Tuesday, December 9, 2014

strange dreams on the floor

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So as I slept one more night as I will the rest of the month, on the floor, but all nice and warm,

the night as it sometimes does drudged on. The first piece of interruption of my sleep was the kids next door, that by the time of 23:45 should be asleep.

Oh well kids, right?

So that finished, the mom, was here boo-whooing , which that lasted until just after 01:30

so finally able to drop under the systematic mortal radar and head for the stealthy realm, of undiscovered territories in a foreign land, through dreams.

At least this is what usually happens. Cept now and I can’t figure out why since she

is way too young and not hardly the Harley type, although comments heard, that her soon to be dude

is a Harley geek, yes there are some.

But her Harley geek, is looking for an escape door.

I’m all but ready to catch that fly. Elizabeth is a fantastic looking gal, albeit, not, a Tech GEEK,

but hot. Looks like a grown up Sarah Hyland from, TV.

So been dreaming of her all night, then woke up , to the aroma of bacon and eggs cooking

and wanting to say me too, but knowing that’s not good protocol

decided not, two more days then I can go fetch food.

So been throwing out things to Elizabeth to see if she bites. Maybe I can get her to run out here

to the Wolf’s Den, to deliver a phone and phone modem so I can MAKE PHONE calls.


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