Saturday, August 15, 2015

Men like makin babies just not taking care of them

Men love makin babies just not too keen on taking care of them. Of course there's those guys that are just there for the makin. I was like that in my younger years, party hardy and then you get that sweet letter in the mail, although worded different sometimes , but it says, Greetings from the Social Services Department of the Idaho Department of Welfare. Oops, who was she, then you find out, hey buddy your a Daddy. Of course she could not tell you prior to you getting the letter that she was with child, nope, you have to find out the difficult way. No don't worry I ain't in that way now, I learned years ago, no matter how well she she says she's fixed, if you play without a rain coat, expect the expecting. Of course try to see the offspring you created. That's just not possible, after all she was in need of green, had no intention of marrying you, so she has child. Makes ya'll wonder why so many want to hook up with guys that don't have anything to begin with. But now he's attatched to a chain he can't break. Every month he has to rake out just over half of his income to her. Even then after the child is of age the Welfare , DFS, DCFS or what ever alphabet agency it is if they paid anything to the girl at first, your on the hook for that as well. Of course there's the cases of birth deffects, mostly because she couldn't stay off the narcotics during pregnancy, so you have to pay for a lifetime. Which you being older means YOUR lifetime. The odds of you winning a custody case against her to get rights to see YOUR child, is 99 her favor, you might get the chance to see your child, but don't count on it. I'm for having children. The making of them is part of life, but instead of women bitching about the delinquent fathers out here, how about lets talk the women who use baring children as a way to get public funds.
HazzardAyre returns Monday, DixieAyre Radio Tuesday. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sometimes real and honest is too much for some to bare

The end of another hot and sticky day here, although this wont last long as winter will be here soon. The AC here took a dump, so I'm dealing with the humid hot weather overnight. 
I'm trying to find an answer to a serious question. With it all, when I see TV ad's or promos for a radio station in Utah, that after a little research one finds its a corporate station, I think, doesn't this community deserve a local radio station that is just that local? More over with people on the air that are in the same town, rather than in some super studio somewhere in Hollywierd? Yet try as hard as we might , the Knytes can't find one local female to co anchor HazzardAyre. 
Sometimes something honest and real, can be that one thing that most of today's PC population can't handle, as being honest and real is no longer politicaly correct.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did this happen to you too?

Did this happen to you too? Was looking over Evanston Classifieds on Facebook and tried to post a ISO(In Search Of) ad on there to see if I could get a engine for the Subaru. Right in the middle Facebook stopped. Completely froze, I had to hard restart my computer and reboot just about everything. This is not the first time this has happened. Seems as though since I changed over to WIN10 most if not all of my programs including the one I use to do the radio station and all does not work, or does not work like it used to. The new Voice Recorder app, on WIN10 is nothing like the useful tool that was on WIN7, so is there a solution? I'd like to know. Mike down at Cajun Computers said I shouldn't have to back up all my music and such, thing is most of that doesn't work right. Question is can one, reverse this and reinstall WIN7? I can see WIN10 being the dud, that WIN ME was, Microsoft needs to fix a few patches, and glitches.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Most don't like looking in a mirror

Most do not looking in the mirror. Especially if the true image is one that is not too flattering. it's only then do you realize your image needs work. Same thing as when I used to walk in the studio at Woods Cross Utah. That big glass door that reflected everything, I looked like a fat uncle Jessie rather than the mere chubby Cooter, I pictured myself as. With towns and surrounding areas , what they imagine just may not and most likely isn't the real image that others see. For many here in Evanston, one has make excuses and formulate a response to those from slightly more progressive areas. For example, the Knyte' Charter President of the Twin Falls Charter of the Knytes swung back through this morning waking me out of a sound sleep that I'm on my way back to here in a bit, body is just not up on doing a show overnight. But I woke up, and Rick wanted to go to Breakfast. Three places, one the club boycotts the other one too yuckie and finally Legal Tender. Rick said its too bad there isn't a home town good food diner or cafe here like say the Depot Grill in Twin Falls, or Charlies in Burley, or even Sills Cafe in Layton. I had to make the excuse , its just Evanston. All those oil wells going dry, and the economic blanket getting pulled from under the town's foundation, means no one is in a big hurry to start something here. Although Rick did say he with the club would support such a thing as a good food low price diner here. 
Then there was the trip to fetch that money order for that gals water bill. The discussion of all the rumors and all of me and the club helping her would be misconstrued as something more than what it was. But one still had to make excuses. 
Reservations of stimulating economic growth in Evanston or the immediate area, I have seen before. I remember when I experienced this in the Magic that we called Tragic valley. The entire area was hesitant to invest in itself. The mind set was let that happen elsewhere. But finally enough old fart money and keep it small town attitude died off. All of a sudden Twin Falls exploded in growth. Business' moved in, and Twin Falls is becoming an industrial SMB giant. What happened? People decided they were tired of living in a living ghost town. Same happened in Burley, and Boise was already growing. 
I remember when Lehi Utah was the same way. Pretty much a bedroom community of Provo, and a farm town, Lehi took the torch and is now the 4th fastest growing city and area in America.
Evanston could be such a place. With its nearby proximity to Park City Utah the tourist and film making capitol of the west, Evanston could attract the excess of that stimulus if only it would get off its reserved, stuck up, not in our town attitude butt. 
In all these cases and its not just us, but I can say in all of these cases, the Knytes planted seeds. Those seeds grew, but again the image of some of those that did not want us there then , Have changed. But the image then was not too flattering, but they changed that image, now if the Knytes can change the stubborn image attitude of Evanston, we can say again we did it. Now if we can just get some reluctant people to join the team. 
HazzardAyre Radio is that first step, and yes we are hiring. Where else are you going to get a job in this area paying $20.00 per on air hour to just sit, play music and talk? 

Everything starts or restarts small

Everything starts or restarts small, the point of success is to never give up on your dream or concept. For example, and of course this was years and years ago, when this nation was a lot more optimistic. But a guy with a graphic artist, drew a mouse, with three fingers, and created one of the first moving cartoons. In the mid 1950's he brought all his magical characters to life in an old field in Anaheim California. He called the place the happiest place on earth. He created a small TV show for kids called the Mickey Mouse Club, and by now you know its Disneyland. Walt Disney had a dream, but it started very small. Advance that to the early 1980's, in a small dorm room at Harvard A young computer sciences student decides to create a one of a kind social gathering place on the World Wide Web. Today you know the company as Facebook. It just takes a few people or just one with a friend, that believes, and things can happen. I remember a long time ago in the early 1970's, a displaced radio jock, creates with three friends a pop/rock countdown show that was purely syndicated. That first show took 14 hours to record, but the people believed, that became American Top 40. 
While certainly not to that level yet, since 1975, the real radio voice of the highway and America's long haul truckers has been and is Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, part of the family subsidiaries that is SouthernSteele Medi and of course HazzardAyre/DixieAyre Radio. With just weeks to bring the on air station to fruition in Evanston, SouthernSteele Media runs 8 radio stations in three other states . The southern Hazzard County, fight the system, radio that has made us the success we are, unmatched in any market, and the one radio network, all are trying to copy but never can or will duplicate, is growing, but there are times one has to look at where your planting seeds as to how much of yield that crop is going to produce. So far the field that is Evanston Wyoming is loosing a bunch of its ability to produce anything. Much less a radio Television network. But hey we keep trying. I put up a few flares on both Evanston Classifieds and Bridger Valley Classifieds. To see if there was still the ability to draw talent to be on air. The mating of a in studio on air of guy gal has been going on for years. Stern and Robin, Hooker and Brooke(106.7 Salt Lake City) so who says we can't? Reason we can't? Because we are the one radical station and network that is full throttle over the top radio, and that means the squeeky clean religious community we live in here is not as radical and rebel as they might proclaim. Its more rather reserved, and a fear of don't piss of the church attitude. But we keep working at it, and like Disney and Facebook and American Top 40, HazzardAyre will be that one source for the hot groove of tunes and attitude. 
Still have not heard from the gal we helped pay her water bill. But I can say we did a good turn, let's see if she does.

We help when no one else will, and HazzardAyre Radio needs on air talent

So saw this ad on EV Classifieds, some gal in our town needing help with a water bill. So Me through the Knytes paid her water bill less , late fee. This is what the Knytes do for a community, and people that truly need help from time to time, yet we're always the bad guys and those who don't pay employees. Thing is even if we do elect to pay someone, if your not in the mind to come fetch your money we are not going to chase you down. It's the old thing of you can lead a mule to water but if its too damn stubborn to drink it goes thirsty. 
Now do I think this gal is going to be fruitful for the club? On its radio station tasks or anything, maybe, or maybe not. That's not the idea. Jesus never said I'll help you, with a thought of what do I get in return, he just helped. Oh sure it'd be nice to have this gal make noise online and all about how nice we were, even going to the extent, of hauling her all the way to Wal-Mart to snag the money order. Again we help where we can.
HazzardAyre Radio is looking for lady on air anchors and co anchors for our online radio station. If interested in the best part time gig in the area, give us a call 307-679-7209.

Talent pool is really getting shallow

Ever wonder why the same pitch girls and demonstrators on TV are pretty much the same? It's because the talent pool is very shallow if in fact its there at all any more.
In today's political correct environment, a client interacting with that on screen talent is taboo, as well as those gals that are wearing too tight of a attire. Of course there is the same old ads that still have some octane in them. Especially the talent and pitches from those just got to have products that you see on late night and overnight TV. Seems that same blonde, who was skinny once, and has got beefier, for stickeeze and all also demonstrates those things that look(probably are) Tupperware products. 
The talent as well as creative pool is very low in the well. 
However, SouthernSteele Media the media unit of the Rode Knytes Association, is auditioning for new on screen talent for our various clients. If your a woman from 18 to 65 years old, looking to be a feature ad talent, get in touch with us here at HazzardAyre Radio at 307-679-7209, or email,  to apply. 

An evening when two Knytes were in town

Few knew that there was two Knytes in the village of Evanston earlier this evening, but there was. Charter President from Twin Falls came through on an equipment haul to Green River. Met him at the shop, and we went to dinner at Suds Brothers, it was great talking shop, and club bizzness, along with just talking things going on at A1. Seems Rick is looking at retiring , but that'll change. Rick can't stay seated for too long, before he gets restless. He needs to keep trucking. Not a bad thing, as I'm about in that same pattern of thought. While I could and never do anything again, I need to be working, even if its not for too much money, and all its for the club, and the loyalty and brotherhood there is not replaceable. So I do what I can.
It was also great to have one of the heavy haul rigs from A1 parked at the shop, shows my barking is not some grand fantasy that all too many think it is.
Both HazzardAyre and DixieAyre Radio returns full time starting Monday, at 10:00 AM, we're putting the final touches on some newer equipment.
Now if we can just find some people to help run the programming and anchoring. Also starting the last week of August, we'll be moving the equipment to our studio/office down town, Evanston.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All perceptions are not accurate Don't judge until you REALLY know.

This relates to a situation that happened yesterday near 16:00 hours. There was the closing bells here at the Wentworth, and I was chatting with this neighbor here that does photography. Our resident manager seemed a bit put off that I was conducting my business in her office, but hey here was somebody with a service I need. Of course there's more to this than meets the eye and I think our resident manager was thinking that I might be attempting to pick up on this young lady there. Not in the slightest. What few here in Evanston realize, is there's only two ladies in my life. One is my toew truck LexiBelle, the other is my dear lady in Jerome, Ellie May. Past that , I have no need or desire to hook up with anybody, on a personal basis. On a professional basis, I want a guy gal gig for the radio station, and some cover girls for the website that will showcase and spotlight our online radio station as well . Outside of that I have no alter agenda, and I'm getting damn sick and tired of having that come up around and bite me by the ass. 
Now then too, I heard that our resident manager is having some tough times. I say hey instead of shoving me aside, has she ever said I'll take you up on your offers? No. She says she knows how to design websites. Great, help design ours. That'd put a few bucks in her britches, rather than fight me and or the club, why not dive in and help, make some extra cash for herself and join the Reaper Crew team? I mean dang it all to hell. Granted just a few weeks even months ago, I was pushed against the wall money wise. But hey look now, there is a bit more green in my jeans and unlike many who would be content on sitting on their butts, sucking in state and federal aid dollars, I'm busting my ass to get above that, sure the shop flopped. Okay I'll agree it was a bit too expensive. But opening a MC shop and/or going towing was not what I braved the cold winter, and went through hell here in Wyoming for. I came to this stinking, stuck up, ungrateful village to create and put online and on the air a radio station for truckers, and southern heritage preservation. You'd think for someone that has a husband who drives a hot shot truck for a living and a son that wants to go trailer trucking that she'd want to dive in and help on a industry image booster and a service to all who move and deliver this nation. Now granted too, this might be easier to swallow if this was in a facility, not in the apartment here. As soon as I see enough to validate that , it will be. But as long as I'm doing 90% of the work on and of the station and all, its just as easy to run it out of my domicile. Now people including her, gets tired of me putting the village down. But dig this and this is leading to the continued search of the Twin Falls area of Idaho to move back to. As bad and as stubborn as Twin Falls Idaho is, and perhaps its because of reputation of the club and all, but when we did post an opening there, at least there were people THAT SHOWED UP, and many got hired and those are still making money, making money for the club and the radio network. Yet here nothing. Okay sure the resurrection of Lotty's into the Reaper did not work. But who in their right mind would lease a bar/resturant, that you can't even get a booze license for, that the owners want $4k a month to lease even while renovating it, at the tune of half a million, when you can't even get people to be on radio, how the hell am I going to justify getting the Knytes to finance a bar that would take two years at best to generate money? 
Now then why the hell am I still here? Because the club wants to at least complete this radio thing, and two haven't lit on a good place in Twin Falls to move back to. Add to that, had the my little truck not have been frozen last January into early February, I would not have even moved into the Wentworth here. But I have went through to much crap to give up now. 
Getting back on and up into the air, that in Tuesday's edition here, and I'll be on air this afternoon.

Monday, August 10, 2015

If your hungry and someone throws you a bone, don't throw it back!!

If your hungry and someone throws you a bone, its wise not to throw it back, the offer may only be made once.
Here's the scene, was sitting in the office here at the Wentworth, and this sorta good looking young gal comes in who apparently has been late on rent for a few times. Something on the situation that she is a beginning photographer. So I pitched the idea of her doing some work for me and the club. The response was, if I can find the time. Really, your running late with back rent and all and your resisting? Maybe you need to be homeless or near that once to realize that if someone throws an offer you grab it, not just treat it casually. I make these offers once the club likewise. Want to make a few extra dollars? Good the club and I have projects in this area of photography and video. We pay better than most despite what some might say, but you need to bite and carry the ball, we are not going to beg. There's all too many photographers and video producers in Salt Lake City, that are being contacted to jump on the project. As the website for the Knytes-of-Dixie and the radio gig, is being constructed. A state of the art website, and there's cash in the stash box ready to be paid to somebody that wants and needs the work. Who do you think has been paying for the shop, which is way over priced, and yes a lower cost alternative is being looked for, but dang it all too hell. Don't be too stuck up, as the bone is thrown only once by us, its wise not to throw it back. 
On the air early Tuesday morning at 08:00(8:00AM) for DixieAyre Radio. . Okay then, went to Legal Tender for lunch with a few of the Reaper Crew. The conversation was good, the food not so much. Quite frankly, the grub at Legal Tender is not the quality of the Reaper. Too much food, not well cooked.

Thou without knowledge

Some people should check their facts before opening their mouths or sending in a comment. Got a blip from someone always anonomuse that said something about me or the club being 86'd out of the Green T in Pocatello. Never was 86'd out of the Green T infact still have my chosen seat there, and folks that know what I want to chow down on long before I get there and on what day. The only place I was ever 86'd out of was the 91 Club there and that was by a Rumplestilskin looking bouncer there that got tense over me calling the cards on a bikini dancer there that played me and the club there. The little fart knocker caused me all too much money and all that if I ever do see him in person, well there's a big bunch of land in two nearby desert valleys there, where he'll never be found.
However there is a change in venu's for the awarding of both the Miss Hazzard County and Miss SAMCRO MC 2016 . Wyld Jacks just outside of Hazzard Idaho is the location. 
For more 411 on this tune in to the radio show Monday night.

At least we had one month of summer

Watched the movie Grease for the umpteenth time and I remember when the club wanted to do something similar as those tight pants Olivia Newton John wore during the final scenes of that film. Which we never could reproduce, as few of any other female body much less finding skin tight pants that form fitting was near to impossible. Question , with Yoga pants could that scene be duplicated today? Does make one wonder. 
Went to the soda pop machine here at the Wentworth, to get a Dr. Pepper. Put in the required $1.50, but one quarter held up on the lip of the coin slot. End result after two attempts, went to Wal-Mart and bought a six pack of Dr. Pepper. But wait this gets better, the switch that switches between the ac and heater here at my apartment, only gurggles. That's right the switch or something is messed up, but here's my situation. With everything that is wrong here and the list is many, from a population that is so stoned and drugged, that serious intellegence is not possible. People here can't think, or easily multi task. For instance, went to KFC here just outside of Evanston. Of course it was very busy, 3 times the fast food workers there were so overwhelmed that the kept giving out the wrong food to the wrong people. Finally most there waiting had to show their tickets, to get the right food. What should have taken only maybe 5 minutes, was nearly 20. But even with all of that, I must say that I'm better off right now than I have been in many ways for at least 10 years. Look at it like this, I have a albeit with a few things wrong, I have a great place to live, a decent bed even though I can't find any sheets for it, I have cable and Internet that I can afford. The radio station is just weeks from ready to launch in its full state, and I have a decent car although it has a bad power steering hose that needs replaced, but I have just about everything I need. Which is what is holding me back from leaving. Yet I can see the need to do so soon, before winter sets in and from watching the critters around me with deer coming down to fatten up, the wild rabbits stocking up, and all means a very cold, heavy snow coming, and I know that in the next month or two its time to begin the search for warmer more fruitful fields. There are some and I'm cyber hunting around, but I can see a move on the horizon. 
I didn't go to Church today. It seems as though and I could be wrong, but it seems as though I go to church for a few Sunday's and inevitably there's some holier than thou bigot there, that gets in my face about something. Granted they might not recognize what they're doing, but I'm of a feeling that reading my scriptures and worshiping from home is a better choice. I'm better off doing that than , beating the dog stuff out of one of those that feels a need to dishonor me in public. This is of common knowledge back in my home town and area of Hazzard and Twin Falls Idaho. Most people there know that out of the many things, in life you DON'T DISHONOR a KNYTE(Knight) in public. As this could easily make a wife a widow. So I elect just not to go to Church here. I'm going to consult the Bishop here, to see if I can transfer into another Ward.
Maybe the 4th Ward.
Okay then at least we had a month of summer , but soon its going to get cold.
Maybe those in charge of the environmental systems here at the Wentworth, will begin to service those systems before the rush.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

We award more than that maybe the Miss Hazzard County 2016 pageant and the Miss SAMCRO MC contest needs a bit more publicity

So I just finished watching the Hooters Swim Suit Pageant and all I can say is, Hooters is being a bit chintsey with the prize money. Hooters only paid out $40k and yet both the Knytes-of-Dixie and SAMCROMC pays out $400k or $200k a piece, and yet we get few entrants. Which means either we're not doing enough to get the word out, enough. Or something's wrong here. Yet here's some seriously super babes are strutting their stuff for not a lot of reward. Something needs to be done here. Which brings me to this; the awarding of the Miss Hazzard County 2016, and Miss SAMCROMC 2016 will be on November 23rd, 2015, at a grand ceremony at Wyld Jacks Saloon, Hazzard Idaho. Watch here for details. Pocatello, has been chosen as the HQ of our parent organization's parent the Rode Knytes Association. 
I got a question from somebody on one of our Facebook pages/groups, asking how they can join the organization. Simple dig in your wallet, carve out a check or money order for $100.00 and send it to Knytes-of-Dixie 96 East Hayden Ave # C-202 Evanston Wyoming 82930, which is where aspiring women between the ages of 21 to 61 can send in the requests and all for entering either the Miss Hazzard County or the Miss SAMCROMC 2016 contest.
Okay , still having connection problems so will not be able to air HazzardAyre or DixieAyre Radio overnight, but plan on being on air Monday afternoon, as well as Monday night into Tuesday morning.  

Facebook is getting boring, Rosie was a name dropped during the Debate and Megen Kelly still has great legs

While still top of the heap, let's face it, Facebook is getting boring. The old saying of Same Shit, Different Day applies. Seems that originality and creativity is gone, all anybody does is copy stuff from one website and post it to their page, that if your a friend of that poster, you get it on your news feed. Little of that feed is anything that you never have seen before. Kind of like what I see when I read AdWeek. I even dropped a subscription to All Access, as it seems as what I read is the same junk. How about more focus on smb broadcasters in rural America, or that of those of us in webcasting, and LPAM/LPFM's ? This would be constructive. While terrestrial radio listenership is up, the fact is most get audio from streaming sites, not good old transistor radios. Really something bad, but its the sign of the times. 
Last nights first Presidential Debate on FNC, was to me little more that a one sided, Q&A rather than a true debate. Only the exchange between Paul And Christie resembled anything that was of a debate. The rest seemed just too much scripted or at minimum staged. What I did get out of it, was that Megen Kelly , being the only true Fox of FoX News, wearing an inviting black dress and while some leggings would get the look much better, still Megen still has the finest legs of any anchor woman on TV period. 
While we planned to be on air overnight, the power went off here at SouthernSteele Central, so both DixieAyre and HazzardAyre was not able to go on air, but we'll be on Saturday afternoon and Saturday into Sunday morning . 
Finally, and I think I dropped this by you middle of the month of July, but if not I'll drop this on you now. Got this notice from some gal in Ohio somewhere, saying she wanted to get tight with the old Wolf here. When someone says they picked you at age mid 20's early 30's and your nearing the 60 yard stick on the highway of life, and can't really say Why they pick you, that's a red flag, the next big black flag is when after just a few weeks you get a thing that asks the question, like I am broke and need money for some sorry sob story. This is an attempt to empty your bank account and break your heart. And when they admit they have been blocked from Facebook, and such that's a good sign that this gal is not what she seemed to be. Granted there's a lot of people that don't have a Facebook page or account. For me unless I know em and all I don't trust anyone that has not got at least some Facebook, or social media page. 
If you get an invite from a Denise Miller, don't bite, excuse me byte on that as its a fraud.
She's a fraud, and will break your heart .
See you on the cyber radio Saturday evening at 18:00 MST. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Debate or a scripted Q&A?

Depending on where you caught it, Last nights Republican Debate telecast on FNC, was more like a staged, scripted, Q&A , not a debate. You didn't or wasn't allowed much of a back and forth banter between candidates. Of course the field of those in the battle for the Republican nomination are many and the time issue was there and having only a minute to answer a question was all to slim, but it sounded like more like a simple Q&A not what I was taught in High School was a debate. The Don lost many points especially when he went after the jugular of Megan Kelly one of the anchors of the telecast, and was degrading women. Donald Trump is nothing but a spoiled rotten Bully, that is way too selfish and crooked to be a President much less in the race. Hell if there was one, like, it'd be better to elect Al Capone rather than Trump. At least with Capone you knew where you stood. The list goes on but I am not a big fan of either party. However I am going to vote and I'm voting CNP Party all the way. Even with write in candidates. But I'm at least going to vote and get involved. One of my fellow shop people asked me why? And what does it matter? I get this all the time. It's not that I'm a poindexter or anything, but for those, especially those of age to do so, this election will shape the rise of or the total destruction of this nation. When younger people ask why they should watch the news and all I tell them, that it's not us older folks that are important here. It's those 18 to 45 year olds now that have to decide what happens to this nation. If they are not involved in the process, if they don't look at the issues, if they don't watch the news, if they don't go to city council, county commissioner meetings and such and don't speak up and take a stand, they have no damn reason to complaign about our nations problems. The lady who manages the Wentworth here. Her husband and her son, says they just don't care about whose running for office, or watching the news. Yet they will grump about Obama this and city mayor that. I say don't bitch elect to fix. 
The nations people that are depending, on entitlement incomes like I do, who will see albeit only slightly, but will see their SSI and SSA payments reduced, and certain programs either scrubbed, or cut back will be the loudest cry babies in the land. However, did they speak up, did they stand up, did they support a candidate, did they participate in the election in any way? If not, then when your programs go sour don't bitch as you did not do anything to fix anything. There are real issues on the boards and in DC. The DC occupiers are sitting there in the background, the two electorial parties are corrupt. But unless someone stands up and does something, what is going on will just get worse until there's a complete meltdown. And those Iranian and ISIS leaders can just walk in, set up shop, and our government will just let em. Freedom of religion, free press, free speech human rights, women's rights and so on, will be gone. It's time to stand up America, there is but one flag and one answer it's tied to this> 
 And if you think I'm lieing then you don't know anything the flag of Dixie will be the only saving grace left.
DixieAyre Radio Friday Afternoon and HazzardAyre Radio overnight from 23:00 to 03:00 . 

But are they real and are they TRULY local? Let's get the word out of HazzardAyre Radio

As HazzardAyre Radio and subsidiaries like DixieAyre Radio has began to grow in listeners I wonder are we growing enough? With that in mind, I have been watching ads from IHeart radio's 106.7 out of Salt Lake City Utah. Guess what the hosts are NOT local, not even in Salt Lake City. The ads for Hooker and Brook, are of people that do not even live in Utah. I believe radio ought to be hosted or anchored by those people that live in that community. Not in Los Angeles or NYC. I want to see truly local radio hosts live. I remember when I found out the Bob And Tom show was syndicated. Really? Total let down. However with all of that said I want to take a page out of the book of 106.7 and KBER 101.1. Putting us on TV, and bringing listeners to the truth of what we are and why we are albeit slowly but growing none the less.
Deets at 23:00 , but I want to leave you with this; If you read this, are an attractive female with a rebel personality, and want to make some spare dollars, get in touch at:
Time to get the word out. Oh and yes, I and the rest of HazzardAyre Radio's crew are local, live here, eat here and spend money here from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. We are HazzardAyre Radio/DixieAyre Radio, find us and 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

American women need to wear nylon stockings more

I have been fighting a current fashion trend now for about 11 years. Somewhere in the midst of time of womens more intimate attire, the wearing of nylon stockings, pantyhose(yes there is a difference) and/or at least some leg coverings has went the way it seems, or should I say seams , as the 69 Charger or go-go boots. I caught this on Facebook
 and thought this pic would be much better if Penny(Big Bang Theory) would have been black hose on her legs. Let's face it some womens feet look terrible if not covered by stockings of some sort. If you look here, 
This example looks much classier than the one with Penny. Its comparable to custom trucks. You would never ever enter a custom show truck in a show without it having chrome wheels or at least painted well, so why would a woman especially on TV or a movie or even on a TV talk show not wear nylons or leggings of some fashion? It's also like the other day, and I think I touched on this in an earlier entry. There's this new gal that I noticed coming to church that's in my current Sunday School class. Sharp and pretty as can be, with one exception. She wears mid thigh mini skirts and dress's to Church, but her legs look so bad and her feet and toes, and she wears open toed heels in the 7 inch spiked version, that you think, hasn't someone ever told her, " Sister, if your going to wear that kind of an outfit, you need leggings. " I suppose nobody told her to wear hose. And her response would be , " Its none of your business" My thought is, There are times, for many women to re-examine the idea, and start putting on nylons again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Some take things a bit too far Don't tarnish our efforts by being vile

There are just some things that make me ill. Here we are as a Confederate community defending the rights of all Confederate rebels and somebody with a Facebook page starts making it trashy. A Facebook page called the South Will Rise Again, is putting smutty pics up talking of sexual things, when they ought to be putting up things to strengthen our cause, not turn people away. Sure I'm a healthy genuine male corpuscle, and I love looking at real women that can be had by a guy, not some porn star that none of will ever get a chance with, much more than a wink. But this trashing women on such a page, is just plain wrong. If the page creators and the group doing that is to blame shame on them. If it's somebody putting stuff like this and the creators of the page don't know its being put there, that's another story. All I can say this kind of thing insults everything our southern heritage stands for.

My honey , your feet sure do stink

My honey, but your feet really do stink! Surly not something one would hear from me with my hunger for anything leggy and my fascination of women in nylons, yet today when I went to the Doctors to get my annual FAA exam, guess what? I'm now cleared to fly again. But all the while this one aid there, had foot halitocious. I mean really bad foot odor. I wanted to say something, but hey don't rock the ship when your going for your FAA exam. That said, in a medical facility, where clean is the main watch word, you'd think that foot stink, beyond patient should be a thing that the main Doc there would say, hey, honey you gotta go home and disinfect your peds. I mean whew. Of course that's not the half of it. The gal doing the exam, while not a skinny mini by any sight, was carrying herself rather well. Then came in this one gal, who at first was easy on the eyes, but had serious vaginal smell. Most guys would just pass this off as a hormonal turn on. Feremones they call it. Yet I just about hurled. Now true maybe that was what she came to the med clinic for, if so I hope they did some sealing of her scent glands because anywhere else she would have people gagging. Do people no longer care about their hygene any more? I mean serious stuff. Putting the final touches on some things for the show tonight, but I can now get back to getting my feet off the ground again, oh happy day the wind is finally getting under my wings.
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Have you ever noticed how many assholes there are in the Comments section? Most people Don't like honesty

Have you ever noticed in the comments section of a given, Facebook or news page you visit online. There will be at least 5 of those that are so infantile and so full of hate that you wonder, did they have a problem going to the toilet this morning? Or you see some gal you befriended and at least one or two people there will do a come on and can I date you comment. Come on people grow the Fck up. Is everybody so fed up with life that you can't find joy, or peace or something out in our world that you need to belittle everything? It's like I was reading a page on AdWeek, about a new campaign from Papa Johns Pizza. Yep, some jerk had to say something bad about someone albeit a giant corporation vendor wanting to make his product better. There are so many problems with people not wanting honesty, these days that all too many are finding a need to just trash other people. For me I work daily at finding the good in people, and nature. Wondering about innocent things that most ignore. Like asking the questions, like can a house fly hear? Or even a bit more racy, like why is it more women don't wear nylon stockings anymore? Especially those drop dead blonde gals on FoX News Channel. Many could use them as their bare legs need some sort of enhancement. No that not being mean, nor insulting, or body bullying . It constructive commenting. Especially if your on network TV. Getting back, do you try to be kind to others, offer them a cold soda during the hot sun if they have none? Have you ever stepped up, if you can, at say a Wal-Mart check out and see some kid or parent come up a few cents or even dollar short of the correct amount and said I'll help . Just yesterday, was at Legal Tender a local eating place here in Evanston. While I had money to pay my bill, one of our Priesthood members bought my breakfast. Without any question. We need this today.
Then there is the comments on such Facebook pages as Girls And Cars. At least two were there and you could nearly hear their mouths watering, but trying to trash the photo. Come on, the gals on those shots, are PAID models, usually dating a pro football player and none of us regular guys stand a chance. Even in real world life.
More Later got to get to the Doctor.