot down and held captive as a POW, until the tail of the war. Is someone going to say Pappy wasn't a hero? Although Pappy always said, as his moto, Just Show me a hero, and I'll prove him to be a bumb, still Pappy was a hero in ways that I can't even begin to define. The sticking point is, Pappy's flying dogfight methods are still taught and practiced. The 214 still lives and is one of if not thee most awarded squadrons of military and Marine flight of the U.S. Military. What would it be Like, if we honored him? Maybe Daniella of CenturyLink will call today.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hazzard County is a place in the heart, not just on earth

As the wheels turn on the reformation of the Knytes from the Knytes of Anarchy into the Rode Knytes Association, I want to make one thing clear. There is no intention or anything that will take our love for and of all things Hazzard County out of the organization. However with that said, some detuning of that affection is recommended. Here's why. Since Paul Picard, and Skip Ward's death two of those responsible of bringing ya'll the Dukes each week, I have yet to see one mention, one thank you, or even one small bit of any kind of financial contribution, from Ben , Alma, Tracey or anybody from the TV show towards our organization, that quite frankly is the leading supporter of that hit TV show and has been since its inception. There has been no requests for copies of Hazzard County Radio, or HazzardAyre from Ben, Alma, or Tracey to resell as the radio of Hazzard County. Reason I bring that up? My cousin played on TV the radio DJ at the phony WHOGG AM 1090 on the Dukes. Richie and I worked to expand that and is the core of what HazzardAyre Radio is today. In fact not even a mention of our Livestream show is even plugged by Ben, Alma, or Tracey. You'd think that free ads telling of Cooter's Place and the Boars Nest, would be put up on their respective sites and Facebook pages as a thank you to us for the support we give them. But nope. I can remember back in 2002-1/2, after I heard that Ben and Alma was opening the first Cooter's Place. I made a phone call straight to Alma, as we talked, I said rather than Ben and I trying to compete with each other, we'd join forces. Alma agreed. So we withdrew our project of opening a facility out west here for west coast and Mountain West fans of The Dukes, that we were going to call Hazzard County CSA. Outside of a big hug at the 2006 Salt Lake City AutoRama from Alma, there has been no thank you, no hey how are you doing. NOTHING from Ben's camp, and yet we as a organization of 50,000 members has been loyal to Ben,Alma, and Tracey. Yet Ben endorsed some guy out of Atlanta when he opened a real to life Hazzard County Garage, yet never mentioned that ours was the first, and that our club had been and continues to be the one organization fighting for Hazzard County and the Dukes. Did the Atlanta Hazzard County Garage, contribute to the save the Rebel Flag that Ben started? I bet not, but I signed the petition and contributed albeit small ,but at least I put up $25.00 . And I never even got a thank you.
Nor did the club. The first time in 2012 when the threat of the flag on top of ye ole General Lee was mentioned, not only did we write letters and all, but who the hell went to Burbank California and barked at Warner Brothers and at the time got a stay of execution on the matter. Did we as a club get a thank you? No. Now I'm not saying that the Hazzard County Knytes(aka; Knytes-of-Anarchy) is throwing away our relationship with and of all things Hazzard and Dukes, but I think the day has come that we as a club needs to examine the loyalties there and even if needed divorce much of that loyalty, even if it means killing HazzardAyre Radio, and I killing HazzardAyre Aviation and going back to the point of our organizations origins before I rebuilt MY General Lee. In essence before The Dukes, when we were just a truckers organization. 
Hazzard County and all that makes that up will always be in my heart and soul, but it does not need to be on the doors of my tow truck, nor the door of my shop.
Something to think about.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The retension of the legacy

This is going to be one long haul, and feelings are going to get hurt. The voting is starting to come in, and comments are filtering in. While many in the organization knows change is needed for the Knytes, and all, there is also a serious need to keep and retain our place in the legacy that we created. There is only really one motion on the floor, revert part of the organization back to the Hazzard County Knytes, as the Rebel preservation/Dukes Fan Club part of the organization. Essentially not change much just rebadge everything. If that occurs and it just might this would be direction that could please many. KOA got us here, much blood has been shed, much money has been spent, but did we distance ourselves too much from our founding members, likewise some of those who once were fans and supporters, that became members. I remember the words spoken on a sunset evening on the back of LiL Wolf, on a side street in Gooding Idaho one evening. This sweet blonde gal came next door, sat down beside me and a beer or two after a very dear friendship began.  Many mornings as she sent kids off to school, and all we'd have morning coffee. She even let me siphon off her wifi, as well as paid me $20.00 to feed their dog, and water her garden. Over time, as we chatted she remembered the original club bubbling out of Hazzard(Hagerman), she told me then, masking the Hazzard Knytes as the Knytes-of-Anarchy would really be a big mistake. However she rapidly became the first of only 4 women to gain voting spots and general membership in a organization that is 95% male dominated. When she set up her race team, she set it up as Rebel Racing, and as far as I know it still is. However with that said, and not to loose the Hazzard legacy, still with so much that has gone under the manure chute, there is a need for a organization wide overhaul. The Rode Knytes Association as a purely primarily independent toewers organization modeled after both the ITA as well as the OOIDA, is a path to follow. The thing is where do you start? Who will start the process? Where do we base it? How much of KOA do we keep? Like HazzardAyre Radio? Do we keep that candle lit? Or do we redoux everything back to Dixie Diesel Radio? What about the Deere Dazzlerz Association? The AyreWolvez? For once I'm glad I'm not the one trying to make all these decisions right now, but with 80% of the officers still deployed in Iraq and such areas, if there's a change that needs to be made much of the ground work is going to fall on both the Wolf-Pack as well as Myself, and for once I'm scared . There's a need to figure out where we are financially, how much of current sponsors will stay if we change things, how many will leave. What about the 2017 Jamboree in Filer Idaho? What about Toew Jamb here in Wyoming? More importantly, what about DukesFest West/aka the Hazzard Nationals in 2016 in Pocatello? What about support from Ben and Alma, Tracey Duke, the Boars Nest? All of this needs to be examined with a microscope, not just a magnifying glass. This as I said is going to be a long haul, very long, and methodical. It has to be. With the change into the Rode Knytes would open the door to new membership, fresh blood, and acquiring new sponsors and support, but its also going to make a bunch very shaky .  What I can see is KOA, reverting to the Hazzard Knytes as a baseline for the present time, and all while regrooving KOA into the Rode Knytes. I see the Toew Bro's being scrapped, and the Rode Knytes acquiring all of what that is, which would bring more women toewing owner operators into the organization. The question is how much do we extend ourselves, before we loose control? Like I said this is going to be hard and hard choices. But I do think, that the change is needed. The image and images under KOA and defaults on so much property and all has been to put it bluntly painful. Quite frankly, going Rode Knytes I think will be the Goody's powder the organization needs. 
As far as HazzardAyre I see that staying although that too needs to be overhauled as well. There needs to be at least 4 computers running and that's just in the control room/studio. One to broadcast, one to monitor the broadcast, one to gain music, the other news and information. Question is how much of that will the current organization pay for? How much am I going to have to dig in my pocket to pay for to restablish. A meeting has been set for the 20th of September in Woods Cross Utah, to formulate the battle plan. 
More as it unfolds.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sorry about overnight that HazzardAyre was not able to air

To all our valued viewers and supporters. Sorry about not being able to deliver 0ur network overnight. We ran into computer problems and as such was not able to get anything to work right. This might take several days to repair. We should be back up soon, with maybe a new computer or two and all but for the rest of the week maybe two, we'll be off the air on HazzardAyre Radio as far as streaming. However we'll be over the air locally.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Wolf is Howling, change in the Force

First the show will air at 03:00 hours in the morning, simply because I'm pooped, too pooped to pop. I was in Salt Lake City Utah most of the day since 08:00 hours until 18:00. The trip was to meet with the Knytes High Council. There is change in the force, and its a needed change. Although the Rode Knytes Association has been around since 2005, we went on a alternate route in 2008, without doing much to really see what the feedback as well as the outcome would be. Don't get me wrong, our structure has not really changed , much of the images and all that we gained as the Knytes-of-Anarchy will remain, but the KOA, has mired us to the point that many don't see beyond the biker/mc persona and think on only biker/mc. Rather than what we really are, truckers and towing professionals wanting to preserve the old skool ways and lifestyles of what trucking and towing was, not is. 
My entire life as a tween and teen revolved around or was very much mixed in , in trucking. Heck I even took baths with a half cup of number 2 diesel in the bath water. I'd stand outside at truck stops breathing in diesel fume vapors just because it smelled so good. I started drinking coffee at truck stops in Bliss Idaho, talking shop with the Interstate Cowboy types that would come in. I lived and loved going trucking. Put me in a rig, and I was in my zone. The idea of having my own Black/gold Peterbilt or Mack truck hauling across America was my deepest dream. Of course I was approaching 18, but who hires 18 year olds? But I went to AAA Truck Driver Training of Salt Lake City. Got my Chauffers license passed 100% first time out, was able to back a 50 foot trailer and snub nosed tractor up at 30mph straight as an arrow. Did that on my final exam at AAA. But then Mom took really sick, couldn't be out doing long haul, so was looking at other things. Of course in 1977-1/2 she came in my life. I have tried to find old photos of her as she was in 1975, but sadly the pics I had were lost in the back of MY General Lee that some asshole in Pocatello decided to crush for fun. I should have sued both the Bannock County Sheriffs Office, for giving a title, two Custom Towing for selling the car after refusing to release the car back to me even when I offered to pay the storage bill, but hindsight is 20/20, so I wont do that. But once she came into my life I was going towing and in many ways I have not looked back. Back then there was no academy for young adult toewers. There was no idea of anyone under 21 going toewing more over trucking. So it was in 1974-1/2 that my Dad and I , was at the Gooding County Courthouse , I met the extension office manager there, who allowed a experimental 4-H project to be constructed. Combining the 4-H Tractor Safety Program, the 4-H Wheels Program, and some additional teaching materials, and we started the TeenAge Truckers Association aka Teen Trucker 4-H Program. Long before TruckerBuddy or anything we were the first. A few years later a young teen based CB Radio club in Twin Falls combined our group, and through many sources, by 1979 the TeenAge Truckers Association had 1,000 members, 500 in Idaho, 500 in Utah. Of course a few years after that I discovered Hazzard County, that along with our opening the original off TV Hazzard County Garage, in Hagerman(Hazzard)Idaho, the TeenAge Truckers Association became the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) and the rest is of course history. By 2004 the feeling that what was Hazzard County had lost any octane, there was some need to rearrange a few things. So the High Council, met In Roy Utah at Warrens Burgers, then remet at my apartment in Bountiful Utah. The TV show Blue Collar Comedy tour was on TV , the on TV bar was called the Rode House, so the spelling was there, and in mid 2005 to create a old skool trucking/trucker/towing lifestyle preservation organization was born. We ran with that until I relocated to Idaho in mid 2006. So the club reverted back to the Hazzard County Knytes. In 2007 after a very long haul of tragic circumstances, a meeting was called at Shorty's Saloon in Garden City(Boise) Idaho. A decision of do we retire the organization or rework it? Later that night many of us stayed over at my place in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho due to a major snow storm. The Son's was on TV and so we renamed the organization the Knytes-of-Anarchy , with the focus on trucking rather than being an MC.  This we have been until today. While the concept needs to be ratified throughout the entire organization and voted on, by all of the organization, it is that the focus needs to be back on what we are, what we started as, and what our future needs to be. That of an old skool trucking/trucker/towing/toewer lifestyle preservation organization, and not be so much if any as an MC. 
Now onto me. I'll explore this further in another entry in the morning after the show, but I am leaning towards the idea, of doing something called Rode Wolf Toewing, and doing away with the Highway Hooker Toewing thing. Haven't decided yet, but I'm strongly leaning towards RWT as my company handle. 
Stay Tuned

18 year olds in cross country trucking

I had another topic I was going to address before I tuned into Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio. Mostly talking on the ability if passed by Congress to fund transportation infrastructure, which conceiled therein is a measure that will allow young people to get a CDL(Commercial , Drivers, License) and be able to haul freight as well as heavy haul across state lines in interstate commerce. This is a thing that goes to the core of what the Rode Knytes have been barking at since we created at our infancy as an organization as the TeenAge Truckers Association in 1974-1/2. Why not let young people to get in and be over the road truckers? True, nothing gains experience behind the wheel, like driving a truck. You can't get one without the other. We need more youth to get into trucking, and that includes toewing. There are young people that can in fact drive a rig, whether it be from being on the farm growing up, or at least with the desire to succeed at a vocation, that is a real vocation that while not getting rich or living a life of Donald Trump, but at least putting food on the table and a roof over thy head. Albeit a very inexpensive roof. Years back there were programs like TruckerBuddy that was swallowed up by OOIDA and a few other well meaning, but not completeing organizations. TruckerBuddy was created through a very small but good grant of Chevron Oil. The idea was to educate young people in middle or Junior High Schools of the realities of trucking. Teaching youth in drivers education class's how to drive safely around trucks on the open road, more over getting youth to want to consider if not enter in the idea of trucking as a career. What was Long Haul Radio, that evolved into Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio, that became HazzardAyre Radio, was in fact to be the young adult choice for over the road long haul trucker overnight radio. That was back when there was so many trucker radio shows on big wattage stations, but failed as XM Satellite and others moved those shows into the clouds, still HazzardAyre stays in both syndication, online and within a few weeks now over the air. HazzardAyre/Maximum-Overdrive Radio is in fact trucker radio done Hazzard County style. 
But then I heard Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio show that we carry here on KNAK AM 1240. As well as on our online network shows, and . Beth Ann was talking about abortion . While I will be the first one to say I'm a genuine adult male corpuscle who loves the steamy, creamy, smells, feelings and body heat of outright pure root around sexual activities. I also know there are responsibilities involved. My sexual education was acquired through tuning into such renowned experts as Dr.Ruth and Sue Rogers. Knowing that unprotected sexual activities can create a life. If your a real caring adult or even young adult male, if you get a gal PG, for Heavens sake stand up, and at least be a father. Bringing life into this troubled world just for fun is not really fun, its idiotic, and is not something that one who trusts and loves God. God didn't and does not condone getting a girl pregnant and then killing that body, and taking away a soul that God was intending for a suitable purpose. This is why so much of this world is being punished and tragic things happening. God has said enough. Now I'm not a Satan worshiper or anything, nor do I say that God goofed up, but I do think, that had Satan been given Jesus' job and we not have a choice or as the Bible says it Free Agency, maybe we'd have been better off. After all Free Agency has run corrupt, and all we do is tempt forces and do things that really piss God off. This is not just on us guys. Women have a responsibility as well. Wearing these yoga pants in public with no covering of their private areas, where you see every curve, crease, and wet spot. Young girls going to Church in mini skirts so short that if they pass gas you can see their private parts. Especially in teens , men have bubbling juices just hungry for exploration. If your a young female adult or teen, flapping your vulva in front of a teen boy is just going to create a bad and very tragic situation. I see it in several of the gals who attend church at our ward here in Evanston, especially one who I will refrain from naming. If your advertising, don't be surprised if someone wants to by what your showing off. I always have said that public brothels is a way to stop much of this, and while young people really ought to wait until marriage and I say that's a girl to a boy or man to a woman, but waiting is the best choice. After all and many don't think of this, when you penetrate that girl or woman, especially if she's not too choosy who she messes with, when you play with her, your playing with every guy she has ever slept with. I mean every one of them. This could be your best friend. I have never wanted to be with my best friend, however she most likely was and in so having sex with her, your having sex with your best friend. Brothels however do gain a bit of protection, however I'd say wait until there's a ring on thy finger. So listening to Beth Ann, and this struck a chord, she called it harvesting baby parts. Harvesting? It's destroying life. We tragicly will cringe at someone putting a firecracker in a cats jaw and lighting it, we put people in prison for abusing pets and taking deer and other game out of season to feed our families, yet we do very little about places that kill unborn babies inside the mother and throw the body parts in a disposal. Something is wrong with our moral compass's when we do that. 
In closing here, to support Beth Ann and CSC Talk Radio, the Rode Knytes Association, and the AyreWolvez, will be doing several benefits to raise money to help support CsC TalkRadio. Maybe we can get Beth Ann to come out to attend a few of these. However , CsC Talk Radio is speaking the kinds of things that we here at HazzardAyre Radio have been saying for 40 years. More on the reorganization of the organization in another blog entry, but I'll leave you with this; The Knytes-of-Anarchy, will be renaming and changing its name and structure to be the Rode Knytes Association. An organization of independent truckers and towing professionals, preserving the old skool ways of trucking and towing.

Escaping polygamy I think I know some of those people

Ever watch a TV show and think my, I done seen that place before? Or I think I picked up a toew there or near there before? I just got done watching the season premier of Escaping Polygamy, and while I'd hitch up to one of those sweet darlings in a second, i got to thinking on the many times I have most probably been right on top of the very neighborhoods these people live in or at. It's amazing what things you remember about places when you toew most of it, responding to impounds, wrecks and so on. Of course I looked up the shows official site left a comment, on there with the invite to any of those gals on there, that if they're looking for a rescue I'm ready and willing, and of course as usual, some butt wipe with nothing else to do just had to heckle me about it. Why not go after a gal looking for a straight laced guy that'd be willing to take them in? After all I can remember back a few years ago, when the AyreWolvez were looking for poster girls for then AyreWolfFM, the Ayre part of HazzardAyre Radio. I made a call to Lasting Impressions agency out of Provo, they sent a few out, and one happened to be one of Kingston's brides I think it was Kingston's. Then I also remember an agency ran out of Idaho Falls Idaho, that was owned by the wife of the Kingston tribe. Don't know if the two are related, but I'd bet my next tank of diesel that they are. Aside from that if you were looking for a loyal wife, who better than one that was at least basically trained to be loyal? Could be something cool. I thought this was a TV movie, but turns out, Escaping Polygamy is a series, I'm going to watch a lot.
Decided not to do a show overnight, as I'm trying to make sense out of a few things, but dig this, if one of those Polygamist wives wanted to make a great escape and find a hubby, I'd be open to it. 
Last here, HazzardAyre Radio will be airing at 18:00 this evening, Highway Hooker Radio at 13:00 hours and Dixie Diesel Radio overnights starting August 1st, so we are tweaking the gear here for that. See you on the radio at 18:00 hours.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Before I go in for my nap

Tonight is going to be one helluva night for TV, on LMN. It might not make much of an Impression on many but I'm digging on what LifeTime, and LMN is putting out there. Granted the network is geared towards women, but there's some damn good movies and specials on there. Tonight they are going to run two films, one on Warren Jeffs, and the other on women in Utah trying to escape group wives things. Why does this matter to me? Simple, back a few years ago, at the dawn of what we created in 2002-1/2 as AyreWolfFM, in Layton Utah, the club sent out notices, to all the modeling, talent agencies in metro Utah for visual enhancement models to pose with aircraft for publicity of the new streaming radio website for those into vintage military aircraft, likewise a online on air radio thing for pilots, this was long before anything called warbirdradio ever was in the seed of anyone. So we got this phone call from this outfit in Orem Utah, called Lasting Impressions, of which I call them Lasting Unimpressions as they simply went out of business. Knew that would happen. BTW we're still looking for female model talent for the site. Any flyte, so I got this reply from Lasting Unimpressions, saying they had talent. So I took the time(and money) to haul to Orem for a look see. So I get on the elevator, with one , super hot blonde with killer legs and a firm six, that just wore her nylons purrfectly that was for me to interview. The thing was, this gal was a sister wife of one of those multiple wives things in Utah, mainly Lehi Utah. What the hay? I did not know how to process this in my mind as I'd never ran into it before. I don't know if the hot blonde was looking for an escape route , but if she was or is, hey my door is really open. Likewise for any of those gals looking to make a new life.
Any mile, I'm headed to bed, for a few hours nap, see ya'll on the radio tonight.

what I am is what you get

It could work, but I'm not yet sure. Here's what happened. Was sound asleep dreaming of Selena Gomez and I in a remote cabin near Sun Valley Idaho somewhere when I get a phone call. Always sleep with the phone next to me, since that's a habit of a toewman. So it was from this lady in Burley Idaho with a place. Great thing except, at $525.00 a month its kinda restrictive. Not sent the idea to the outhouse yet, but when you have a nice place at $200.00 a month, why upset the hay wagon? So then see Tommy in Utah, sent an email saying get in touch ASAP, So i call the number I have for him, some skanky sounding woman answers the phone saying nobody there named Tommy. So sent him an email , if he wants to get in touch , he knows my number.
Okay thing is I do 3 things very well, I can fix aircraft, I can fix motorcycles and I toew. Past that I have a working knowledge of broadcasting and do a part podcast, part LIVE radio show. Past that what ya'll get is a southern rebel kountry male that is a REAL male not some queer gay vegitarian goof ball. Maybe that's why I'm alone in the world at least when it comes to having a worthwhile lady beside me. Many women are so programmed to being with some mammoth male with no brains that when a real male with a set of morals and honesty comes around that will treat them with respect, and kindness, that they have no idea how to process that so they bail. 
Many women in business , can't get out of their brain bucket the difference between somebody being patient and accepting as well as being kind, and always have to think that because someone acts in the friendly manner that that male corpuscle wants in their panties. To me, I have one thing on earth that I love, LexiBelle my toew truck. Past that when it comes to a lady pal, somewhere, the person I need , no longer is on this planet. I had 2 shots of marital happiness, I blew off one due to career paths, the other due to absolute stupidity, even I have those times when mind overloads six. That said been trying to get the CenturyLink gal to return a phone call. I need albeit limited, but need service at the shop. Yet she has had me dangling on the hook, for a month and a half. AllWest for a reasonable amount of cost can't service the shop. Says it'd take to much to string a run of coax, from Bear River Drive, 8 blocks to the shop/. Says it'd take $10,000.00 to do that. Never knew coax cost so much, (it doesn't) Hell I could crawl up on the side of a phone pole, and string the coax from Bear River Drive here in Evanston and connect the shop. But that's just me, guess it depends on how much one wants business, and who just wants to fart around. Again AllWest ought to sell out to someone who could really service this town. My opinion. Guess I'm too straight forward and way too honest, but I call it like I see it. It's just like I said on the air early this morning. People can't always accept what I'm telling them, but I get and I never know why, but I get thoughts of what will occur if other events or things happen. I said it with Bush when he became President, that he was going to hunt down Sadam Insane, in Iraq, finish what his Dad started and be a lame duck President. That's what he did. I said the economy and honesty would go into the toilet when Obama became President, it did, and is.  It's just good old southern breeding of front porch sitting thought , But I get it. So when I go on air and this is very rare, but its only when my back is against the wall, or the club's is , that I ask for crowd or other funding from the public. Such as funds to escalate HazzardAyre or a organization project. Many are all to happy to gripe in a Facebook group or page, about issues. It's another for someone to sacrifice a beer night out and send to the club that same amount of money they'd spend on going out to a bar on Saturday, and send it to the club to protect southern liberty. If we loose Southern Liberty, we'll loose American freedom. 
What people see with me is just the raw basics. No fluff, no pretense . 
The bottom line, is this ; I'm a discharged Marine pilot, that knows how to fix helicopters, Harley' s and toew. I also can run albeit an old one, but can run a old skool toew truck. Past that I'm limited , but I keep working towards greener fields.

If you make me wait too long I go elsewhere.

If you make me wait too long , I go elsewhere, although here in Evanston Wyoming, there isn't much choice, but when there is, if I have to sit and be dangled like a work on a string I go elsewhere. When it comes to communications there's two choices , AllWest and CenturyLink, yes there's NGL, but they are pissed at the club and me so that's not an option. Something to the degree that I was kind and all , that they took to being more than what it was. Go figure. 
Anymile, so there's AllWest or CenturyLink. Both are not served well here, mostly due to population and being very blind to the light at the end of the cave. Dig this nearby Park City Utah, is going to be the center focus city to have a major TV series filmed in it. Oil And Money to be on NBC. This will bring in thousands of new jobs. These firms that will support that production will spill over residency and business wise into Evanston. This will create new clients, that quite frankly will not be served well as the salespeople that try to serve it, stay in their cubical, in Las Vegas and Kamas Utah. To which they are going to miss this. HazzardAyre Radio, and the rest of our media arm are not waiting. We are already gassing up the rotorcraft to serve this new entrant into our midst. Kinda like when Utah in 2002 hosted the winter Olympics. Many thought that those games or at least the viewers and all would remain in Utah, those with some vision knew that those same visitors , many with big companies and deep wallets would not just remain in Metro Utah, but would spill over into southern Idaho and western Wyoming. As such our club's enterprising firms, were there to accept that business and as such did well. Those with limited vision, suffered. Likewise when CBS ran Touched by an Angel, which also was filmed in Utah, we were there to restore and lend vehicles, do overhead flying filming and so on. As such we made money, those again with limited brain, didn't. It's easy to sit in ones cubical, and only see the rest of the area that they serve from very narrow viewfinders. What they need to do, is get out in the area and look. Guess that might be why the Knytes, HCC and other subsidiaries of the Knytes are still around, weathered the rough seas of Obamanomics and are still thriving. While others are not so much.
Any mile, more L8R after the show.

Another show done and on the site

We got a new show out and on the site, I at first wasn't but decided instead of trying to sleep which I can't do before 05:00 anyway, I'd roll out a show. It's not that I don't love doing HazzardAyre Radio, I do, its the time I get in the zone, but there are amongst many , but two forces that prevent the delivery of the shows, we do and I will not attempt to do something that sounds like crap, or wont up load. The two forces that prevent a good upload are the upload speed I get from AllWest, although they keep saying they'll get me a consistent at best 5mbps up, I'm lucky if I get 3mbps up. I read on Yahoo, something about Comcast dealing out 2gbps internet. I would love even at $300.00 a month upload of 2gbps. I would be jumping up and down for that kind of oomph. Of course on the other end is Livestream. Without a second computer to monitor the stream, I have no way of knowing if it gets to you. Which is why I always ask for call ins from some of ya'll/. Plus I always save the thing or attempt to, if it saves and I can see it after the show, I know that YOU heard it. If It doesn't either it did not upload, or didn't save. As it is we as a organization are trying to find SOMEONE who for $1,000.00 or less to build a suitable streaming site where WE control it, but as of yet, no one from Infogenix out of Provo, Utah or anyone else returns a phone call, or email. So we keep searching.
Going to shoot out another show this afternoon for 4 hours to see if it bytes. If it does, maybe we can have longer program runs, but for now I limit the show to 3 hours, in hopes it'll get delivered through . 
Until then, truck em happy.