Saturday, November 17, 2018

But does any body at FB screen this stuff?

A Howlin Morning to ya'll from the rainy and frozen tundra of Western Idaho and here at the temporary Wolf's Lair. Before I get into my normal rant here, and I'll know more of the wuzz up on it Monday, but got word this morning that our revived and renewed version of the TV show Airwolf has been given the green light to begin production come this spring. Universal Pictures has given us the go ahead and from what I understand some cash for the stash due in around mid April 2019. So it looks like the Lady 
 Will fly again. Casting will begin in mid March 2019. 
Okay then, with my current situation of finding a ground station for myself, been looking all over. The most promising locations are in the mini Cassia area of Idaho, namely Burley/Rupert and immediate area. I saw one single wide trailer that could work, and one that is a take over the lease deal in Burley. So will dig into those come Monday. There's a few that I saw in Twin Falls, and a 1 bedrm, 1 bath condo in Filer. Problem is nobody answers the phone. So the question I have is, how many of these postings are real? How many are fake? And how many just tell a part of the story? The other question I have and I have seen it countless times, that someone posts a place or a rental, yet the person placing the ad has nothing really to do with it, yet takes money up front for it. So does anyone at Facebook take a look at these ads? Check for accuracy? I know our pages and groups have to be updated on a regular basis to make them stay active, so why not these? Even though they're paid for ads, still isn't there a fraud censor at Facebook? 
Finally, our radio network will be off air Until the first of the year. In that time we are going to do a full rework of the studio, install new equipment and sound processors, and erect a new antenna and install a fully functional transmitter. So we will be doing most written publishing rather than half and half like we do now. 
Have a Howlin day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

So did anyone see the two FB posts?

I often wonder just how many people really see, much less absorb or comprehend the ad's and postings we put up on social media. It does not matter the platform, getting some one there to eye ball and mentally scan the content is a grueling task. Seems as though we do have a real lack of proper basic education in our nation. Kids just don't know how to read. As for me I got reading at the tender age of 1 year old, my Mom (bless her heart) bought a subscription to an old kids magazine called Humpty Dumpty. I would sit on my tiny potty and read the hell out of that, I was connecting dots on the dot pages, and reading the text. My Mom used to lie with me on my bed, and read , and read. By age 3 I was reading entire dictionaries. I even started reading college books by age 5. As far as intelligent talking, hell I was chatting away by age 1-1/2, forming sentences and making damn sure everyone around me paid attention. Guess I was always a showy kind of kid. I loved then as now, the spotlight, whether performing on stage, or doing radio hell I had my own podcast LPFM at age 8. I built it myself. Shortly after connected to the crew at KCPX AM 1320 which we just bought to transfer to American Falls Idaho. Any mile I love performing, I do well at it, and I even have an agent, plus am Aftra, and SAG member there of. But I'm off course here. When we post either, by paying for an ad, or doing up a freebee. On Facebook, or other social media platforms, I often wonder how many of anyone really reads it, much less understands our postings. Boggles the mind. AyreWolf FM coming up on the AM today, and afternoon its Rebel Radio from noon to 15:00 hours. You can tune in on at 
L8R Aviators

Monday, November 12, 2018

See I am right, the fb melt down begins

I did not suffer this malady but apparently many did. Saw from a few of the so called, and I say so called since they are only fb friends not ones you can really count on when you need a hand up. Any mile guess a few had a malfunction on fb where they couldn't send messenger chats and so on. Saw where, PoohBear, Wayne and a few others were getting peanut butter jambs on sending pm's and such. So I ask, is it the fear of wide spread panic that kept fb, from informing the press or public that there was yet another fb glitch? Or is it that slowly we are seeing a serious fb meltdown? I remember, mostly because I'm old enough to, when the old MySpace was the social site, right at the tail of their lifespan, they too started having serious meltdowns in the tech department. Of course speaking of MySpace, I still remember that chick from NYC who found me on MySpace back in 2001 who accepted my dare challenge and really came out west to Utah to see me. That was the last real roll in rack that I have had. WingsofADove was her screen name, never did find out what became of her. 
But I regress getting off topic here. It seems that everything IoT any more is bunking up more security protocols, and making sure you, is you, yet the systems that makes sure you, is you is at best at infant stage. 
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There truly needs to be an overhaul in silicon valley California

There really needs to be a serious overhaul of tech companies in Silicon Valley California. Seems as though the giants from Google to WordPress and yes even Facebook have gotten bigger than their britches. Yet we also depend on these companies to keep the flow of information, flowing. Any more however that flow is more like sewage. And it doesn't matter if its YOUR site on WordPress that you pay for, or a business listing that's nearly free, although I pay right at $20.00 a month for on Google, My Business. The give and then they take away. Then there are those damn captcha's to identify YOU. Damn it of course its me for hell sake, son-of-a-revenuer, I pay for the damn site, why can't I use it the way I want to? What it is, is, there are way too many little Lord Fontleroy's in queer bay in these companies with foreign connecting names and the inability to speak native American or even American English, without it being too accented to understand. With that said I'm ready for bed.

Saturn Front Bumper Removal

Sunday, November 11, 2018

People who just fake it.

Had this little chickadee that was supposed to drop by yesterday at 15:00 . So stayed up way past my mid morning nap time. Seems this gal likes to kick the tires a lot, but doesn't really want to go on a test ride, much over don't want to buy into the gig. This Marie is getting to me. Why bark and request a sit down when all she's doing is teasing? Her excuse is always no money for gas. Really? What it takes maybe at the worst $2.00 to drive from Twin Falls to Jerome? I could kind of see the reluctance from TF to Wendell, but to Jerome? So I went in when phone poles were being needed to hold my eyes open as toothpicks were not cutting it, and slept right to Midnight. Would have gotten up then cept had to handle a tow call, plus find some groceries to pour down my neck. So during the time I was asleep, had wicked dreams of offing myself, due to the up coming mallofahess with my domicile, and woke up thinking horse crap, why am I looking at shutting me as well as all things HazzardAyre down just to satisfy this prick? Horse shit. So thought is point the eyes at Twinky Flatts and see where that's at. But what bums me out is these honey's that just disrupt my schedule saying they want in to being one of the honey crew here, but then nevers shows up. Sure I know shit happens, but that fangled thing called a I-phone and or any cell phone, means I am as near as a ring. More on the show after Church at 13:00 see ya'll there.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Did this all really happen?

Well here I am in front of a civilian firing squad. Well maybe not that severe, but close enough. Making a decision on my next destination is a horrendious task. Between radio werx, my truck and tools and the rest of my personal stuff finding a place to house it all is going to be tough and yet I'm still awake. A wise and comforting lady near Wendell Idaho, once told me to think the best, and let God our Heavenly Father handle the rest. But when faced with a situation that I did not cause, and the constant situation with PoohBear's money isn't an easy condition to deal with. I know her money handleing thing is not her fault, but she listens to every one else except me. I've told her many times get out of that damn Amscot outfit and sign up with a real bank. She says she can't. Something to do with her Social Security being overseen by her mother, who is not exactly wound to tight. With that said, and me needing to go to bed, I'm not yet dead, but close enough to it.
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Be there.