Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wolf Tymez for Wednesday

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The Morning after. There’s always a morning after even though you wake up and have

a splitting headache from way too many my ties and JD and Mello Yello. But I’m sort of


First and I want to reemphasize that the deals with getting babes for pay for cover

features is one of those things that unless I or the committee know and approve of

her is a no way do it ever.

Example, is the deal with Sarah here in Wyoming. I will not use her real name apparently there

was a condition of some bad history there by another that has left a bad taste in her


So the deal has been and its proven itself tyme and again. Every tyme we get a honey for

money involved we get in trouble. The old adage of if its got breasts or tyres a Knyte

is going to have trouble with it.

It happened here once with Tammy and the trouble that followed, it happened in Glenn’s Ferry

Idaho when we extended a hand, to a young gal needing skool supplies , see what that

did, and it goes on.

Sure our predecessor Parkhurst did it with the old Overdrive, Peterbilt did it with their

back covers, and all, but these entities were in Southern California and more lets say not

so LDS restricted mind patterns.

Here in dear sweet LDS country one can’t do that.

With that out of the way.

There’s a lot of more important things going on right now, we are on the edge of

wetness here of some major post boom capitalization that can and should put some needed

cash in the club’s stash.

With>REAPER CLUB LOGO_thumb club coming to Evanston, the Bear River Jamb and all

there’s too much at stake to risk fouling the waters here for or from the mud that will be

slung if we mess with babes for pay.

If you see something online you think would be good for inclusion in the Wolf’s Tymes,

copy it, send it to me and if approved we’ll use it, but DON’T RECRUIT model puss.

Much to do so gotta poo, so I’m out of here for this hour.


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Our old blog Headers - Knytes Of Anarchy

Our old blog Headers - Knytes Of Anarchy

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The exit is not as Permanente as you might think

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Tonight would not be complete without acknowledging the final episode of SOA.

Since 2008 , SOA has been the cornerstone of us here in the Knytes-of-Anarchy, as

well as my life.

With that said, Kurt Sutter, is in talks with us as a creative resource club, to build a series called

the 1st 9 , or the formation of SOA, with much of the casting, and support in production

done by us here in the KOA.

While we are changing our club to be more of a aviation/truck/biker club, the history of

us as KOA or Knytes-of-Anarchy will not change. We as a group have elected to retain

the name, Knytes-of-Anarchy, as our MC’s name and will honor it in its entirety. Including

erecting and operating the real true to life Reaper Club, likewise much of the protocol

and ceremonious parts of SOA.

My thoughts as I close.

FX I think, will regret, forcing Kurt to kill SOA way too early.


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oops Sorry grow up and relax

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I never know how someone is going to take something.

You try a bit of off plumb humor with a slight compliment and you get

busted. Must be former happenings, but how the hell am I supposed to know?

I’m a properly discharged Marine aircraft mechanic that has a GED that builds custom bikes

and runs a tow truck. Past that I do radio and media as a hobby duty for an Aircraft,motorcycle, old

skool trucker/truck club. Past that I’m no mind reader.

In my mind being compared to a very sought after actress with a slight bump in

a pitch to be a cover girl, should not be something someone gets their feathers

ruffled over. But one did, I said my sorries and that’s that.

My bid to be a resident of Evanston is not over, but being in where I’m at is

not a place unless your looking to be a hermit, is one I’d suggest.

So I’m looking and its good I did not move everything here.

Makes moving out easier.

The venture here was one of, try it on for size, if it fits go in deep, if not,

pull out and go for a long run of Tooele/Woods Cross Utah. Which is my plan as

it is right now.

What happened here in Evanston when the Knytes pulled out is nothing new.

I have seen business’s that were strong and steadfast, going like a hare in a race.

But with mental and regulatory abuse we left. When we did many firms vamoosed and

as such it’ll be the Knytes rebuilding it again.

more l8r


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strange dreams on the floor

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So as I slept one more night as I will the rest of the month, on the floor, but all nice and warm,

the night as it sometimes does drudged on. The first piece of interruption of my sleep was the kids next door, that by the time of 23:45 should be asleep.

Oh well kids, right?

So that finished, the mom, was here boo-whooing , which that lasted until just after 01:30

so finally able to drop under the systematic mortal radar and head for the stealthy realm, of undiscovered territories in a foreign land, through dreams.

At least this is what usually happens. Cept now and I can’t figure out why since she

is way too young and not hardly the Harley type, although comments heard, that her soon to be dude

is a Harley geek, yes there are some.

But her Harley geek, is looking for an escape door.

I’m all but ready to catch that fly. Elizabeth is a fantastic looking gal, albeit, not, a Tech GEEK,

but hot. Looks like a grown up Sarah Hyland from, TV.

So been dreaming of her all night, then woke up , to the aroma of bacon and eggs cooking

and wanting to say me too, but knowing that’s not good protocol

decided not, two more days then I can go fetch food.

So been throwing out things to Elizabeth to see if she bites. Maybe I can get her to run out here

to the Wolf’s Den, to deliver a phone and phone modem so I can MAKE PHONE calls.


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Monday, December 8, 2014

I try to be patient, not a patient.

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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord to keep me safe, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

We are supposed to be patient and kind to the little ones, especially this time of

year, yet , many just try to push you to the brink of doing some serious ass beating.

I’m never in the idea of abuse or destruction of a child, but a severe ass kicking once

in awhile when behavior requires, is well, required.

The kids that my neighbors take care of, damn it I took this in Ogden with Mexican kids,

running wide open across the ceiling, it kept me awake, while not overhead, here in the wide open spaces of the lower Wyoming desert,

I have kids next door waking me from my slumber, as well.

Of course there are the kids that are nearly grown up.

Example, got this young lady clerk at the ISP that came out, and did a fair install today.

Except for the installers left a mess where they drilled the hole for the cat5 wire to go through the room. In such a big hurry?

A quick vac from B&D(Black & Decker) , but wait fellow players, this is not at all.

First there was to be a phone, added to this. Just as well as I can’t find my handset, for a landline, but if I get

billed for it, and it ain’t here, there’s going to be words.

The youth of today are going to be the leaders of the future, I hope two things, i’m dead before then, and two, mandate all youth coming out of High Schools,

go into the Marine Corps.


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Youth ignorant is everywhere

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It does not matter where or when you get something, there is always a certain amount of  stupid involved.

Casenpoint, got a loaner computer from a local vendor, until the vendor builds our new secondary computer.

They come, install the super wifi, and loaner computer, but no speakers.

Now common sense would say, your getting from them a new built from ground up computer, for several hundred bucks.

they know you’ve got a mother computer in utah that just needs to be moved, with mucho’

power speakers and they want me to drive in there and buy a $35.00 pair of speakers,

for the loaner computer?

Are they dense? Why the hell would I buy a $35.00 if I have some in Utah, more over if I had the $35.00 I’d have my own computer here, as the $35.00

would buy the gasoline to go fetch MY computer in Utah.

Loaning a computer, without speakers is like a car rental place loaning a car without tires.

More in the AM.


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Well here I am in Evanston, Wyoming.
With gear still in Woods Cross Utah and needed to be moved I'm wondering did I fuggleup? Or did I make a good move? 
It's not that the neighborhood I'm in is bad, in fact the real neighbors I have here are the uncountable deer that frolic just outside of my house. And yes its a whole house. The only big problem I have is 3 weeks out, the move sucked my money and Christmas is going to be rather bleak. Added to that the pains in my belly until EBT day so, depends on your point of view.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Throw somebody a bone and they bite your hand

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It doesn’t matter where your at or where you go, someone’s got a gripe,’

Had to write Tim off as a friend off the Facebook thing, funny, never invited him to be my Facebook friend, never imposed myself on him for the holidays , he came to me, but after some remembering of one of those fiascos in Twin Falls, with Marshmallow toes, and he got tweaked, so hey no harm no foul just another false image generated by Facebook.

So went up to Evanston , got that in the bag I think paid the money, signed the lease got the keys, but its way out in the boon tooleys so it’ll be a few months until I get things back on HazzardAyre, but looks like that’ll stay right here in Woods Cross Utah for a time anyway.

It was nice kicking it in the Motel 6 in Evanston for a day, due to snow had to stay an extra day, putting a squeeze on the wallet, but having a bed, and a shower or two was nice.

Nothing more to report, but there’s a lesson I have learned, before extending help or a job to someone, get to know them first, as in many cases, as long as your nice you’ll get a return of getting kicked in the teeth.


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