Saturday, February 2, 2019

Did you see it? Here one second, gone the next

Did you see it? Put up a video from one of our music tracks. It made it to FakeBook, and I think was posted for a few seconds on our blog here. But because of the nature of the video. It did not stay posted very long. Which is normal. See there is this fear from the intellectuals and those not in the knowledge that creates fear from the populars to allow our flag or much of anything that might threaten the tranquility of that popular society. It has more to do with money or loosing money than not being incorrect politically. Yet you can be sure if there was a correction of that course there would be shouting, crying and the knashing of teeth. Most schools push away from teaching the truth of that war that killed nearly 700,000 people, as well as the cause or causes of that war. You can't preach that as noble as he was, Abe Lincoln, was far from being far from being honest Abe. 
Those people in charge of interweb sites, want only mundane content. Sure the choice is creating a your choice of what gets posted, is to fire up your own site, but even then your restricted. Ours at ; is one of the few that has survived, but even that needs to be built out. The fear of most web content, sites is, our flag. The problem of our flag if it really is a problem as it is more of a point, the original flag, is the cross of Saint Andrew 
 It, is more symbolic than a threat. 80% of Confederates, or that of the southern people, have their ancestrial roots anchored in Scotland and Ireland , as such many of the foods, of our southern culture comes from those nations. One really can't call themselves native Americans. As all too many have our family roots in European areas if not eastern Europe, not the land we call America. Yet all too many bark and yap, like a hairless mutt about this being our nation, build a wall. Right now our elected leader is barking about Russia and that part of our planet. Russia and Hitler built a wall as well. What did that get anyone? China built a wall called the great China Wall. Wall's and enclosures does nothing except piss people off. America, again under the leadership, of a Republican President, took away lands from the Real, native American's and put em on reservations. You can't force people to do anything or go beyond the decency of their God given choices. This is why exactly what kicked off the war between the states. Yankees forced their will on the southern people and wanted to create their own nation. The greedy Yankee (Republican) politicians didn't want to loose that tax money nor real estate. So the war began. I'm not saying one political party is better than the other, both are so corrupt, that I usually don't even vote. Yet I see some candidates coming online for the 20-20 elections. Will we really see 20/20 or say what was 20/20 is now only 20/10 or worse, completely blind? I say get the heat on, lets get the Confederate National Party in front of the people. Let's buy real ads, and place them where it needs to be, like on the FoX News Channel, in the NYC Times, MSNBC, and such, lets create a buzz. Lets recruit a candidate , build him (or her) up, and create a bit of a fuss. Hey we may not win much of anything , but we will draw attention, of the rest of the nation of the Southern Movement. Catch my overnight edition at: 

I am Their Flag

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

All the hoopla over Christmas and why is it that I'm always sniffing feet?

All this hoopla over Christmas. Seems everwhere you look everyone is saying, Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving, pretty hard to get festive over such things when your facing being homeless. I know that I'll rise above this with all 4 paws on the ground but you'd think Church types would dig in and help someone facing such a crisis this time of year. I don't like being helpless or asking anyone for anything, but this Cook crook, kept rasing rent amounts and conned me into this joint last June that it finally came to a head. Getting out from under that and all is not the depressing part, and I wonder what the Judge was thinking when he issued the eviction order, being the holidays and all especially Thanksgiving. Hard to get in touch with someone to pin down a place to live with all of that. But so it goes. It's really hard to concentrate or plan anything, thinking the omen of doom is on the horizon. Okay then onto something a bit lighter.
I have never figured out and there's been many of a head shrink that has tried to figure it out, but it always seems or should I say seams? that for some goofy reason, I'm always attracted to women's feet especially if they are wearing nylon hosiery of some sort. Sue our resident relationship advisor says its normal that all guys have some measure of a fetish, and that in the right idea that its healthy. However it always seams that anything with toes in hose or just toes are my weakness. Or aspiration depending on how you look at it. My main vocation outside of flying is Towing or as I spell it Toewing. One of the main steps into professionalism, on the radio op was in an office next to a foot doctor there in Evanston, Wyoming. I don't know if it was the fact that watching TV shows of the mid to late 1960's with all things leggy and in tights, or if it was a teacher that tutored me in 6th Grade, who wore skirts so short you could see everything or what it was or is, but put the right looking woman in nylons with the right set of legs, and she has me in her spell, and completely undivided attention. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Guess its not just me, seems as all of Facebook and Instagram is out of sorts this morning

Guess I'm not the only one. According to WISH TV and some reporting stations across the nation, it would seem that good old FakeBook, and Instagram is out of sorts this morning. Guess the fires and all in California has disturbed the grand pooh pah, of social webnet sites. In other news. Had a brilliant concept, that the move is closing in fast, but what was it we came to western Idaho, to do in the beginning? To rebuild KTOW as the mothership of the HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM network. Okay so that is the hessitation right. Why not go find quarters for that and if I need to bunk up at a motel if need be. So that's the mission for today. Stay tuned. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

It's been said Politics make strange bedfellows it can also be said all political talk is just trash

It's been said, by those much wiser than I, that politics make strange bedfellows, it can also be said that way too much political talk radio gets boring, to the point you start snoring. Earlier this afternoon, I cruised up the the food store I go to, to snag a tuna salad and some moo, for lunch. Plus needed some worm dirt for my lip. So I am tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show, that at times has some great points to consider. Thing is now that the Republicans have ambushed the senate, and the House will now be dominated by the Democrats, these radio talk show folks have nothing really big to talk about. Hannity has little, Rush even worse. Except to pin the whole malay on Hilary Clinton, of the tyraid on the 2016 elections and laying the win to the supposedly espionage by social media imposing will, on Trump, the thing is enough already. The billions of dollars the tax payers like you and me for all these hearings and so on, over this fiasco, could be giving millions of us on Social Security a much bigger boost than the 2.8% COLA due in January. Or even money being gave in grants to build subsidized housing to those that can't get the $2,000.00 a month apartments. Lets face it when it comes to housing, at least affordable housing in this nation, you don't hardly stand a chance. When I see, Veteran's who fought the good fight, homeless or near there, sleeping on the street in these cold winter months, I say enough with the political scrap fights and lets use that money being spent on that for something a lot more productive. So that be as it may. Heard some wimpering from old Rush on the fact that somehow his hands were not clean regarding the Monica Lewinski thing. Really? Then there was some mention about, that if you side with President Trump your racist, since Trump says racist things. Just by being a Trump supporter. Really? What about the overall public being bigoted and racist in tearing down all Confederate monuments? What about, the fact that the true story of the war of northern invasion? For that matter, why is it that Rush Sean and others don't talk about that? Or the fact that if a white guy assaults a black guy its all over the news and newsfeeds. But if a black guy, assaults a white guy , you hardly hear anything about it. Talk about fair, balanced and none biased phooey. Of course I'd like to see all media being forced to tell the truth, whether its editorial, or an ad. Example: A eastern block woman, puts up an ad in FB's Marketplace section. A Mobile home at $800.00 a month. Pricey but I could do that. So you make a point and appointment to go take a gander. Oh the trailer was great, but, the thing is you have to have your financial pedigree, plus be making 4 times the rent. Who the hell around here that would rent that trailer is making $3,200.00 a month? More over, why does it not say that on the ad? If it had said that I'd have skipped over the ad and been looking at other possible places to live. No I wait all weekend and go to see this and learn it ain't exactly what's in the ad? Now there are those that say when we do a ad for on air's and such we don't say everything. Excuse me I always put it out there of exactly what is expected. No fuss no muss. Then there are those Artificial Intelligence systems. Dig this, I saw an ad a few days ago, about a all around tow truck op, job in and near Orem Utah. Sounded good, so I filled out this questionare and since then , every damn fleet in the nation has been calling. How about the people placing the ad for the tow truck job, just saying job is filled, thanks for your time. Just tell the dang truth. But no body ever talks about telling the truth in media, except Trump, who threw out and cut off his press pass to a reporter from CNN for not telling the truth. Look I love this nation. It is, even with its problems the place everyone from around the world wants to reside here. Even with that, America is in need of a serious overhaul. 
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