Friday, November 17, 2017

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow damn I'm cold. And why does an Asian woman want to join a old tow

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow, in western Idaho. The dang storm didn't last too long, but the time it was here put 12 people in the comedian strip and 12 pull outs for ye ole Dixie Toewing this early morning. As such I'm cold, frozen and needing feeding. 
Okay then caught a email from Dunn and Bradstreet, good ole Dixie Toewing is still glowin on the top tier credit files, and seems like we are still the top notch toewing company in western Idaho. Even nearing the level of good ole A1, not bad huh?
Then my dear Shelly, caught this Asian chick on our fb group Old Skool Toew Trucks. I allowed her in simply cause I thought she might be into our pleasure and hobby of restoring these good old trucks. Seems however than this Mitsi is a troller looking for whatever? I figured out why she wanted into our group. Tow trucks = men= maybe a guy she can con. So I asked her two questions, one; can I see her toes, rendered no response, and two; does she own or drive a tow truck especially a vintage truck? If not, she will be gave the boot out of the group.
President Trump's new tighter immigration laws and all are relegating that foreigners wanting to enter our nation needs to have a legit reason to do so as in scoring a mate, such as a Asian gal making moves on a American especially a Confederate American male for a potential hubby to sponsor her to get a passport/visa. All of which I ain't doing on a personal level cause , I got my Shelly and that means to all women, you can want cause Shelly has me. 
But for some of our otherwise none attached male corpuscles, the trollers are out there hunting, so beware.
Okay; for the last several days have had a couple of mice that have invaded the Rode House, one I caught in a desk drawer inside the radio studio here, and have not let out, the other is stuck inside one of the walls . Now its not that I'm scared of mice, but several situations of a domestic condition over several years and the fact that I'm seriously allergic to the damn critters, have made me a bit touchy when the bastards invade my domicile. The first time was in Rigby Idaho at the shop there. The living area was okay, but found that I was really being invaded by mice there. Even to the point a few would even sit there and groove on me doing the radio thing there and then wanting a bit of my sandwhiches. The next big whoop with mice was when I rented that shack in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho from that April Espinoza. The damn critters had millions of offspring living under the house. I even woke up one morning with one sitting right on my chest. Not good. The next time was living in a house in Gooding, another infested place. And finally when I had to live in my shop in Burley one year after the plan of attaining a place in town was shot down by an asshole of a PSR, and at the time a SSI Payee. Wasn't long after that and a few months in Twin Falls at Big C's place that I moved to Utah, got that payee thing squished and making me my own damn payee. Which was so damn simple. My thought on all of that was simply, there were a whole mess of folks nervous about me having free rein on my own finances, in that once I did I could spend real money on my own projects. Like the shop, tow service and contribute to the Knytes/WolfPack for the radio station. Okay then.
Finally this morning, I am sorry for the delay on the re-entry of getting HazzardAyre Radio back up online and so on. After thinking on it, at this point it would have been easier to have just paid Cable-One off and been done with it and went back on the air. Granted Raphael and all have kept me online although the connection speed and all is way substandard, but at least I can write, but not broadcast, 5 down and 2 up don't cut it when streaming a radio station. 
The delay is both my fault and CenturyLink's. Mine was pulling the plug on an install here in Wendell. Since I was looking at the move to Hollister Idaho, and all. Since I stayed put here in Wendell and needing my home studio to run I reinstated the install. On the one in Gooding? I haven't heard squat. You'd think a company that prides itself on communication, would do more communicating. The reason I'm loosing money is that for every hour I can't stream the station/network, the Knytes/WolfPack looses $100.00 per hour in lost ad revenue, which the Knytes/WolfPack takes out of my checking account. As such for two months I had to go to my church ward to get aid on paying my house rent. So I got in touch with some CenturyLink people overnight and said, basically its time to poop or get off the pot. Either get at this, or pay me back for my lost revenue or pay off my Cable-One bill, admit what I need can't be done here and be done with it. 
Hopefully we'll be back on air online anyway shortly after the holidays. 
At least that Danielle whats her name at CenturyLink's office in Las Vegas, admitted that even after trying real hard that we couldn't bring things together there, and helped me with the deposit with AllWest and shortly after that we were online, on air. 
I'll keep you up to date.
Until later ya'll

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I truly dislike tire kickers, fakes, phonies and teasers, and just where is this place?

So awoke yesterday, to my tiny tree frog. Somewhere just under my bedrooms base board heater and the cellar of the Rode House here two tiny, and very frisky tree frogs live. One lulls me asleep, the other awakens me.
So with tasks related to the overnight retention of H2O I hit the latrine. Now Monday after the battle of keeping me in my tiny house here and again thanks to my area Bishop and all for that I fetched my mail. In there of was the water bill, $112.00 . Was the city of Wendell kidding? I thought that having a precious balance would the retention of suspension of services. Guess not. So went down to City hall here, met with the City Manager, who apparently has no idea of what is going on with utilities, was no help. 
So need to sniff this out further later today.
Now then, we , rather I had a new hire that I have been waiting to get on air since we started looking for new hires here, that was supposed to arrive at 14:00 , yet by 15:00 no arrival, not even a phone call.
Okay so I leave that spot open, but in two months when big Jonny becomes President of the Knytes/WolfPack, guess what he wont be so dang patient. In his opinion its put up or shut up.
Usually this is no big deal, but ever since we lost Cable-One we've been off air at least on line. With that it's $100.00 an hour for every ad that can't be aired. If you multiply that by even just my mere 5 hours on air online that starts to add up quick. However that wouldn't be as crucial if it were not for a team of attorney's at roughly $2k an hour defending 20 Knytes who was involved in the skirmish in Waco Texas two years ago. That's a bunch of monies going out, there just is not a bunch of extra cash in the stash right now, so yes it flat pisses me off when a new hire wants or pledges a desire to be part of the radio team yet don't show up , it costs me money as well as time when I could be doing other things.
Okay then. 
Been doing a bunch of study in my Book-of-Mormon, in the middle of Alma, at the 22nd chapter. In there its talking of the River Sidon, and land of Bountiful. Many think its in north America, or the Yankee states. When in fact if one starts looking and disecting it very closely, you find that what few landmarks that are mentioned that in fact, these areas are in South America, as the River Sidon is being said to run east to west. Many have thought it to be the Mississippi River, yet the old Miss runs north and south. 
So I watched a talk that was held on the subject in SLC some years back and if one uses the texts and then lays Google Maps over it you find the areas mentioned in the texts to be near the Inkas in South America. 
So in closing this morning, for those applying or thinking of applying, for an on air post here at KnyteWolf/HazzardAyre Radio, if your not serious save us both time and money and frustration.
And to Church historians and researchers on church geography, it ain't where you think.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

From the Book Of AyreWolf , I am trying to not do a very bad thing

Last month and now this month, need to go to the church to bail me out of a mess, hope and praying that from my friend and former Bishop in Evanston can call my Bishop here in Wendell to help. Thing is I believed in an ad that I saw in some want ad paper here in my area about a room, in Holister Idaho that claimed to be set apart from the main house, own private entrance and bathroom. It took me until the 1st of the month, to go take a look. Once I did found that the claims made were false. The room is a spare room off of the living room. The bathroom is next to her bedroom. The thing is planning on this spent most of my rent money less the $180.00 for the room, on paying bills. 
Now under normal conditions I might and still might have to but under normal conditions I'd go through with this. But you see, been reading scriptures, mainly my Book-of-Mormon, that says no co-habitation of a man and woman in the same house. Unless married. Now come next year, I'd like to be in a way where Shelly and I can get married in the Idaho Falls Temple, and be together for our eternal lives. I've nearly quit my Skoal, quit coffee, and stopped drinking. The reason I structured things for Shelly going back to Florida instead of staying with me in Evanston, was not so much us fussing, or that it was so she and I would not be tempted to doing un church teachings, and the possibility of us getting really cozy. 
Even with the bad feelings in my neighborhood, I love this little house, yes it has poor plumbing, yes it costs to heat it, but still its a WHOLE house. With room for all my stuff, and after Shelly and I are married in the Temple, could be a very nice home for both of us.
So I'm praying tonight that I can get Mark my former Bishop to give a ring to my Bishop Egbert here in Wendell and see if one last time I can get my rent covered for November so I can get out of this mess. I don't want to be forced into sin because of my being stupid or something. It's complicated.
Look when it comes to women in general, you can't trust any of them. Most are lying, cheating con artists that use their bodies to entrap men into doing things they really don't want to do. 
When it comes to me finding a mate, I feel I found it in Shelly. Sure she ain't no super model, and just barely eye candy, but then neither am I.  Thing is Shelly loves me and I her. We are the only two people that can put up with each other. I want to have her for all eternity. That will be lost if I have to move into that room in Holister. So hopefully Mark, you read this and can intercede on my behalf.
Now need to getting back to reading scriptures. I'm in Alma just after he and Amuluck got out of prison.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Now to some WolfPack/Knytes Business.

If you have been watching or observating the fb pages and groups of the organization, you might have seen that the help wanted and pinup girl want ad posts are expiring, and I and the organization have no intention of renewing those posts. 
Reasons vary but the bottom line is after totaling them all up at just under $600.00 for just the past 5 months, have produced no sustainable dependable results. Of the few that have responded and visited the Rode House here in Wendell, none have returned, the rest have not produced anything that could be termed a return on the investment. 
Beyond the cost to place and maintain the ads, the loss in productivity on waiting hours during many days that could have been used in building the radio op's or finding a shop. The hours waiting for new hires to show up, interview and all were just wasted time. Too bad employers can't charge money back to a prospective new hire employee for interview time. Like at $60.00 per hour, or $300.00 for a session. At least if someone put money into our cash box, they might have a reason to see it through. The old saying money talks and bullshit walks applies here. 
Not saying placing want ads for new employees isn't good, just place the ads where they will get noticed and someone shows up that knows what they are doing when they get there. 
Example; Codi-Lee last year. She spots an ad on All Access. Responds, shows up and at least did some radio on air work, plus fixed a couple of computers that needed mending after some idiots in Etown at PC Innovators had no clue as to what they were doing. Too bad Codi-Lee didn't stick around, had she done so the Club, would have gladly set her up in her own computer service/supply store. Besides doing on air duty for us, we all know why she left, and why it was a struggle there in Etown after.
Okay, but we didn't find her on Facebook, but a place that is of broadcasting. 
Facebook is way too generic and costly anymore. You can't target who you want to hire. Celebrities are backing away from Facebook by the droves, publishers are reducing their expenditures on Facebook, so we have as well. 
If you have a business that you want to get noticed on; use things like Google-my-Business, which is free or nearly so, or Yelp. 
I get more tow traffic from both of those than I have ever gotten on Facebook. 
Stay tuned.

Men are not complicated or mysterious we only require 5 things.

Saw a response from my Shelly on a fb post concerning the need for some professional to write a guide for men on how to deal with women during their recycling conditions. 
My Shelly's response came of how to deal with men, who are always horny and grumpy. Thing is, men are not grumpy by gender or nature, we only get grumpy when we have to put up with women's stuff. Men only require 5 things in life and after that we are very mellow and subserviant. 
First; men need plenty of feeding. We can't be the braun or workers of the species if we're hungry. Two; Men need lots of sleep to configure our minds to combat the needs of a family and a society that demands more and more of real men. Three, mobility, no man wants to feel he can't go where and when he wants to. Men need to explore, and see what else is out there that can ease the need to earn to better his domicile. Four; Men require lots of tender care, since the outside world is so cruel, when we come home and are in our chair, we don't need to have our minds being hammered on with lots of trivial bull stuff. This thing requires a certain amount of breeding , but also of just tender care. A man may not say it, but lots of foreplay and cuddling goes much further than having a woman just lay down and ay okay honey have at it. No, for once we'd like to be the one that's submissive and have the feminitile of the house do the pleasing. Which extends to number 5: Men love women who are obedient and helpful. Men do not respond well to women that are as its slangly said pussy whipping them. The age old foundation of all species, is the male is the ruler and king of his Kingdom and occupants thereof. When that authority is challenged, men become grumpy. That's when men start to look elsewhere to find peace of mind that he ain't getting at home. Likewise when men are planning on battle, he doesn't need his woman to be asking dumb questions or interupting him or his thoughts or questioning his methods. 
Okay enough on that. 
Starting Wednesday I will not be online much if at all. As I'll be in a new place is south Twin Falls County, I'm making camp in with a nice gal who is renting me a room for a fraction of what I'm paying here in Wendell. Still going for the place in Gooding for HazzardAyre Radio and all, but the small amount of money making a tri weekly commute is worth it. 
I need to reduce financial overhead and expenses to pull myself out of a bad situation, that I got into in late May in moving here to Wendell in the first place. Should have followed my gutt feeling and remained in Evanston, but hey needed to make a better nest for my Shelly and I so here I am. But not for long. I start unplugging on Monday and plan on being done about Thursday. Plus it'll be awhile to get connected to things Internet, which will take time. Should have HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio back up on or near December 10th or so. 
It's really too bad, that all too many reacted in a less than positive way to our, rather my arrival. Maybe its the fear of things they don't know. Considering that many who knew me as a youth have moved away and way too many newcomers moved in. Maybe its the image rather than the substance, of me as well as the Knytes/WolfPack. Maybe its just a serious need for all of America, not just Wendell, or even Evanston, but the entire nation, to just take a serious laxative , take a good bowel movement and not be so anal retenative . Our nation is way too constipated and needs to just needs to drop a good poop. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Finally seeing sunlight in a very dark space.

I'm finally seeing sunlight in a very dark space. 
When I pulled the cork and relocated back here to a home town, I thought things outside of some slight variances would be the same. I didn't take into account that some of the people I went to school here with might get hitched and have famdamnlies of their own, or that some moved to areas offering more economic advantages. I had thought from the noise I got from Cable-One were accurate and some tech advances might just have occured. 
Sadly they didn't.
The observation and serious discomfort of my rebel flags on all of my rides from my neighbors, as well as having a serious high octane rebel in the neighborhood would cause such grief  . I thought I could continue going to Church and become a good addition to this community. Again that did not happen.
Serious omissions from my landlord, tires being slashed, and so on, even given my generosity, would cause such an utter hatred of me, the Knytes and or the WolfPack, would be such that another move in less than 6 months would be required. When I packed up, and left Evanston Wyoming I had great plans for myself, the WolfPack and so on, that when I finally unloaded my last stick of furniture that things for myself would improve. 
Was it a prompting from Heavenly Father in answer to my prayers in vein, or even from Heavenly Father but more from Satan? 
Sure I lost the shop in Etown, but that could have been recovered. I had friends , and was making albeit slow, but strides, in my personal as well as business infrastructure. But even that was not the reason I relocated and in a way I can sort of see how she felt.
While it may have been all in her attitude or something, my Shelly felt ostercized in Etown, as I do here in Wendell. So figuring there were professionals here that are not in Etown, that could help my Shelly, and get her education finished, I moved here.
The first kill came from a gal who saw an ad I placed on Facebook for our usual pinup searches. I'd completely forgot I had even put it up there.
She came over and turned a lot of stuff upside down. Some good, some not so good. But she got paid for her services whatever they were, but she got paid for the services she rendered. 
Now however I have the chance to undo the current negative flow of operations and redirect that current towards a better positive flow. 
I did all this however mainly for my Shelly, I just hope she appreciates what I have done and have went through to get here. For her, mainly for her. 
Live long and prosper.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sorry friends, but I am a true southern bred, Hazzard County raised rebel male

I had a few events happen to me today, that is directly connected to my topic here tonight.
First after going over and taking a gander at the place in southern Twin Falls County Idaho, I was feeling really good, since I now have at least housing wize a place I can afford and still retain the studios in both Buhl and Gooding for HazzardAyre Radio. 
So I get online and find some gal that was a bit put off by the leggy gals I use in my art work for our publications. If that is all it would have been, I wouldn't have gotten so tense, but then she started barking about my Hazzard County credibablility. To which I will tell her and ANYONE that wants to know. The TV show that OUR Hazzard County is built on, is as dear to me as life itself. There are few if any of the cast, crew or production company of all things Dukes, that doesn't know me or the other way around. I was there when Paul Picard who was the exec producer of the show passed away, along with being there when Uncle Jessie, Boss Hogg and Waylon passed away. I talk all the time about John, Tom and all the cast including Roscoe and Enos. Scott Romaine knows me all too well, infact if truth be known, the torch of Hazzard County was being carried by the Knytes/WolfPack long before there was a Cooter's Place. Don't get me wrong, both Ben, Alma, and all their families are as close to me as kin folks. So that lady from Oregon, that was trying to get into my Hazzard County credentials, your treeing the wrong critter.
Then, got this gal whom I applied for a on air slot here at HazzardAyre Radio. Guess what? I spent 3 hours ratchetjawing with her, when her husband shows up , has a fit and she backs out. Okay one more that bites the sand except as it is, unless its someone prescreened by the Knytes, and is a family member of the Knytes, we ain't hiring no body. Especially no more dang women. When it gets to women it is a real pain in my butt any more. The thing is, I have balls and years ago I let them drop. I'm not some diaper rashed, drug induced city/town raised carpetbaggin, untrustworthy person. I'm an Alpha Male and that can be a bit too much male for most of these people. 
I stand for truth, justice, and the Confederate American way, no more and not less. 
Big day Friday the move begins followed by the studio move. HazzardAyre Radio and all its parts will be back on air come December 1st. The reason its delayed is that after I got hoodwinked by a few here in Wendell Idaho, and the water bill thing, I finally decided with great pain to relocate the entire operation. Back to where AyreWolfFM/SAMCRO Radio first fired in 2009. Get this even the bandwidth and Internet speed is faster there. Add to that much less expensive, so we get to command both sides of the Snake River with Southern bred/Hazzard County raised gearhead style radio. 
That's all, if you want to dig into our news, find it at 
Keep it Tween the Ditches.