Tuesday, December 9, 2014

oops Sorry grow up and relax

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I never know how someone is going to take something.

You try a bit of off plumb humor with a slight compliment and you get

busted. Must be former happenings, but how the hell am I supposed to know?

I’m a properly discharged Marine aircraft mechanic that has a GED that builds custom bikes

and runs a tow truck. Past that I do radio and media as a hobby duty for an Aircraft,motorcycle, old

skool trucker/truck club. Past that I’m no mind reader.

In my mind being compared to a very sought after actress with a slight bump in

a pitch to be a cover girl, should not be something someone gets their feathers

ruffled over. But one did, I said my sorries and that’s that.

My bid to be a resident of Evanston is not over, but being in where I’m at is

not a place unless your looking to be a hermit, is one I’d suggest.

So I’m looking and its good I did not move everything here.

Makes moving out easier.

The venture here was one of, try it on for size, if it fits go in deep, if not,

pull out and go for a long run of Tooele/Woods Cross Utah. Which is my plan as

it is right now.

What happened here in Evanston when the Knytes pulled out is nothing new.

I have seen business’s that were strong and steadfast, going like a hare in a race.

But with mental and regulatory abuse we left. When we did many firms vamoosed and

as such it’ll be the Knytes rebuilding it again.

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