Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Perhaps to prevent your computer from being infected is not read Komondos postings of how not to get infected.

I am starting to think, that one of the best ways, to not get a computer infected is to not visit or accept postings from Kim Komondo . If you look at her pages you see ads from powerinbox, with ads that you just know are filled with tracking and tons of virus filled malware. Which might be why I get all these computer problems. In the interest of keeping you informed on the air every day, starting at noon weekdays and running to midnight every day, I digest much amounts of information. However much of that comes with serious risk. Computer infections are at fever pitch right now. The reasons range from ISIS take over, USSR spying, to domestic financial collapse. While your Government money might be okay for now don't wait , as Trump and his buddies are looking at that too. Of course there is the fact that just a few and I mean few pages etc that are free from most malware and infections. It's not Google although there's is less these days, its not Yahoo. Since Yahoo got swallowed up by Verizon, its prevention is low, and its not Microsoft although they are trying. The biggest Malware? Facebook. Its not Facebook's fault. These scoundrels infect Facebook users with postings that redirect you to infected sites. My cell phone? Nope, my old flip phone that barely texts and takes pictures is 10 plus years old, nothing fancy, oh it was in its day, but its a phone. Which is what I need it to be a phone if I'm doing something computer-ish, I use a computer. My TV? Analog, with a converter, and over the air TV. As far as my house? Who needs to be that lazy, get off your butt and turn off the damn light. Quite honestly if I didn't need the Internet for the radio gig, I'd turn the damn thing off, and put the money into my bike. Which is why I wasn't on air overnight, Old Bessie's IT connection is still on the frits so need to call CenturyLink this morning again.
My final on this; want to not get as much virus infected Malware on your computer? Don't read Kim Komondo's webpage , its got tons of it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

There's gotta be some really stupid peeps on the cyber highway Glad we are still together

There are times I have to think there has to be a very young naive and just no thinking population on the cyber highway. Dig this; I saw this spam mail in my trash stash from somebody named James Dobson. Now anyone that wasn't an older rider like myself might have bit on that letter. However, knowing James Dobson the fabled investment counselor from radio and TV and preacher, knows James Dobson, but the sand some 10 or so years ago. Yet some Granny somewhere might snaggle that and become a victim of cyber crime. Maybe that is what I'm here for? Since I have seen it all, read a lot, have lived a life many would commit murder for, is to inform the not all to tightly wrapped , on things they should be learning for themselves. Some suggest that much of this comes from the cyber or computer web system to begin with. I say if your only using your cyber device, to watch movies, tune into music and ratchet jaw with your so called(in reality they are not) friends on Facebook Instagram and others then your not really using the web as it was intended. Let's get down to it, if your only there to mess around with FB all the time and not knowing who you REALLY are chatting with are you really making friends? If you had a real crisis in your life, how many of those Facebook friends could you REALLY count on? Would any of them dig into their jeans pull out some green to help you? Then there are those trolling porn queens that are out there on FB that seems to sneak onto your group or organization Pages. I try to go through as many of ours as I can, to filter out and delete trollers as quick as I find them, but here's what happens. You click on the pic, then get redirected to a porn site, that has a herendious amount malware, adware, and invasionware built in. Once you download a pic the crap comes with it, right there in your computer kicking your cpu and all right in the head. My advice unless your damn sure who it is, and can see em on the street in YOUR home town, or a neighboring town, don't download it. Even if you catch a cyber glitch, if its from someone in your home town at least you can go kick their ass, if its from someone in Texas or Michigan or somewhere's long ways away, even if you do figure out who they is, going up against them in battle might prove to be a serious operation. Especially true when downloading software. I don't give a rats pubic hairs how secure the thing say's it is, most likely it ain't. If you need new stuff on your computer get the hard version, from a tech store and install it yourself. Even Micro-Crap and other updates. I'm not so sure I want to do that any more.
When it comes to FB and similar, with the changes coming to your FB newsfeed and all, are you sure you want to spend much time on FB anymore? Especially when FB restricts you to just how much of your favored or LIKED groups you can see and then barks if you want to go elsewhere. Social site they say. I call FB the cyber Commie Censored Site. There isn't anything social or community about it any more. Especially on the first or second week of the month on weekends. Reason, even the low income types are out getting sexed up and drunk, nothing or hardly anyone there on FB, its only about the middle of the month when the Government pay gets a bit lean or is gone that they're on there. The days of what we called the Web is going away, and for us here at KnyteWolf Radio we too are re-examining things, moving away from so much online webcasting to going back to over the air broadcasting, which isn't such a really bad idea since how many from the web are going to patronize the people that spend money on our station to tell you about themselves. 
More about a real shift here from more 18 wheels and less 2 wheels, next entry. Be on air at noon today Sunday after Church.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Don't cry for our loss Celebrate the life of our Fallen warrior

Kieth Roberts Junior of Layton Utah was born October 8th 1957 in Bountiful Utah. Amongst just a short few he was one of those who went to Mrs, Jacobson's Pack 303 Cub Scout troupe in Layton Utah where the blocks of the foundation of what is today the Iron Knytes Association the Knytes side of KnyteWolf Media. 
The Knytes have always based our policies and structure on the mythical populas of the Klingon's of Star Trek canon. As such its Strength, Duty, Tradition. And the circle of honor that unites the Knytes as an organization. In that tradition part we believe, that rather than be blue or sad that Kieth is gone, since he is still in our hearts and in Knytes Hall, in his chair at all times, that we should celebrate his life and what he brought into the club, as well as into our lives. As for me, besides Jonny, it was hard to put to have a day when Kieth was not on the phone, some days for hours with me, growing up we played with our tiny cars and trucks, rode our pedal bikes and caused as much riff raff as we could, from setting of fire alarms to get out of school, to stealing soda pop from Mr. Willy's garage to apples out of old man Willy's orchard, not because we couldn't afford these things but because we could. When my parents decided to relocate here to Hazzard Idaho in 1972 Jonny, Kieth and I helped move, Jonny went back home to Utah, Kieth's folks bought property below Banbury Springs and moved here. Kieth and I went to school, souped up tractors, hot wired school bus's and in 1977 entered into the Marines together. All the time united as Knytes, united in mind and soul. In 1990 Kieth re-enlisted out of economic need and was stationed near Iraq. I followed in 1991 and remained there through 1995, when I took a trainers opening at a joint op at Hill Air Force Base Utah one that involved both the USAF and USMC. In 1998 moved to Goon's Ferry Idaho, to work on a joint op at MHAFB Mountain Home, left in 2000 and left in 2001 back to Utah. Formerly left active duty in 2005 and remained in active reserve until 2009. Was discharged in 2009, yet Kieth remained fully active and still united with me as a Knyte. Kieth was as much as I was in forming the WolfPack, and re-enabling the radio network. Thank goodness for Skype, cell phones and to a small degree both Blogger and Facebook, as we kept in touch. Kieth was an aviator first, biker second road trucker warrior third and united both as a Knyte and Confederate honor. Kieth may not be here in body but he remains here in spirit and in our hearts. His cut will remain on his chair at Knytes Hall. 
Okay on a slightly higher note;
A week ago, with being tweaked about Malwarebytes I uninstalled the computer gizmo and installed AVG in its place. Except even with AVG being on a trial basis, it detected issues , but if you wanted to get rid of the verimen that perplexed your computer you had to pay for AVG, its called bait and switch. Free my ass. So yesterday I uninstalled that reinstalled the free version of Malwarebytes and computer is running about as good as it used too. My advice avoid AVG like the plague that it is.
See ya'll tonight on radio.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Congrats to us, getting up in the morning has its advantages, we are now the Radio partner to BIZTalk Radio

To begin this mornings rant before I head to bed so I'm fresh and a ready teddy for tonights radio episode, I need to give myself and our HazzardAyre/AyreWolf Maximum Overdrive crew a salute for a job well done. See I found out that KnyteWolf Media and all our stations here in the mountain west will be carrying BizTalk Radio. Yes the same programs that many see on BizTV, will air through audio legally on all our stations. What's even better is the slight chance and this has me stoked, that I just might get to spend a bit of quality even if it is on national TV , with Alex Wherley. Yes that luxious blonde expert on all things business on Business Rockstars. To say my pants did a little dance is an understatement. That all said, this has not came easy. In fact its been difficult, but it goes with two things my Mom taught and said to me that has stuck. One was, Mom used to say, " People die in bed, get up and get things done." You can't be a success, in any kind of enterprise if you sleep all day or just lie in bed. The only job that lets you do that is being a prostitute. Or fatally ill. Beyond that if you want to advance in a business or be vital to a business as a employee, and especially one in the C level, you have to be awake. You just can't stay in bed. But America seems to have been accustomed to being lazy. Few executives and even fewer outside of say blue collar or agriculture get up before 10:00 AM and even fewer before 8:00AM. What's the magic in sleeping all the frigging time? All I get is a numb bum and aching calves. I have to get up, and I only crash when my fingers get sore, muscles get sore or can't focus my eyes anymore. Then I hit the bunk. Beyond that I'm plugging away. I don't stay up all night on Facebook, and I certainly don't spend all my time flogging the dog, nope I get at it. Which goes with my Mom's other saying, " If you want to get on your feet,  get off your butt." Don't expect President Trump or the damn Government to do it for you. Want decent healthcare in the months to come when states roll back Medicaid, work for a company like KnyteWolf Media that has a good solid Health Care insurance package. Want money to pay rent and bills best get a job, as I expect, that Trump is going to order the Social Security Administration to start examining current and especially new disabilty receivers and claims. Look he's going to get the money for that wall and fix the deficit somehow, and if bumping a bunch of dead beats off the Government payroll so be it. It might take a year or it could come as early as 6 months but as for me I ain't waiting, and getting my butt in gear here this year to get off SSI,and make my gigs pay me is numero uno on my list of priorities. And if that takes me moving into a better place for our station, and reducing my costs so be it. 
With the introduction of us to BizTalk Radio and Business Rockstars, and me getting a bit of bump and grind action with Ms. Wherley 
 so be it, this could be the big time TV interview for and of KnyteWolf Media and that should get angel investors interested and shazzam, our radio op goes big time. National exposure, heavy duty jumpstart. But again this happened because I didn't stay in bed and kept on the phone until I got in touch with the right person. 
Now something I'm missing on two fronts and why we have quiet on air for two days. The first is the loss of our 3rd Exec VP Kieth. Who was gunned down at a Gas-N-Go in Boise, who died Monday afternoon. The second reason, and thanks to Mick and all on American Hogs and Indian's for their involvement , but Yesterday the 11th of January was the day, Pappy Boyington the creator of our squadron passed away some 30 years ago. As such I kept the station of air here in a night of silence to honor Pappy. 
Until tonight.
L8R Aviators,


In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly); Cover by Sina

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

There's just something more going on in that little house than someone just sleeping there

Imagine going to the local food store in your small rural town, and talking up a radio gig, only to have the clerk ask, I didn't know there was a radio station here in Wendell. Now imagine having a guest stop by and not have the foggiest notion, or the phone company show up without a clue. Yet if one were to get to the local grade school stop light, turn west on 3rd avenue, and breeze up a block and a half and look they would see 
 which is the Wendell Idaho Rode House of the Iron Knytes Association is located. At first not much to look at , however it surprises many who dare to enter in to find that there is a studio 
Yes it does surprise many especially the feminazi gender that also dares to enter within. Yet this is where HazzardAyre, Maximum Overdrive, AyreWolfFM, and SAMCRO MC Radio is produced and delivered. From here to a 150 foot stick on the western desert 20 miles west of Wendell, and the 125,000 watt FM signal, commands a footprint and delivering content like no other happens. With the only show on radio for us who tow yes the American Towing Professional, along with advice programs from fixing the finest food from the kountry, to Southern Heritage education and preservation, programs we do what only others wish they could do, but their boards of directors, stake holders and so on never let them serve the public. We do, the difference between us and those on other stations? Just like those we serve we drive 18 wheels, tow trucks, fly, and of course ride those big Harley's and Indian's. Add to that we are dedicated Confederate American's who aim to retain our southern kountry values from the farm to the interstate. There's an old adage that says, " Don't judge a book by its cover" In our case, don't determine what's inside from its humble outside. This little house 
has many surprises, some would do well to look inside.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do, and, spammers are extremely stupid

I was consulted this afternoon by one of my toew bro's about the concept, that if I believed(which I do) that most northeners are running a few mental oil quarts low, why I don't just move south? After all have a old friend in Clarksdale Mississippi, that owns a groovy radio station to get me into that groove, the entrance requirements of me going towing there are low, and the ROI is greater. The reason? Simply money. I can't afford to make that much of a move. However been really thinking on it lately. My son Mike is in Kentucky and could get me in a good house, and has a few places for LexiBelle and my rigs, so might be looking on that come early 2019. For now I'm here. On the idea that few here know not what they do.
Example; had a great kid and he is just that an 18 year old kid, that visited with me Thursday night while I was prepping to go on air. Kayden is smart as a whip, able, but two guys in a studio as small as ours wont cut it, plus his view or views on things are not as Confederate Rebel as ours and mine. Be that as it is; the head up the ass, not in my town or backyard attitude that I have seen in these here parts, especially lately is killing the ability to shift into 2nd gear something that could put some serious green in the jeans of many area residents. But because Maximum Overdrive and the rest of what we do in media is ran by a rebel, MC/aviation group, nobody or hardly anyone without a serious extroverted mind wouldn't and wont get involved. The real tragedy is its killing or hindering something that is a real eye opener and mind expansion element for many northeners. The real thing here is this, I have a bunch of mess's to clean up here, so that's my main objective for this year. 
I thought that Chandra was going to finally come to her senses and from the talks with her mom, thought that was on the next horizon. Thing is her lack of contact or even having her public defender contact me, makes me just ask, why bother? If she wants me or the Knytes's / WolfPack involved the ball is in her hands she can run with it or fumble it, I'm not begging.
Big Jon, is not going to fart around with things like Indian Rick did. Nor myself. What ever we get involved in, especially if it involves spending Club funds had better produce results, or we're shit canning it. Just today, I visited a local school here wishing to get something going along the lines of history classes starting to teach both sides of the conflict of Northern Invasion/oppression(Civil War), you'd have thought I'd have went in there naked. First it was come to the office and two get the hell out and stay out. And they say they want people to get involved with our schools. Only get involved if the subject agrees with current Yankee policy. Not with southern intelligence. 
The end run here, western minds are still up their behinds, and it grinds. 
On the subject of spammers.
Saw this spam note in my spam box, I looked since I'm expecting a email that might be filed there. Hey its Gmail. Any mile, the notice said , its come to our attention your account needs attention. Trouble is the bank they said they were from, I have never had an account in, and most likely never will. 
Coming in my final here; will be on air at noon, today, join us then.