Friday, November 28, 2014

Ever wish this would happen?

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So was watching Tv and doing some cyber flying and saw this thing from some gal responding on our CraigsList ad.

So from the show I was watching, thought what would it be like to have someone that looked like this>eec03256ad6701d3d1bd4a84fe404ff3Show up here at the office wearing something like this>b4a14e1f53cbf6d4fc549df928451480and offer to do this>images (1)would make for one smelluva interview. Of course that will not happen , although I can think of four times it nearly did, however it’d be a miracle.

I think , beyond protocol, the reasons more gals don’t do this is, first as said protocol and two fear of personal infection. I mean think that any number of STD’s and VD’s and OMGD’s could be transmitted, from gonerea to ebollis , just one dip of the tip in the slit of a gal you don’t know and its all over except for the injections. It’s in my opinion that its okay to tease and play, but if it were to get serious, and clothes removed, and the laydown happen, it could be worse.

But it’s still fun to think that it might be fine and fun if it did.


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