Monday, December 8, 2014

Youth ignorant is everywhere

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It does not matter where or when you get something, there is always a certain amount of  stupid involved.

Casenpoint, got a loaner computer from a local vendor, until the vendor builds our new secondary computer.

They come, install the super wifi, and loaner computer, but no speakers.

Now common sense would say, your getting from them a new built from ground up computer, for several hundred bucks.

they know you’ve got a mother computer in utah that just needs to be moved, with mucho’

power speakers and they want me to drive in there and buy a $35.00 pair of speakers,

for the loaner computer?

Are they dense? Why the hell would I buy a $35.00 if I have some in Utah, more over if I had the $35.00 I’d have my own computer here, as the $35.00

would buy the gasoline to go fetch MY computer in Utah.

Loaning a computer, without speakers is like a car rental place loaning a car without tires.

More in the AM.


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