Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wolf Tymez for Wednesday

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The Morning after. There’s always a morning after even though you wake up and have

a splitting headache from way too many my ties and JD and Mello Yello. But I’m sort of


First and I want to reemphasize that the deals with getting babes for pay for cover

features is one of those things that unless I or the committee know and approve of

her is a no way do it ever.

Example, is the deal with Sarah here in Wyoming. I will not use her real name apparently there

was a condition of some bad history there by another that has left a bad taste in her


So the deal has been and its proven itself tyme and again. Every tyme we get a honey for

money involved we get in trouble. The old adage of if its got breasts or tyres a Knyte

is going to have trouble with it.

It happened here once with Tammy and the trouble that followed, it happened in Glenn’s Ferry

Idaho when we extended a hand, to a young gal needing skool supplies , see what that

did, and it goes on.

Sure our predecessor Parkhurst did it with the old Overdrive, Peterbilt did it with their

back covers, and all, but these entities were in Southern California and more lets say not

so LDS restricted mind patterns.

Here in dear sweet LDS country one can’t do that.

With that out of the way.

There’s a lot of more important things going on right now, we are on the edge of

wetness here of some major post boom capitalization that can and should put some needed

cash in the club’s stash.

With>REAPER CLUB LOGO_thumb club coming to Evanston, the Bear River Jamb and all

there’s too much at stake to risk fouling the waters here for or from the mud that will be

slung if we mess with babes for pay.

If you see something online you think would be good for inclusion in the Wolf’s Tymes,

copy it, send it to me and if approved we’ll use it, but DON’T RECRUIT model puss.

Much to do so gotta poo, so I’m out of here for this hour.


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